♥ Rating Scale ♥

♥ Our Stars Count: ♥

Didn't like it. Not worth the few hours of my life I will never get back.

It was OK. Meh. Blah. Forced myself to keep reading.

Liked it. Cute. Sweet. Nothing too spectacular, but worth giving it a shot.

3.5  Liked it. Had some good moments, but missing something. Still worth reading.

Really liked it. Great book! Worth reading. Would recommend it.

4.5  Really, Really liked it but something made us take away half a star! Probably an annoying character or something that really made us mad.

It was AMAZING! Could not put down! Favorite! Will read again! Swoon! Happy Dance!

Tammy cannot be satisfied with AMAZING so has a special over the top rating scale for her PERFECT books. These make us cry, leave us speechless, and really affect us. The ones that make you go WOW! when you are done.


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