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“Austin Sparks crushes me against the pool table with his hips, the roughness of his jeans rubbing against the smoothness of my thighs as he pushes up my skirt with his warm hands. 'Get ready for this, beautiful.'” 

Twenty-one year old Amy Cross's idea of a hot Saturday night is curling up with her favorite book boyfriend and secretly sneaking a bottle of her mother's wine. That is, until she meets Austin Sparks, the biker boy with a past that burns like fire and a gaze she can't look away from. Without knowing what she's doing or why she's doing it, Amy ends up on the road with Austin traveling from one city to another while learning things she's only ever read about in romance novels. 

At first it seems like Austin is Amy's fantasy come true, but as their journey progresses, she starts to sense that Austin is running away from something. Amy knows that she'll do whatever it takes to help him find himself. What she doesn't expect is that she'll lose herself in the process and how good it will feel to be free.
Excerpt(Mature audience only):
There are some things that translate perfectly from real life to writing, that dance from the author's fingertips like petals on the wind, spinning a bit of prose that is just as good, if not better than seeing it with one's own eyes.
Orgasms are not one of them.

Oh, believe you me when I tell you that I've read lots, hundreds, thousands maybe. I've read explosions of light and sound, convulsions, fireworks, pleasurable bursts of unstoppable energy that transcend this very realm of existence as we know it. None of those are accurate. I believe the French are most on point with the term la petite mort – the little death.

“Stop,” I tell Austin with force, trying to cull this building feeling in my belly. With every thrust of his Austin's hips, I feel it spiral up from down below and infuse my body with this sense of urgency, like if I don't stop now, I'll really, truly be done for. “I said stop,” I repeat, but my voice only comes out in a weak whisper. “Please.”

“I can't,” Austin groans through clenched teeth, letting his head fall back while his hands tighten so much around mine that they hurt, trapping me like steel cuffs against the table as his body slams into mine, erasing twenty-one ridiculous years of pious virginity and countless hours of reading romance novels by the truckload.
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C.M. Stunich was raised under a cover of fog in the area known simply as Eureka, CA. A mysterious place, this strange, arboreal land nursed Caitlin's (yes, that's her name!) desire to write strange fiction novels about wicked monsters, magical trains, and Nemean Lions (Google it!). She currently enjoys drag queens, having too many cats, and tribal bellydance.
Always a fan of the indie scene and 'sticking it to the man,' Ms. Stunich decided to take the road less traveled and forgo the traditional publishing route. You can be assured though that she received several rejections as to ensure her proper place in the world of writers before taking up a friend's offer to start a publishing company. Sarian Royal was born, and Ms. Stunich's books slowly transformed from mere baking chocolate to full blown tortes with hand sculpted fondant flowers.
C.M. is a writer obsessed with delivering the very best and scours her mind on a regular basis to select the most unusual stories for the outside world.

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