Facade: Nyrae Dawn

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Can love save them?

After her father commits a crime that shatters her family, eighteen-year-old Delaney Cross is tired of pretending everything is all right. Packing up her car, she sets out to find the people her father hurt. Her search leads her to places she’s never been—and into the arms of Adrian Westfall.

To the outside world, Adrian is a sexy, charming ladies’ man. But his playboy persona is just an act. Secretly his soul is tortured by a memory too painful to share. Only Delaney seems to see through his façade to the real man underneath. And for the first time in his life, Adrian feels he can begin to open up about his past.

Together, Adrian and Delaney share a passionate love they never expected to find. Yet both still harbor their own secrets. When the dark truth is finally revealed, will it bring them closer together—or tear them apart forever?

I asked.
She agreed.
It wasn't what caught my attention.
Her eyes.
Me too,
They seemed to say,
I need space too."

This is my first read by Nyrae Dawn and it most definitely won't be my last.  I need a minute to wrap my thoughts around the mind f*** Ms. Dawn calls Facade.  Holy hell, let me just rephrase that, holy f****** hell!!Never has there been a more perfect name for a book. I absolutely love when an author comes out of nowhere and just slaps me with a bam, take that! The beginning immediately caught my attention with its damaged, and I mean DAMAGED characters however by the middle I started to lose interest; I was hoping and wishing that Facade was going to pick back up when Nyrae Dawn pulled out every. damn. stop. she could think of to wreck my opinion of her book. Success Nyrae, you woman left me freaking gasping for breath and bawling my little eyes out. After that revelation my heart is still sitting in the pit of my stomach trying to recover from shattering. I was totally not expecting that, in fact, I was almost wondering if Kim and I had read the same book because she absolutely adored Adrian and Delaney. I even remember apologizing to her at one point because I just wasn't feeling it.

"Leaving is what I do. My feet itch to run and my hands itch to write and my mind is going and going and I can't fucking shut it down."

Facade left me feeling heartbroken, haunted, and totally messed with my emotions. The twist had me adding another star to my rating. I'm not going to go into a long review, just know that I was addicted from the first word, the middle slowed down and tapered off a bit leaving me easily distracted, and the end nailed a future Nyrae Dawn read. In addition, I loved Adrian and Delaney as individuals; they were both tragically crippled by their shocking pasts, but I did not always feel they meshed as a couple; their connection felt lacking at times. In my opinion, I didn't feel that all-consuming chemistry; to me it never really progressed beyond friendship. Adrian and Laney were great in the sense of always knowing what the other needed at any given moment and filling that need or void, but I just needed a tad bit more depth and development to their relationship.

"You helped me stop bleeding. You made my heart beat when I thought it was gone."

Would I recommend this read? Abso-freaking-lutely!

Thank you Forever and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review Facade in  exchange for my honest opinion.


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