Keeping Never: C.M. Stunich

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Never's past might be under control, but Ty's is just starting to unravel. After receiving a phone call from his broken past, tensions run high between Never and Ty, especially with Never deciding to do something she's never done and keep her pregnancy a secret.

While visiting a skeleton in his dark, dark closet, Ty is threatened by all that he once was and all that he thought he'd overcome. With his pain about to consume him, Never is the only one who stands between Ty and relapse, who can help him control his emotions and find peace, but is she up to it? After all, with two tortured souls desperate for a healing touch, are they more of a hindrance to one another than a help?

Love, marriage, and a baby. Three things that Ty and Never saw coming. It's judgment time for both of them, time to see if the light really can overcome the dark. Here's to hoping

Kim's rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

This book starts off right after the end of Finding Never that was more about Never facing her past with Ty at her side. Ty and Never are now newly engaged. Never is keeping a secret. And Ty gets a phone call that rocks his world. 

So finally, we get to peel back more of Ty's layers. This book is about him facing his demons and sharing it with Never. It is not pretty. It is not sweet. But the fact that he slowly bares his soul to Never and she accepts it all just shows how far they have come together. 

He needs to figure this out for himself. I did, and it nearly broke me, but with Ty's help, I'm healing. It's his turn to break and my turn to repair him. I have to do right by him. This boy, this Mr. McCabe, is my redemption. I cannot f**k this up.

"I guess to move forward, I have to go back?"
"Sometimes, the only way to go forward, is to take a few, careful steps back."

I love Ty and Never together. They are one of the most damaged couples I have read about it, but they are truly soul mates and are perfectly fitted to each other to chase their demons away and keep them moving out of the darkness towards a brighter future. And Ty, I still adore him  even after sharing the deep dark twistiness of his past. He is a reformed bad boy with  such a good heart. 

I turn back to my bad boy, my heart throb, panty dropping, butterfly whose smile makes me weak in the knees and whose eyes burn me from the inside out and cleanse my pain each and every time I look at him. 

"You cuss too much, use my razor to shave your chest...You're inappropriate and dangerous as hell. You're exactly the kind of guy that mothers warn their daughters about. On the outside that is. One the inside, you have a soul that's desperate to love and be loved, to appreciate and be appreciated. You want to belong somewhere and you want to be something. We can all relate to that. You're not so different after all, Mr. McCabe."

And I love how they cling to each other in the storms of their lives. And  how they can truly understand each other because they are so much alike.

Tyson Monroe McCabe. Whether it's a whisper, a scream, no matter what Ty says, I will always hear him. After all, we're too tangled now to be separated and love, love is a loud thing. It sings for all the word to hear and doesn't care who's listening. 

"You were the reason I wanted to change myself once and for all. After we F**cked the first time, I knew I could never touch another woman and be happy. I needed you. I wanted you. I still do, Never, and that will never change."

This book is short, like the other two. But they are very intense, emotional, engaging reads that you just have to inhale in one sitting. C.M. Stunich does not hold back on her characters. She lets us see the pain, the damage, the conflict, and really shares the gritty details of their tragic pasts. It just makes it all that much sweeter that Ty and Never went through what they did and managed to find each other and help each other heal.  They have a serious physical and emotional need to be together. And the fact that they have faced so much in their pasts and together just make them that much more endearing.

And I actually hope to see more with these characters with her sisters or Noah Scott(Never's ex) because I think they have stories worth telling. And would love to see more of Never and Ty intermingled in their stories as well. 

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  1. What an interesting cover. Had to stop by and read. Nice review :)


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