Dire Distraction: Dee Davis

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This is Book 7 of the A-Tac series

As the commander for A-Tac, a black-ops CIA unit masquerading as Ivy League faculty, Avery Solomon is the best of the best. He'll stop at nothing to ensure the safety of his team, but when a mystery from the past resurfaces, he puts himself directly in the line of fire.

After years of covert missions, Avery harbors regrets that continue to haunt him. He still blames himself for his wife's death fourteen years ago-until an A-Tac operative finds a photo that suggests Avery's wife may still be alive. Determined to discover the truth, Avery heads deep into the hostile territory of Southeast Asia, ready for danger and violence-only to find himself captured by desire . . . 

Wilderness guide Sydney Price never backs down from a challenge. She has her own reasons for wanting revenge against the men being hunted by Avery. Though she tries to deny her attraction to the tough, handsome warrior, the spirited Sydney soon finds him impossible to resist. Now she and Avery must work together to uncover the truth-and stay alive. But as the enemy closes in and old secrets unravel, the line between partners and lovers vanishes like mist in the jungle . . . 

 See Kim's review of Double Danger(book 6)

"Yeah, well, there aren't really any truly good guys, are there?"
"I don't know about that...I just think one has to choose one's heroes carefully."
"So you really believe in heroes?"
"I work with them everyday."

I was intrigued by this story since I was teased by it at the end of
Double Danger. It started with a picture. Could Avery's wife really still be alive fourteen years after she supposedly died? 

This possibility sends Avery(leader of the CIA black ops group A-Tac) to Southeast Asia without the back up of his team. His only help is Sydney who is an operative that has been working in the area for several years as a wilderness guide gathering intel on the drug cartels and players in the area. Neither was what the other expected. Sydney is feisty, smart and fearless. She wants to do what is right even if it puts her in danger. She has been a loner for the most part and is not used to trusting someone. She has lost loved ones to this war and does intend on losing more. She does not want to be affected by Avery and knows it is not smart...but is helpless to fight it. 

And push come to shove, she was every bit as much a  warrior as he was. Strength wan't only about size. It was about the entire package. And bottom line, she was at the top of her game. Which was totally contradicted by the fact that the man's mere presence had completely gobsmacked her. 

Avery is a  resourceful, honest, tough and intelligent alpha male. He has not allowed himself to really feel love except for his  A-Tac family since his wife's death. He cannot help but respect Sydney and feel protective of her. But he is on a journey to find out if his wife is alive and discover the secrets surrounding the situation. He does not need distractions. 

She might not believe in heroes, but if there were such a thing, she was pretty damn certain that Avery Solomon would make the cut.

Their adventure is full of danger. They brave the elements, multiple dangerous forces, life endangering situations, and conspiracies. They have no choice but  to work together and trust each other to stay alive. All along the mystery intensifies. And so does their mutual respect and attraction.

Here in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by enemies, with the questions of Evangeline's fate hanging in the balance, he was holding another woman, one who not only intrigued him but touched him on a level he'd forgotten even existed.

Is Evangeline alive and living with Avery's former friend who has turned to the dark side? Is this just all a big trap set by the Consortium to bring down Avery and A-Tac? 

And even once some secrets are told and mysteries revealed, there is still more danger to come for Avery and Sydney. Both of them have enemies and many people have agendas that might want to bring them down. It is a race to discover who is really running the game and why it seems personal.  And to try to keep them all safe in the process. 

This was an enjoyable romantic suspense read with an easy flowing style, likable characters, and enough mystery to keep you intrigued. I really liked Avery and Sydney. They were both strong, determined, and loyal. I liked having multiple points of view.  I enjoyed seeing some members of the A-Tac team from previous stories. This team of men and women are more than friends or co-workers, they are a family. Even though this is the 7th book in the series, enough history is provided to understand the connections even if you have not have read all of the other books and it could be read as a standalone. 

Thanks to Dee Davis, Netgalley, and Hachette/Grand Central Publishing/Forever for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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ward winning author Dee Davis worked in association management before turning her had to writing. Her highly acclaimed first novel, Everything In Its Time, was published in July 2000. Since then, among others, she’s won the Booksellers Best, Golden Leaf, Texas Gold and Prism awards, and been nominated for the National Readers Choice Award, the Holt and two RT Reviewers Choice Awards. To date, she is the author of ninteen books and four novellas, including her current A-Tac series and A Match Made on Madison. When not sitting at the computer, Dee spends time exploring Manhattan with her husband, daughter, and Cardigan Welsh Corgi.


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