His Risk to Take: Tessa Bailey

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The greater the risk, the hotter the reward…

Homicide cop Troy Bennett had a reputation on the Chicago PD for being fearless and in control—until the night his daredevil partner is killed during a raid. From that moment on, he swears he’ll never again be responsible for the loss of a loved one. To escape his demons, Troy transfers to the NYPD, bringing him up close and personal with Ruby Elliott, a beautiful, street-savvy pool hustler.

Reckless and stubbornly independent, Ruby embodies everything Troy’s avoiding, but when she walks into O’Hanlon’s Pub and blows his carefully laid plans to hell, Troy knows he has to have her—risks be damned. But there’s a connection between Ruby’s shadowed past and a case Troy’s working involving a notorious Brooklyn felon, throwing her safety into jeopardy. Confronted with his biggest fear, will Troy push Ruby away to keep her safe or fight to keep her in his arms where she belongs?

"But Prince Charming disappeared as soon as they made it to the bedroom. He'd tried once or twice in the past to be the guy who whispered sweet nothings into a girl's ear when she came, but he'd never been able to keep up the facade. He'd rather be explaining in very explicit terms how and where he planned to take her next."

Looking for a fun fast hot steamy read with riveting characters? Then look no further, this series is down right naughty, seriously panty melting dirty.

Tessa Bailey is the second author this week that has been a new author read. She is also the second author whose writing and characters I have fallen totally in love with and will be adding to my automatic read/buy list. Her detectives are totally alpha, very protective outside the bedroom, and inside well inside they expect complete control. I first found Tessa when I read Protecting What's His. I didn't think Troy could top Derek, but he sure as hell gave him some stiff competition. If I am honest with myself, I am leaning slightly towards Troy as my fave.

Bailey gives the term "dirty cop" a completely new meaning. The Line of Duty Series offers the reader a sense of light D/s without the full-blown scene. Perfect for those readers who want to skirt the edge of this genre, but not quite delve into it.

I adored His Risk to Take; my only complaint is that I needed more of Troy and Ruby. The story was complete and didn't feel lacking, although, for me it ended too soon. Troy and Ruby are so well written and holy hell the chemistry was burning up the sheets hot. I adored Ruby, she was a spitfire; engaging and cheeky. Troy, however, nailed this book for me.  I wasn't ready for this, gorgeous take control male who could make me hot and my insides clench with just his words, to end. This is where I should warn you to brace yourself because the heroes in this series are some hellified dirty talkers not to mention they are also quite creative in the bedroom {think pool cue...now I am going to leave it at that and let you put that imagination to use and I bet you still won't come close. :) }

Enjoy a little taste of  Troy:

"You might get away with running that smart mouth to other people. But you won't get away with it here. If you continue to challenge me with every word out of your mouth, I will fuck you repeatedly until you learn to play nice."

"It's going to take me hours of fucking that tight little body of yours to satisfy it. I hope you know what you're in for"
"I'm here, aren't I?"
"I'm going to put you on your knees, Ruby. You're going to hate how much you love it."


Remember this is a novella, shorter in length so the story and relationship moves very quickly. However, there is nothing instant here other than lust and attraction. I loved that it wasn't instant love, nonetheless it was still intense. You won't regret this read, His Risk to Take offers romance, drama, chemistry, and a well-written plot mixed with spice.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing with the opportunity to read and review His Risk to Take in exchange for my honest opinion.


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