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Chris King never saw it coming…

In some ways, closing the book on my first love was the worst day of life. I was gutted, and yet I was completely at peace with my decision. I walked away knowing that I did what was best for her, unsure if I could ever recover. Little did I know that one concert would change the entire course of my life. There I stood, signing autographs and snapping pictures with fans when a familiar face in the crowd catapulted my mind back in time—Salem Honeycutt, once a balm to my pain and a calm in my storm. Yet again, her smiling face gave me hope. Only one question remained: did she still see me as a wayward teenage boy who was completely off limits, or could she see the man I'd become…focused and driven, yearning for another chance at love?

For Salem Honeycutt, postpartum bliss seemed like a lie...

No one told me that I’d hate my baby when I brought her home from the hospital. No one told me that I’d want to put a pillow over my husband’s head and smother him in his sleep. No one told me that I’d want to slap every person who gave me the ever-so-clichĂ© advice to ‘cherish every moment.’ No one told me that I’d despise my life the minute I became a mother, but I did. Then I met Chris King, the kid who made me want to pull myself up from the dark recesses of my mind and face each day. This kid, whose passion for life and talent for music, touched my soul deeper than I could ever touch his. Chris gave me a reason to live. I was once affectionately known as Mrs. H., Chris’s juvenile detention counselor. This is our story.

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Hi! My name is Chris King. Born in North Carolina and I am a famous musician in the band, Fifth Wheel.
Let’s get to know you better

Tell us your favorite:
  • Song: As a musician I listen to a lot of different genres, but I’ve recently favored a trio called Il Volo. They are an Italian pop group. They aren’t really my typical genre of choice, but if you know anything about Salem and me, you’ll know why these guys are my new faves.
  • Movie/ TV Show: I’m a pretty big Clint Eastwood fan. I loved Gran Torino. I don’t watch much television, so I don’t really have a favorite show, but Salem makes me suffer through The Bachelor with her. She also makes me watch The Voice with her, but I don’t mind that as much.
  • Band: I’m a big fan of Chris Daughtry. I also love Eric Church and Scotty McCreery. I can get into a little Ben Folds, too. Gotta support my fellow North Carolinians.
  • Color: Black
  • Food: Pizza
  • Drink: Beer
  • Cartoon Character: Schroeder from Peanuts. I love a cartoon who appreciates Beethoven.
  • Sports: Football, I guess. But I just enjoy the music of the halftime show.
  • Hobbies: Playing guitar and writing songs
  • Vacation Spots: The beach
Let’s dig deep:
  • Describe your fashion style: Fashion? I say whatever’s clean, I’ll wear.
  • Describe your daily routine: Wake up late, head to the recording studio, and work late into the night. Unless I’m on tour, then it’s wake up in whatever city I’m in, beer, work on our set for the night, beer, spend a lot of time in interviews and signing autographs, concert, beer, after-party, beer.
  • 3 major things you can’t live without? My woman, my guitar, my notebook full of lyrics.
  • If there is one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be and why? My ability to ruin a good thing by making stupid choices.
  • What is your worst habit? Alcohol. But Salem would say it’s leaving my dirty laundry in a pile by the bed.
  • Greatest fear in life? Letting down the ones I love
  • Most likely to be arrested? Well, I’ve already been arrested before. It’s not fun.
  • If there is one person you could bring back from the dead, who would it be and why? My grandfather. My grandfather was a musician too. He played music with Doc Watson years ago. My grandfather taught my dad everything he knows. I’d love to sit down and chat with him.
  • One of your most embarrassing moment? Let’s see…would you want to hear about the time I tripped and fell on stage? I mean I face-planted right there in front of everyone. God, it was awful.
  • Greatest regret so far? I try not to think about stuff like that. It depresses me.
  • Greatest achievement in life? Learning from my mistakes. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it hadn’t been for the people in my life who have loved me and supported me through it all.

Let’s talk dirty:
  • Lights on or lights off? Either. When it comes to getting frisky, it doesn’t matter the position of the light switch.
  • Sexiest part of your body? Hmmm, that’s hard to say. My abs, maybe? I work hard for this six-pack, so yeah I’m going with abs.
  • Sexiest part of Salem’s body? She’s beautiful from head to toe, but I especially love her sexy curves.
  • Kinkiest thing you’ve ever done? I’ll tell you like I tell Jeremy…I don’t kiss and tell.
  • Favorite place to get down and dirty? I’ll take it anywhere…in the shower, against the wall, on the kitchen table. Doesn’t matter. But my favorite place is in the bed because I can fall asleep holding her when it’s over.


Melanie Dawn is a thinker, a dreamer, and a hopeless romantic. When her head isn't in the clouds, she spends her time as a jack of all trades to her family. Melanie resides in the hills of North Carolina with her husband, her three children, and her cat. She enjoys lazy summer afternoons cruising around the lake on the pontoon boat with her family.

Melanie graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a BA in Psychology and earned her MA in School Counseling from Appalachian State University. She spent the first six years after graduate school as a middle school counselor. Those were years she deems as some of the best years of her life. That is, until she had children of her own. The last seven years have been spent as a stay-at-home mom. She has learned some tough life lessons, like what the inner absorbent pellets of a diaper look like scattered in the washing machine. She has also learned the strength of the willpower of a two year old lacking a nap. Through it all, Melanie has learned how to roll with the punches and appreciate the time she has been able to spend at home with her children.

Now that her last child has started Kindergarten, Melanie is ready to add a new chapter in her life. That chapter begins with her debut novel—So Much It Hurts.


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