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Cover Reveal: Moore Than a Feeling: Julie A. Richman


From USA Today bestselling author Julie A. Richman, comes a companion title to her Needing Moore series, MOORE THAN A FEELING. Check out the beautiful cover below! Then get MOORE of what you want and preorder your copy today!
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"Holly and Aiden broke up? Seriously? No way. Not those two." 
No, not only dumped. 
Blindsided and dumped. 
I thought that Aiden McManus was my forever, my soulmate, 
That was until he told me he was still in love with his ex.

I didn't want to believe him. 
So, I convinced myself that our break-up was because of his upcoming deployment, and not because he didn't love me. 
Believing that, helped me get through those first months.

But after a while, I realized I just might be lying to myself. 
And it was time to move on...

So, I moved on. Or tried to move on, anyway. 
But that didn’t work out so well for me, either. 
And it practically got me disowned from my family.

After that, I finally started to get my life back together, 
I had everything back under control… 
…Or so I thought.

Until I found out Aiden was back 
And now he’s everywhere I turn, 
Still pushing me away, 
telling me he doesn’t want me.
But every time he calls me Angel or reaches out to touch my cheek, 
I know what he's not admitting to himself – 
He still loves me.
And I'm going to prove it to him.

 USA TODAY Bestselling author Julie A. Richman is a native New Yorker living deep in the heart of Texas, home to great music, BBQ, and awesome Tex-Mex. An award-winning nature photographer plagued with insatiable wanderlust, Julie spent many years scratching the travel itch while helping non-profit organizations and corporations with their marketing and advertising programs. Currently, Julie has published Searching for Moore, Moore to Lose, Moore than Forever, Bad Son Rising, Needing Moore:The Complete Series, Henry's End, Slave to Love, The Do-Over and Love on the Edge of Time. She has works included in Pink Shades of Words 2014 & 2015, Tempting Fate Boxed Set, Intense Boxed Set, Intense 2 Boxed Set and the Cocktales Anthology.


Cover Reveal and Giveaway: Crazy Sexy Love: Alison G. Bailey

Crazy Sexy Love, an all-new Standalone Romantic Comedy by Alison G. Bailey is releasing July 19th!

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Doug and Sophie from the International Bestselling book, The Dance get to tell their own crazy, sexy, love story.

Sophie is an intelligent independent woman. After her parents’ divorce when she was a child, Sophie tossed the idea of “happily ever after” out the window. No personal attachments or commitments is the way she lives her life. After her best friend, Bryson reunited with her soulmate Hart, Sophie is forced to allow his friends into her world. Luckily, she is fond of her new circle of friends, except when it comes to one handsome, six foot, green eyed buffoon who won’t take no for an answer . . . Doug Truman.

Doug is everything women want in a man. He is a self-described hottie, very witty, and quite the charmer. He can’t imagine any woman not wanting his attention. And they do. The problem is, Doug has a very short attention span, except when it comes to one woman . . . Sophie Cipriano. At first all he wanted was one night, thinking it would be enough to shake his obsession. If only his best friend, Hart, hadn’t deemed Sophie off limits. Now Doug can’t get her off his mind or out of his system. 

When they met, they were enemies. When their best friends got married, they were acquaintances. When they became roommates, they got to be friends. And when they were friends, neither realized what was happening until it was too late.

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The Dance

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The Dance is the story of what happens after the happily ever. 

Bryson Walker stumbled heart first into the steady rhythm of her life, never questioning whether other possibilities existed. She had been Will’s girl since their junior year in high school, followed him to college, and married him soon after graduation. 

In every respect, they were a loving and successful couple, until a series of missteps shattered all of Bryson’s truths. Maybe their life was nothing more than smoke and mirrors. A performance that was never based in reality.

Hart was barely an acquaintance. He and Bryson shared one brief moment during senior prom, full of friction and heat that ignited a spark. But that night Bryson walked away and Hart let her go. 

Years later, twisted fate brings Bryson and Hart together again, causing her to wonder if this is her second chance at once in a lifetime.
Alison G. Bailey

Alison G. Bailey is an award winning, Amazon and International bestselling author living in Charleston, South Carolina. At an early age she fell in love with writing, reworking scenes from her favorite TV shows and movies with new dialogue. Alison wrote and produced several stage plays before turning her sights on the book world.

