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Sustained (The Legal Briefs #2)

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A knight in tarnished armor is still a knight.

When you’re a defense attorney in Washington DC, you see first-hand how hard life can be and that sometimes the only way to survive is to become harder. I have a reputation for being cold, callous, intimidating – and that suits me just fine. In fact, it’s necessary when I’m breaking down a witness on the stand.

Complications don’t work for me - I’m a “need-to-know” type of man. If you’re my client, tell me the basic facts. If you’re my date, stick to what will get you off. I’m not a therapist or Prince Charming – and I don’t pretend to be.

Then Chelsea McQuaid and her six orphaned nieces and nephews came along and complicated the ever-loving hell out of my life. Now I’m going to Mommy & Me classes, One Direction concerts, the emergency room and am knee deep in a damn compost pit.

Chelsea’s too sweet, too innocent and too gorgeous for her own good. She tries to be hard, but she’s not. She needs someone to help her, defend her…and the kids.
How to Chaperone a One Direction Concert (Without Killing Someone) by Jake Becker

1. They sell beer at the concession stand. Drink it responsibly, but definitely drink it. It’s the only thing that gets you through the night. 
2. Don’t be that guy acting like he’s having a good time. It won’t make you look “cool” - just @$#!$# creepy. 
3. Be ready to catch. Whether it’s because of hyperventilating or the simple sight of One Direction, some girl in your vicinity is going to pass the hell out. 
4. Make sure you have extra memory on your phone – because apparently when their phones are filled to capacity with pictures – Hara-kiri will then commence. 
5. Earplugs. 
6. Earplugs. 
7. Earplugs. 
8. Park far, far away because then you’ll actually be able to get out of the parking lot when the concert is over. And you’ll risk less damage to your car - these are teenage girl drivers we’re talking about here. 
9. Remind yourself that your parents probably couldn’t stand the music you listened to as a kid either. This proves that karma is real and that she is, in fact, a bitch.

It’s no secret that I rather disliked Overruled. Stanton’s obnoxious character had me swearing off the remaining books in the series. Therefore, when Sustained landed on my door step. to say I was not overly excited was an understatement. In fact, the only reason I actually dived into this book was the simple fact that I needed to choose something to read for my XOXpert review and this was the lesser of the evils. 

Key the wicked excitement!! I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Sustained!! I’m so very glad my choices were limited because I would have missed out on this precious little gem. I fell head over heels for Jake—hard. This abrasive bad boy had me from start to finish and there wasn’t a moment in between that I felt anything but crazy fangirling for this man. Prepare to be swept off your feet by one badass lawyer who provides many endearing and swoon worthy moments.

Best male point of view I have read in a while!! Emma Chase NAILED Jake Becker. I’m pretty sure I love him even more than I loved Drew and that’s saying a lot. She wrote from inside his head so brilliantly that I often felt like the proverbial fly on the wall. I never felt an ounce of disconnect even when we were seeing Chelsea and the kids through Jake’s eyes. In my opinion, it made me love their characters even more than if we saw them through their own eyes. 

Speaking of Chelsea, I cannot wait for you to meet her! She was an amazing heroine; a pure inspiration of strength, love, and devotion. Chelsea was the jelly to Jake’s crunchy peanut butter. She balanced out everything that was Jake. It really is true when they say opposites attract. I don’t think Emma could have given Jake a better woman. 

And the kids. Oh. My. Gosh. So dang adorable!! They will grip your heart and soul with a tight hold. I had so many fun moments with them, as well as some heart breaking ones. As much as I loved Jake, I am sure these babies are what made this story what it is. Enjoy these six sweet, beautiful souls to the fullest. 

Sustained was absolutely everything I look for in an Emma Chase novel. Ms. Chase didn’t fail to provide intriguing characters with lots of depth, off the charts chemistry, heartwarming romance, witty banter/humor, and best of all light angst. Adding the perfect balance of all those ingredients together made for a very entertaining and engrossing read.

I am giving two huge thumbs up for Jake Becker. Sustained is a highly recommended read from me. If you loved Drew's books, I promise you won't be disappointed. Jake reminded me a lot of Drew's style character. 

After reading Jake's book, I am totally excited for Appealed. Bring on Brent Mason and his lady of the hour. Fingers crossed it brings the same level of love that Sustain did. 

"I have received a complimentary copy of Sustained as a member of the XOXperts, XOXO After Dark’s official street team, in exchange for an honest review.”

By day, Emma Chase is a devoted wife and mother who resides in a small town in New Jersey. By night she is a keyboard crusader, toiling away the hours to bring her colorful characters and their endless antics to life. She has a long standing love/hate relationship with caffeine.

Emma is an avid reader. Before her children were born she was known to consume whole books in a single day. Writing has also always been a passion and with the 2013 release of her debut romantic comedy, Tangled, the ability to now call herself an author is nothing less than a dream come true.

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  1. This looks good. I loved the Tangled series but have yet to start this one. Nice review!


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