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After a case ended badly for Rebecca Carson, she’s losing her mind sitting around her apartment waiting on her superiors to allow her to return to work. Since she was a teenager, the only thing she’d ever wanted was to join the FBI. Now that dream was in danger. 

Gage Daniels has made a pretty good life for himself. A nice house. A career he loves. As a professional football player, he’s used to getting almost everything he’d ever want with just the snap of his fingers. This includes women. A well-timed smile is usually all it takes to attract the opposite sex, especially in Nashville. 

When a stalker threatens Gage, the team owner calls an old friend, Rebecca’s ex-partner Travis Hansen, to help protect his star quarterback and find the person responsible. Hansen offers Rebecca the job, and she jumps at the chance. It’s work, and it will get her out of her apartment. How bad can it be?

Posing as Gage’s girlfriend, however, isn’t as easy as it seems. The man is relentless. Rebecca must work to protect Gage while staving off his advances. She’s there to do a job, nothing more. The last thing she wants is to be another notch on a hotshot athlete’s belt.

As the stalker continues to up the ante, Rebecca finds it harder and harder to keep her distance from Nashville’s star quarterback. He isn’t what she expected in one of the city’s most notorious playboys. Now all she has to do is keep him safe until they can find his stalker, and hope she doesn’t lose her heart in the process.
Kim's Rating:
4 out of 5 Stars

Kim's Review:
Hot Football Star meets FBI Agent!

Gage Daniels...Pro football Quarterback. Hot. Sexy. Charming. Cocky. Confident. Ladies Man. Unhappy about being an Underwear Model. 

Rebecca Carson...FBI agent. Buttoned up. Closed off. Scared of commitment. Miss "I Can't Let Loose for 5 Minutes."

He'd never met someone who was so buttoned up. Yet, sometimes, when he'd push her just a little too far, he'd see a fire in her eyes. He wanted to tap that fire.

For some reason, Daniels seemed to push her buttons. When he was around her brain did not want to work right. 

Gage is being stalked by someone with threatening and notes and pictures. Rebecca is on administrative leave from the FBI after a bad case. So her ex partner asks her to go pretend to be Gage's girlfriend in order to protect him while they try to solve the case. 

What begins as an uneasy alliance turns into more. Gage can see past her armor and pushes her beyond her limits. She fights the whole way, but their budding relationship is fun to watch. Their chemistry is hot! She thinks she can just use him for sex. She does not realize he is not going to settle for that. Gage becomes so sweet and endearing that you cannot help but root for him to win this game.

"Rebecca, whatever it is between us...this doesn't happen everyday. Hell, sometimes it doesn't happen in a lifetime. I'm sorry it scares you." 

The mystery of the stalker and danger continues as they struggle to find their way. It was hard to see Gage have to fight so hard to win her heart, not scare her off, and worry about both of their safety. The stalker story comes to an exciting finish. I really enjoyed this book. It was an easy read with great characters. 

Even though this can be read as a stand alone, this is the 2nd in the Daniels Brothers series and the couple from Behind Closed Doors makes an appearance at Thanksgiving. It also opens up the story for Rebecca's sister Megan and Gage's brother Paul. I liked both of their characters and am interested in seeing more of their story.

Thank you to netgalley and The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House for a chance to read and review this book
In this guest post Sherri Hayes,  lists one of her favorite excerpts from the book, and tells why she loved it.

I loved writing this exchange between Gage and Rebecca’s sister Megan. It struck me as Gage’s first experience with what it would be like to have a little sister.

“What’s going on between you and my sister?” Megan asked, pulling him away from his thoughts.
“I’m grabbing a water. Want some?”
“No. I’m fine. And stop trying to avoid the question,” Megan said. The look on her face at that moment reminded him of Rebecca.
He chuckled and squeezed behind the bar for a glass. “I’m not avoiding, but maybe you should ask your sister that question.”
“Maybe I will.”
“Good,” he said, sitting back down at the table. “We gonna finish playing this hand or what?”
Throughout the rest of the hand, she continued to watch him speculatively, like if she could look hard enough, she might find the answers she wanted.
Megan was the exact opposite of her sister in many ways. She was a lot more outgoing, dressed more like a teenager than a twenty-three-year-old woman, and she was extremely comfortable with her sexuality. Like her sister, however, she also appeared able to beat a subject to death if it would get her what she was after.
Deciding maybe a change of subject was best, he played his next card and asked, “Your sister seems really worried about you.”
“Yeah,” Megan said, picking at invisible lint on her fitted T-shirt. “Then again, Becca always worries about me.”
Even though Gage didn’t want to get into the drama, he was interested in learning more about what made Rebecca tick. “And why’s that?” he asked, trying to keep it casual.
“Because men suck.”


  1. To be honest i haven't read anything by this author yet but this book is really calling me, all the excerpt i discover just made me want to read it even if it's book2 ( i would probably read book1 just after but this one i want!!)

  2. This book sounds good! I like the idea of the woman being the FBI agent and the man in need of help! lol

  3. I never read book one and I had no problem following it. The first one is about his brother and he plays a small part in this book.


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