Under the influence of a copious amount of Diet Pepsi and nonstop listening to her Spotify playlists, Alison writes unique emotional stories full of love, laughter, and romance.


Review and Excerpt Tour: Unconscious Hearts: Harper Sloan

Unconscious Hearts (Hearts of Vegas #1)
Harper Sloan 
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Release Date June 12, 2018

Ari Daniels didn’t count on her whole world tumbling down around her in a mess of shredded promises, broken love, and unbelievable heartbreak. Alone and stricken with grief, she shouldered the blame and eventually closed her heart off, refusing to open it for another. After all, anytime she tried, guilt and regret were waiting in the wings to remind her how painful it was.

A bet and one steamy night with a stranger force Ari to confront all she’s been hiding behind. She tries to move on, but he refuses to stand down, wanting what she is terrified to give—herself. This man may very well destroy her in the end, especially when it’s clear he has his own demons. 

What happens when two broken souls come together, finally allowing themselves to believe in the beauty of love … only to have to fight harder than ever to keep it. 

Ari Daniels runs a successful trendy consignment shop with her best friend, but otherwise her life is empty. Due to events in her past she has been living in limbo. She is crippled by her own fear, guilt, pain, loneliness, and is afraid to get close to anyone else. She can't move forward, and cannot forget the past.

She was not expecting Thorn Evans to walk into her shop or bust into her life. He's a burly, broody, cocky, sexy-as-sin man that might be just as broken and locked down as she is. His past also haunts him and makes him feel unworthy of a real relationship.

Both are damaged, lonely, guarded, and have their hearts locked up tight. But the instant chemistry and pull between them is hard to deny. But it is also terrifying to begin to actually feel something more than numb. She won't make it too easy on him. They have plenty of challenges. They both have to face their demons and bare their souls to begin their own healing process before they can entertain having more.

Maybe it's fate, maybe it's pure luck, but they find a connection they both have been lacking and never really knew what it could feel like. They fill a void and bring each other back to life. Their hearts are starting to beat again. They are finally finding hope and feeling again. 

But sometimes the past does not stay there, and their personal battles may not be over. Will they be able to stand together and have each other's backs or will their pasts continue to destroy any chance at happiness?

This is an emotional, intense, steamy love story with some darker elements in the background. They have complex back stories that are gradually revealed. There is some mystery, angst, and twists. But there is also humor and banter that keep it from becoming too dark. I liked that there were time jumps so it happened on a more realistic timeline. It is told in dual points of view and I loved getting into their heads, especially Thorn's. It is a bit of a Beauty and the Beast story where Thorn thinks he is more of a beast. But I absolutely adored him! He was bossy, dirty-mouthed, intimidating, and impulsive, but he was also attentive, protective, and sure of his own wants. He really could give good woo! Ari was more fragile, but also showed growth and resilience. And she was a fun match up for him as she challenged and pushed him, but also accepted and supported him. They both needed someone who could see into the deepest recesses of their empty hearts and fill them up with  desire, love, and acceptance. But their lives have always been challenging and not everything can be controlled.

I really liked her friend, Piper, and his friend, Wilder. They are really important to Ari and Thorn and are a significant part of the story. I am excited to read more about them. There are other side characters adding some drama and depth. Even the cats had crazy personalities. The Vegas background and their unique businesses made it more interesting.  This is a great start for this new Hearts of Vegas series, and I am looking forward to the other stories  that were hinted at. And I loved that she gave us epilogues too.

 I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
Ari Daniels is haunted by her past, living in limbo with guilt and remorse. Running a high end consignment shop with her best friend keeps her busy and attached to the good memories of her past. She wasn’t expecting the instant attraction to the man in her store, but when a challenge is thrown down, she accepts the offer and the chance to let go of her pain for a short time.

The chemistry between them is quick and immediate. They are each holding on to a lot of baggage that they think a one night stand can withstand. What they don’t expect is for that one night stand to be a balm to the pain and become something neither wants to go without.

These two may be from different worlds, but their presents mesh in order to push them each to face their pasts, and their pasts will catch up to them whether they like it or not. The secrets and bit of suspense that threads through the plot made me turn the pages as fast as I could.

