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After coming to terms with the tragedy that rocked her world, Scarlett MacGregor has returned to try to pick up the pieces of the broken relationships that she left behind.

Ash and Mason were left devastated and heartbroken following Scarlett’s sudden, unannounced departure. They are both ready and willing to forgive her and welcome her back into their lives with open arms. However, a lot can happen in 8 months… 

Scarlett must learn to overcome the obstacles thrown in her path to prevent the past from repeating itself. Can she learn to fly with her own wings and discover the secret to eternal love?

Book One: METAMORPHOSIS: Goodreads/Amazon/B&N/Kim's review

She let me kiss her. She didn’t argue with me when I told her that we would never say goodbye. She smiled, just slightly but it was still a smile, when I called her my Psyche. I couldn’t focus on all of the other things she said. I knew she was angry and hurt; she had every right to be. I had tried to deny what she meant to me one too many times, and I was still afraid the last time may have cost me her forever. 

But finally I had something I hadn’t had in a long time ~ hope. Despite her hateful words and lashing out, I finally felt a semblance of the peace I could only find in her presence. I didn’t know what my next move was, but I sure the fuck wasn’t giving up. After experiencing a life without her in it, I would never give up on her. I would never give up on us. 


On cue, I spotted the lights headed in our direction. “Look,” I instructed her, pointing at the lights off in the distance. “Do you see them?” I felt her nod her head against my back as she peaked over my shoulder to spot them. 

“Actually, here, you sit in front of me so that you can see better,” I said as I climbed off to allow her to scoot up. I took my spot behind her and looped my arms around her waist. I kissed the top of her head and inhaled her sweet scent. Her eyes were locked on the lights, wondering what was going to happen, but I felt her pressing her body against mine trying to snuggle up. I groaned aloud when she wiggled her ass against my growing cock, and she giggled. The little vixen knew exactly what she was doing.

We continued to track the lights in the sky as they grew closer. As the plane made it’s final descent for landing, I squeezed my arms around her tightly and leaned down to whisper in her ear. “I love you, Scarlett. Nothing will ever change that.” 

Which team are you on?

This starts off right where Metamorphosis left off. Scarlett is back in Houston after running off for a year. She has been dealing with the tragedy of her friend's death, the betrayal by Ash, and her abandonment of  Mason. So she is now ready to win Mason back. I loved Mason. He's a tatted rocker, but was totally devoted and loving. Even though she ran out on him, he still gives her a chance. Their love and chemistry are still there, and they know what it is like to be without the other so they transition pretty easily back into a couple. But Mason is a musician and has obligations to his band. And plans were already set in motion. So their little bout of happiness is about to hit a big hurdle as  he has difficulty trying to balance her needs and the needs of his band and career. 

"I couldn't make you come back, Angel. You needed to do that on your own time, So I gave you space...you know whatever that damn saying is...'If you love something, let it go, and if it's meant to be, it'll come back' or some sh*t like that."

She still has strong love/hate feelings for Ash. Ash is the witty, philosophical, deep man that she considered her soul mate. But one bad decision shattered them. They still have an undeniable connection and will always hold part of her heart, but he crushed her at the worst possible time and sent her running. But at this point all he can do is remain in the periphery of her life and offer support and profound words intermittently. But when Scarlett needs him, he vows to always be there and not let her down again. 

"I had known from the moment I laid eyes on her that she was my future...my forever...my happily ever after. Unfortunately, we both needed to conquer some personal issues before it could be right for us to be together."
Scarlett. Oh, Scarlett. I really had hoped she had matured in her year away and it initially seemed like she did. But it did not take long for the immature, impulsive, self centered, indecisive Scarlett to return. I seriously wanted to shake sense into her. She makes rash decisions without full information, exhibits poor communication, and frequently makes bad choices or runs away from her problems. And unfortunately she drags the guys into it and messes with their poor hearts. She does not know what she really wants and that is the big problem. 

"Fly with your own wings, Psyche. You are stronger than you think. There will be many trials and tribulations to pass before being rewarded with your ambrosia."

I have to say that I went back and forth Between Mason and Ash. I loved them both in different ways. And was sad for whichever one was not with her at the time. I started out pretty much Team Mason, but ended up Team Ash. He seems to be the most mature out of this toxic triangle and he weaseled his way back into my heart. Scarlett has two men that love her, want her, and need her. But she does not seem to know her own mind enough at times to know what she really wants. And just when you think she is making progress, she makes another rash decision or something happens and the roller coaster starts again. At times I think both Ash and Mason  just need to cut their losses and find someone easier to handle than Scarlett. 

I owed my happiness to both of them. One taught me how to fly like an angel ~ to free my spirit, to accept forgiveness,and to love without restraint. The other had taught me to fly like a butterfly ~ to embrace change, to celebrate innocence and vulnerability, and to open up my soul. Together, they had both given me the courage and the strength to fly with my own wings

I did miss the fun and supportive influence of her friend Evie. And not having Evie still causes issues for Scarlett and their group. Even her new best friend (Evie's previous boyfriend) Max gets pulled into Scar's dramatics. But he also kind of takes on the role left vacant by Evie. And Mina also steps in as a good friend. And there is a new b**ch in town named Bentley who I loved to hate. 

This was a fast read that flowed  smoothly and was well paced. Erin Noelle gives us multiple points of view of all the main important characters and they are clearly marked(Scarlett, Ash, Mason, and even Max). I love getting to see all of their thought processes and  the book boyfriend references in the story. I cannot fault Erin Noelle's writing skills, just her frustratingly flighty heroine, the constant angst, and frequent dramatics that kept me talking back to the characters in my kindle. There is going to be a third book in this series Euphoria that I hope will end the torture of this love triangle once and for all and give us a HEA. 

Thanks to Erin Noelle for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Erin Noelle is a Texas native, where she lives with her husband and two daughters. First a bookkeeper, and now an author, she often jokes that she’s a woman of numbers by day and letters by night. Erin is an avid reader of all romance novels and a huge sports fan. Most nights you can find her cuddled up in bed with her husband, her Kindle in hand and a game of some sorts on tv. You can follow her on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/erin.noelle.98.

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