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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Lauren Dane takes you into a brand new world in ALL THAT REMAINS. Summer Killian falls fast and hard when Charlie arrives in Paradise Village. But the heat turns all the way up when she learns Charlie is also with Hatch - the man she loved three years before. While she's not sure she's cut out for a triad, neither man is going to give her up.

Take a ROCKY RIDE with New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Vivian Arend as she leads you back to the Six Pack Ranch. Anna Coleman might be the law around Rocky Mountain House, but bad boy Mitch Thompson knows that under the stiff RCMP uniform is a woman with a passion for speed and pleasure that matches his own, and he’s not giving up until she’s his.

Kit Rocha returns to Sector Four in BEYOND TEMPTATION. A promise to a dying friend backfires when Noah Lennox finds that the girl he was supposed to rescue is all grown up--and wearing O'Kane ink. He wants to protect her from the secrets of their past, but she wants him. And an O'Kane woman always gets what she wants.

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You can find the original posting for this Beyond Temptation excerpt posted on Kit Rocha's blog HERE.

Noah tried to smile in return, but the expression wouldn’t come. Not until he got away from all the attention, out of the spotlight and back into the shadows. Not while strangers jostled around him, slapping his bare shoulders and shouting words that flitted past him as an annoying buzz.

He didn’t smile until he found her, standing on the edge of the floor in a circle of respectful space no doubt enforced by the O’Kane ink wrapped around her wrists.

Blood pounded in his ears as he forced past the first knot of admirers. People followed the path of his gaze and began to melt away, until an empty stretch of concrete lined with too-curious spectators was all that stood between him and Emma.

It was too fucking late. Fleming would know he had a weak spot by morning. By tomorrow night, he’d know it was Emma Cibulski.

Fuck, this moment had probably been in the back of Noah’s head all along, buried in that dark place he refused to go, as if avoidance could make it disappear. It had played out so pretty—stick around, put her in just enough danger that leaving would make it worse. Maybe he was everything he’d always feared—selfish and obsessed and lying to himself about whether or not he’d ever planned on letting Emma go.

She was his. Good or bad, twisted or wrong, she was his, and he closed the last few steps with a hungry groan, buried his bruised hands in her hair, and kissed her.

The crowd grew louder, but everything in Noah’s world was Emma—her taste and her tongue and the fingers that clutched at his bare back, drawing him closer to the softness of her body.

She wanted him violent. Bloody. She wanted him demanding, and she was proving it, going sweet and supple beneath his hands, open and eager, giving him everything he’d never dreamed of allowing himself to want.

He growled against her mouth and caught her lower lip between his teeth. Emma shuddered, her hands gliding over his skin—ribs, sides, stomach—to rest on his belt buckle.

Three steps put her back against the wall. Wrapped in shadows, but not hidden—awareness of the crowd behind him prickled along Noah’s bare spine as he braced his hands on either side of her head and licked her plump lower lip. “Something you want, Emmy?”

Beyond Temptation: Kit Rocha Review

Beyond Temptation is downright electrifying and oh so, delicious. Talk about a very quick, titillating, and erotic read. If you’re familiar with my reviews then you know I'm not known for pulling punches, so I'm just going to put it out there, make sure you have either your significant other or a BOB ready to go. The newest O'Kane couple will set your body on fire! No lie, they will leave you all kinds of worked up.

Noah and Emma... OH. MY. GOSH. Seriously, these two were just so... magnetizing. I adored them both so much; I can't even decide which one I fell in love with more. Noah was nothing like I expected, and I enjoyed the absolute hell out of this beautiful, nerdy yet sinfully, naughty man. He was so f**cking heavenly, exquisite in all the right ways. Once you meet Noah you’ll realize that the antidote "don't judge a book by its cover" fits him to the "T"; what you see on the outside is definitely not what you'll get on the inside. Kind of disappointed for not really noticing this “bad boy” and giving him a second thought in Bren’s book, because damn, this man sets my world on a whole other axis. The O’Kane men just seem to get better and better. 

Emma is smokin' hot, a perfect blend of sweet and spicy! Six is my favorite Sector Four chick, however, Em gave her one hell of a run for her money. If Beyond Temptation had been written as a full length novel, I have no doubt Emma would have stolen that spot hands down! While I love the men of Four I love their women even more. I've fallen for all of the O'Kane girls in some shape or form as they are without a doubt kick ass in their own way. But Emma... there was just something about her personality and attitude that made me crush so f**king. hard. 

My only complaint (well, it’s not really a complaint) is that this was a novella. It’s a personal thing. In fact, it’s actually a compliment, because it means I NEED and WANT more. I loved the hell out of Beyond Temptation. It just came down to the fact that I really missed all the minute details Kit Rocha provides with their full length novels; the ones that perfect each of their couples. I’m talking about all of those small intricate and perfectly placed details of depth and character that help to build the intimate connections and chemistry. Those small moments that allow you the opportunity to get cozy and  fall slowly and hard for each O'Kane. That’s not to say their novellas don’t hold the same appeal, because they do, just at a quicker and not as in depth pace. See, as I said, a compliment because I am begging for more!

Beyond Temptation was a wicked and delicious addition to the Beyond series. It’s definitely one you shouldn't skip! Thank you, Kit Rocha, for another award winning, panty melting O'Kane couple!

Thank you, Kit Rocha, for the opportunity to read and review an ARC of Beyond Temptation with in the Marked Anthology in exchange for my honest review.

Kit Rocha is actually two people—Bree & Donna, best friends who are living the dream. They get paid to work in their pajamas, talk on the phone, and write down all the stories they used to make up in their heads.
Beyond Shame was their first dystopian erotic romance. They also write paranormal romance as Moira Rogers. You can find them on the web at the following places.

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