I was pulled in by Ari’s pain, Thorn’s alpha-ness, and the hope that they could find a way to move beyond their pasts and heal their hearts together. Harper writes alpha-males to perfection and his bossy nature is a great balance to her self-imposed isolation.

This was an emotional journey full of ups and downs as Ari and Thorn explore what is between them and face their differences and their pasts. Ari’s best friend Piper and his friend, Wilder, are great side characters that add to the story with their connections to the main characters’ pasts. I loved the tease of the next book in the series that came in the form of character interactions and hints in the epilogues and can’t wait for more from the Hearts of Vegas series.

I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
His eyes get hard for a beat before his features smooth back out.  “Yeah, beyond sure.  No one to pass this shit down to, and even if there was, I wouldn’t be givin’ someone ideas of materialistic bullshit if I did.  More to life than all this shit.”
“Okay, well, in that case …” I cough, not wanting to fight with him about our views when it comes to expensive wants versus needs.  Last time I tried to argue the benefits of learning to care for and value something you work hard to buy, I had a black eye for almost two weeks.   “In that case, I’m prepared to offer you a lump sum as a buyout for the whole collection, but I also want to mention, again, that consignment would be a more lucrative approach.  Our buyout is just a standard percent of resale value, but consignment would allow us to mark up each to give you a larger profit.”
“Told you, babe, want it gone.  I don’t give a shit about making it more lucrative.  Look around you, hardly hurting.”
“Still, it’s my obligation to make sure you’re informed.”
“Consider me informed.”
“Okay … so I can offer a tentative amount of three million.  I would need more time to inspect each item in depth for any defects that could affect the value and also to research a few pieces I feel may be limited editions so that could also affect the value.  Meaning that amount could go up or down, but I wouldn’t expect it to be less than two point five or more than four point seven-ish.  I wouldn’t need but maybe five days tops, and I can come during the day if that works better for your schedule.”
“You get this gone in two days, and I’ll take one mil.”
My whole body jerks back as if I had been slapped, staring at him like he was absolutely insane. 
“That’s absolutely insane,” I tell him, voicing my thoughts.
“No, that’s me not giving a shit and wanting it gone so I can get out of this place and sell it and all this shit some hand with care placed around each room.  Woulda left this shit in and sold it with the house, but for some reason I’ll never understand, you’re here, and I still just want it gone.  You don’t need five days when I’m taking a two mil hit, babe.  That would waste your time and mine, and I’m not a huge fan of wasting my time.  Way I see it, you win, and I get a cold mil for some shit I didn’t buy nor care about.  So you get this shit outta here, and all I need is that.”
“Thorn, I can’t in good conscience accept that.”
“Then dirty that conscience up and laugh your tight little ass all the way to the bank.  Don’t give a shit as long as it’s gone, and I don’t have to do anything to make it that way.”
“This is insanity.”
“Insanity would be tossing it all at the Goodwill drop-off.  I’m making money.  You’re making money.  Only thing sweeter than making money is doing it while I’m getting my cock wet, and babe, that only happens when my stock rises at the same time my cock does.”  He steps closer, and I back into the island, my chest burning as I hold my breath.  “Course, never had four mil worth of shit to sell to a woman who makes my cock rise without even trying.”
“Thorn,” I whisper, placing my hand against his hard chest with the intention of pushing him back.  Only, the second his warmth burns through his shirt and hits my skin, I can’t move an inch.
“Ari,” he mocks, his eyes bright.
“I, uh, the paperwork …” I close my eyes and focus on my breaths and the words my mouth can’t seem to form.  When my heart slows enough that I won’t die of a heart attack right here in heaven, I look back up at him.  “You’re breaking my brain, Thorn.  Please step back so I can think clearly without my body trying to die on me.”
The corners of his eyes crinkle as he continues to gaze down at me, but he does step back.  My arm falling down to my side.
“As much as I wish I could have this room cleared out for you tomorrow, it will take at least until late Monday.  I’ll need to meet with you beforehand to have some legal paperwork signed for the sale due to its size.  But my lawyer is an old family friend, so I can have that by tomorrow around dinnertime, if you wouldn’t mind meeting me to take care of that.  I won’t be able to get the cashier’s check until after those are signed, so late Monday is the best I can offer you.”
“Want this shit gone, but it’s hardly a hardship to wait a few more days if that means I’ve got a few more opportunities to try to make you want me as much as you want this shit around you,” he says, his deep voice thick with desire.
“Good heavens, you don’t stop, do you?”
“Not unless you beg, babe.”
“I think it’s best we went back to keeping things professional, Mr. Evans.”
This time, it isn’t a ghost of a smile on his lips.  Oh, no.  Not this time.  If I thought he was handsome before this moment, I was a fool.  Because Thorn Evans giving you his full, unhindered smile and a gaze so thick with unspoken promise as it washes over you and creates a fire of the desire you already felt … well, that expression on him turns him from sinfully hot to heart-stopping and irresistible instantly.
“It would take me five minutes to get you to beg me for it, Ms. Daniels.  Admit it.”
Offended at the thought that I’m easy, I narrow my eyes.  Finally.  At least anger is an emotion I’ve had plenty of practice dealing with.  “I’m not sure what kind of women you’re used to, but I promise you, I am not that type of woman.”
“Maybe three,” he oddly says, ignoring me.
“Three, what?” I snap.
“Minutes, sweetness.  Three minutes and you’d be begging me for all this shit and my cock.”
My mouth flounders, and I gasp.
“Though, pretty sure I could get that in less than a minute and get you doin’ all the work while I watch from my back.”
My arm is up, palm cracking against his cheek before I have the ability to do anything to stop it.  “I think we’re done here.”
I walk around him, ready to find my way out and let him find someone else to take all of this off his hands even if it kills a little part of my lux loving soul.  When his hand curls around my bicep—not painfully, but firm enough to make me stop—I look over my shoulder with a frown.  For a man who was just slapped, he looks almost gleeful.
“One minute, Ari.  Give me a minute and if you aren’t ready to beg me for it, when those sixty seconds are up, you can take this shit and not give me a penny for it.”
Walk away, Ari.  Walk.  Away.  No amount of money is worth being some man’s whore.
Spinning away from his hold, I jerk my arm free and step toward him with a roll up to my toes, getting my face as close to his as I can.  His scent overwhelms me. The subtle notes of his cologne fog my rational thought, making me drunk with need, and I sway slightly before correcting myself.
“Thirty seconds,”  I retort, my jaw tight with stubbornness.  
I’m not sure who I shocked more—him or me.  I have my answer, though, when I see victory flash in his eyes.  Oh, my God … what have I done?
“You’re on,” he agrees, his eyes alight with the promise backed up by his devilish grin.
I nod, incapable of anything more.  I stand there in shocked silence as he takes my phone, his thick fingers moving quickly over the screen.  I vaguely hear a chime from his pocket and before I can so much as blink, he’s handing me my things.
“Tomorrow, I’ll text you.  Paperwork first, then you beg.”
I gulp, jerk my head in what I hope resembles a nod of agreement, and then … I flee.

