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by - Saturday, March 30, 2013

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Nicole Morgan, the new second grade teacher at Pineview Elementary school, has it all together in the classroom; it’s her personal life that she can’t find peace with. Unable to let go of the guilt that she is harboring from her past, she punishes herself by running from all potential relationships.

Her patience is put to the test when Dailan O’Maley the obnoxious but very sexy uncle of one of her students enters her life. She slowly cracks away at Dailan’s crude, crass exterior when they are forced to work together for the sake of his nephew. The two of them learn a lesson in love that neither had planned as they discover that the guilt they are hiding deep inside isn’t the only thing they have in common. Unbeknownst to her, he holds more than just the key to her heart.

This book started out a bit slow as we got to know about Nicole. She is a sweet preschool teacher interviewing to move to an Elementary school. We meet her good friends. We learn she has some issues in her past that have messed up previous relationships and put up walls around her heart.

But once she starts teaching second grade, we meet her student Ryan and  his Uncle and  it starts to take off. Oh my, Dailan O'Maley is all kinds of Irish sexy alpha. He is arrogant, sarcastic, flirty, and comes off kind of obnoxious at first. But at the same time, you cannot help but start liking his tenacity and the way he just says what he thinks. He pushes her and just totally throws sweet Nicole for a loop.
"Good night Miss Morgan. I'll be seeing you in your dreams tonight."
"Oh no, don't say that. I need to get a good night's sleep tonight and nightmares always keep me up."

I loved seeing them start to connect with each other on a more personal level and the relationship she developed with his nephew. Ryan was so funny and lovable that you just could not help but fall in love with him too. Together Nicole and Dailan  are humorous, intense, and passionate. Their texts and interactions were snarky and hilarious. Her inner school teacher comes out often as she tries to teach both Dailan and Ryan the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior.

"So would it be more appropriate to say , 'I'm banging the teacher,' instead of  'I'm f**king the teacher'?"
"Why do you have to be so vulgar?"
"Okay, how about this: I'm having sexual relations with the teacher?"

Both had secrets from their past that went on through the majority of the book and kept you wondering. They both had underlying family problems affecting their present.There were issues with mistrust and misunderstandings that added to the drama. But in the middle of the angst and sadness, there were many sweet times too.  They both initially do not think they are relationship material and are not planning long term. I loved the opening up of the characters and how their layers were peeled back.

Dailan O'Maley had opened up his heart to me. Now I had to decide if I wanted to enter it. 

And even though I had kind of figured atleast parts of some of the secrets, I was thrilled with how one of them was resolved(and it was almost the end before we got there). Brilliant twist! It made my heart happy. 
This was a good story with underlying layers of more deep issues. I found the writing style easy to read and I liked the characters. Dailan was totally lust worthy and could be swoony too.  There were sex scenes, but they were not extremely detailed while still allowing the reader to feel their chemistry and need for each other. It was funny and charming, yet dramatic, sad, and deep as well.

Thanks to Beth Rinyu for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

Ever since I can remember, I have always enjoyed Creative Writing. There was always something about being able to travel to a different place or become a different person with just the stroke of a pen - or in today's world a touch of the keyboard. I have been writing poetry for years and finally got the inspiration to write my very first novel about a year and a half ago. Once I started the idea's kept flowing, my fingers kept typing - and here it is! It's a beautiful love story that focuses on so many different relationships: the love of a man and a woman, a parent and a child, friendships and those that are not bound to us by blood but by love.

So, I'm hoping all of you get as much enjoyment reading this as I did writing it! Oh and here's a little bit about me - my life is not as interesting as the story or the characters in it, but then again who's life is? I was born and have lived in New Jersey my whole life. I'm a mom of twin teenage boys, a teenage step-son, a crazy Border Collie and a cat with an identity crisis! I guess you can say writing is my Calgon moment! I am married to a wonderful guy - but we'll keep that between us, I don't want him getting a big head! Thanks for taking the time to learn about my book and me! If you decide to read it - and I hope you do, please be sure to go on and review it for me! yes, even if you don't like it!

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