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Myra Sommers is just starting to get her life back on track when everything falls apart. Having had her heart shattered in the past, she hesitates to take a chance on her grumpy, attractive contractor but finds herself falling for him nevertheless. Though she knows the rough yet tender man is keeping his painful past hidden from her, she is stunned when the trust she was beginning to put in him is broken.

Dylan Lawson is fighting back from the darkness and barely existing when he meets Myra. But his inability to open up to her about his past catches up with him, and suddenly their new, fragile relationship is put to the ultimate test. With an inner battle of loss, grief and pain, will Dylan find his second chance and forgiveness in Myra or will he forever be trapped in his past?

A devastating secret is about to be revealed that could either end or strengthen their relationship. Myra could be the key to Dylan’s own healing and forgiveness but can his heart take another chance? With so many obstacles in their way, can they forgive themselves and each other and build a future together? Find out in this final installment of the Color series.

Tammy's Rating and Review: 4.5-5 out of 5 Stars

Let me just say, I worried about Dylan and how he left things in the last book with Myra. I did not know if he could redeem his self in my eyes or Myra's. Therefore, when Madeleine asked me if I was ready for book 2 I was wicked excited and very very nervous. I figured Dylan could only go up from here right? Well...Dylan blew my mind with his story. He had so much more to tell, although I will not be sharing all of it in my review since there are some twists and turns. I don’t want to ruin those for you.

Color of Forgiveness starts exactly where Color of Loneliness left off, right outside Dylan’s house.  From this point on make sure you have some tissues and something to throw because you will want and need both.  Their story is not an easy one and you’ll find out why Dylan demonstrates the behavior he does. After you read about what had broken him, your heart will melt for our lost and damaged contractor, and you will find yourself forgiving him. Madeleine told me she was going to redeem Dylan, she definitely did that, and I can't even be upset over his treatment of Myra. He was such an a** (although not as much as he was in the first), but as Susie says, he is a sweet a**. In my opinion with this book, he was so venerable and protective even when he couldn’t be with Myra. As a reader, I got a peek under the surface to a “different” Dylan.  Their relationship in this book resembles a carnival ride. Someone is always running. Your emotions are whipped all over the place. The ride was worth it though. I was satisfied at the end when I had to get off.

“But I just need you to know that I’m all in with you. I’m giving you all of myself. I know I can be a real a**hole, and I guarantee you that I’m going to **** things up along the way. Possibly in the next five minutes…and I know I’ll probably drive you up the ******* wall.”

“You’re putting all my broken shit back together again.”

I will say it again, just as I did in my first review, I WANT Susie as my BFF!! She is so freaking hilarious, and she definitely keeps you entertained throughout the book. You never ever know what will leave her mouth. She has a very bad case of “open mouth insert foot.” Kindred hearts we are. She is a PERFECT addition to Myra.

“You’re killing me, Myra. You know I act all mean and tough on the outside with my expert verbal Kung Fu skills and all, but inside I’m really just squishy and filled with marshmallows and yellow peeps and creamy nougat.”

I totally loved this book more than the first, which is saying a lot because I am a huge fan of Dylan and his jacka** attitude in Color of Loneliness. Wicked glad he got the perfect ending! I don’t think Madeleine could of wrote it any better, she gave Dylan exactly what he needed to mend his broken mind and heart. I hope that we get to see Myra and Dylan again in future books with updates, but I think their story ended exactly how it should.

Thank you to Madeleine Beckett for allowing me the awesome opportunity to follow Dylan and Myra’s journey. I received a copy of the ARC for my honest opinion.

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Madeleine has graciously offered 3 SETS of the Color series (Color of Loneliness & Color of Forgiveness) to our readers. I totally recommend Dylan! This giveaway is international and Madeleine will be gifting these books herself so please be patient with her.

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