Harper is a NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL and USA TODAY bestselling author residing in Georgia with her husband and three daughters. She has a borderline unhealthy obsession with books, hibachi, tattoos and Game of Thrones. When she isn't writing you can almost always find her with a book in hand.


Release Blitz and Reviews: More Than Words: Mia Sheridan

More Than Words
Mia Sheridan
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Release Date June 12, 2018

No one lays open the heart and soul quite like New York Times bestselling author Mia Sheridan.

The moment she met Callen Hayes, eleven-year-old Jessica Creswell knew he was a broken prince. Her prince. They became each other's refuge, a safe and magical place far from their troubled lives. Until the day Callen kissed her--Jessica's first real, dreamy kiss—and then disappeared from her life without a word.

Years later, everyone knows who Callen Hayes is. Famous composer. Infamous bad boy. What no one knows is that Callen's music is now locked deep inside, trapped behind his own inner demons. It's only when he withdraws to France to drink his way through the darkness that Callen stumbles into the one person who makes the music return. Jessica. His Jessie. And she still tastes of fresh, sweet innocence . . . even as she sets his blood on fire.

But they don't belong in each other's worlds anymore. There are too many mistakes. Too many secrets. Too many lies. All they have is that instinctive longing, that need—and something that looks dangerously like love. 
"Live fiercely and without regret."

Mia Sheridan never fails to bring complex, well developed characters to life. This is no exception and she has weaved a story not only rich in their own personal history, but also past French history and intertwined them beautifully.

