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Hi, welcome to our review blog! Kim, Rachel, Jay, and I are HUGE LOVERS of books. Our blog is made up of four friends who enjoy sharing the books we love with others. 

If you would like us to review your book, please review and answer the questionaire below

(Please look over our blog before you request our team to review your book, it's best to make sure your book meshes with our different styles of reading material as well as our review styles. The more information provided the more chance you have of one of us considering your book.)

Release date & review date needed:
Your website:
Link to Goodreads:
Description of the book:
How many words (length) is the book:
Rate the Angst level?:
Is there cheating involves?:
Any triggers for example rape, child abuse or sexual abuse etc:
Is there a major cliffhanger at the end:
Is this a series or a stand-alone? (If it is a series, it is not required, but we prefer to be able to read the series from the beginning.) Also if it is a series does the series follow the couple, or does it follow different couples who intermingle between each other:

You can email any of us at Reviews by Tammy & Kim: 

Please know there are four of us reviewing on this blog, and be willing to have copies available for all. Although, you may not always have all three of us reviewing the book, the option should still be available. Also, from time to time, we may decide to review the book as one combined review together. 95% of the time we provide separate reviews, however, we hold the option of writing a combined one if we so chose.

***Please note--we all review honestly. Our blog will never personally attack an author if  by chance we did not like their book;  as we understand, the process an author goes through to write and publish her book is not easy. It may be beneficial for you to look at some of our reviews, in order to gain a better sense of our rating and review styles.  And while, we are a review blog of four, we are four separate identities. Kim, Rachel, Jay I often agree on most books; however,  we also have different quirks that may or may not ruin a story for us.
Books we will consider reviewing: 
  • New Adult
  • Adult Contemporary Romance
  • Male Male romance
  • Paranormal Romance (on very rare occasions)
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Chick Lit
  • Erotica
  • BDSM
  • YA Contemporary Romance
  • Teacher/Student (pending per more in depth discussion with author on an individual basis)
  • Sci Fi/Fantasy (Usually MM only by Jay)
Books that we will not consider reviewing
  • *Books I (Tammy) will not read: Any kind of forbidden love that involves underage children (e.g. a 17-year-old boy/girl with another person more than five years their senior.) I do not and will not ever agree to a love interest of say a 30-year-old adult and a child under the age of 21. I prefer my love interests to be consensual adults unless I am reading a YA and then I expect them to be close to the same age. Otherwise, I consider it child abuse!
  • *Non-Fiction or Self-help
  • *Historical
  • *Picture Books
  • *Christian Fiction/Non-Fiction
  • *Children's Book
  • *SciFi (unless MM)

  • Paper/hard back
  • Mobi
  • Epub
  • Pdf

No compensation or payment is received in exchange for an honest review.  Reviews and or promo posts are cross promoted to our blog, Goodreads, Twitter, Amazon, and our Facebook page. We will email you with the links once the posts have gone live. Reviewers on our blog will not post reviews for books we rate under three stars. However, we may post them to Amazon and Goodreads, if we so chose.

**** Due to the volume of request we get we will respond if we decide to review your book.

Thank you for considering us as a review team for your book. 
Tammy, Kim, Rachel, and Jay


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