Jessie and Callen met as tweens. He was a lost, lonely, and broken boy with a bad home life. Her way to escape her own dysfunctional family was to immerse herself in fantasy stories and personal adventures. And she spent one summer reading to him and taking him along with her using their imagination. She also introduced him to music notes. She was his light and he was her everything. They shared their first kiss. And then he was just gone.

Many years later Jessie is just about to start her dream job in her chosen field. Callen is a well known composer with a bad reputation of women, boozing, and bad boy behavior. He has achieved success, but his demons are still chasing him and writer's block is paralyzing him. So he uses his vices to try to find solace and be able to work.

When their lives collide again, this time he is more clear headed and wants to pursue her. But she needs to focus on her work and his behavior is not something she can deal with. He is full of self loathing and does not feel worthy of a true relationship. And they are on borrowed time anyway. But the more time they spend together, the closer they get.

"Sometimes the beginning of love is just a simple matter of proximity."

Her positive attitude, acceptance, and challenge inspire him like no one else ever has. But he's a man with demons haunting him and can't block out the past words that hurt. And she has done her part several times to save him. But it's hard to save someone who does not feel like they are really worth saving. 

This is a friends-to-lovers, second-chance romance that focuses on fate, trust, courage, gifts, forgiveness, hope, and true love. Since Jessie translates old manuscripts there is also an old story running parallel to the present one. I thought this was beautifully incorporated and I loved all of the messages embedded in this book.

I liked Jessie. She was sweet, sensitive, intuitive, and loving. She was more innocent and positive while he was brooding and full of self recrimination. At times I loved Callen and at other times wanted to shake him so hard or just give him a hug. But this really was largely his personal journey toward forgiveness, self acceptance, and healing. He has dark secrets that strongly affect him, and  it is a painful process that will required being vulnerable, brave, and facing fears to even being to have a chance at moving on.

Will Callen find the courage to fight for himself so that he has a chance of fighting for and winning her?

This is a total stand alone story told in three distinct parts and dual points of view. But it also had transcripts from past letters woven in. It all was well organized and flowed seamlessly. The settings in France were vivid and rich in history. There were some side characters providing the characters with much needed support, and there were some causing drama as well. The main couple's issues were complicated and not easily resolved. It was sometimes raw, frustrating, and painful. But there was also friendship, joy, and a strong connection. The last part had my heart on high alert, and I could not wait to see how everything was going to end up.

There were so many layers weaving this gorgeous story together that all become evident as the story builds. I am left really appreciating how well the past and present aspects complimented each other and how unique it was. 

I received this book for free from netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
Once again, Mia has written a story that pulled me in from the beginning, and kept me coming back for more. These characters were not always easy to like, but they had personalities and flaws that made them real.

Callen Hayes and Jessie Creswell meet in an abandoned boxcar as children. Both escaping different circumstances at home, they find solace and comfort in the friendship that develops in their secret world. When Callen disappears, Jessie is distraught about where he might be, but without knowing his last name or where he lived, she can do nothing but hope he is ok wherever he is.

Now, everyone knows who Callen Hayes is. As an internationally acclaimed composer, he is the hot new thing on the music scene. But as he battles his demon in a very public way, he runs into Jessie once again, this time in France. Jessie had followed his career, but never imagined she’d find herself face to face with Callen again, especially not when she is just finding her footing in her dream job.

These two characters are so different, yet have a few very important similarities. By the time they meet again as adults, they inhabit very different worlds and have traveled very different roads to get there. Jessie retained her curious, optimistic nature and her outlook on life drives so many of her choices. Callen is broody, a bit jaded, and haunted by the pain of his childhood.

This story had a very unique aspect in the letters Jessie is translating. I loved the little bit of parallel the letters added, as well as the mystery about who the author was and what her story may have been. As Jessie learned more about the mystery journal writer, she also learned more about the boy she befriended and the man he had become.

These two did not have an easy road, but I loved the entire journey. The book is told in dual POV in three separate sections. Each section and POV change is deliberate to weave together the perspectives of two very complex characters with secrets and dreams that I couldn’t have guessed.

I received this book for free from netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
Mia Sheridan 

Mia Sheridan is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. Her passion is weaving true love stories about people destined to be together. Mia lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband. They have four children here on earth and one in heaven.

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