Charles Sheehan-Miles SALE and Giveaway!

Big Sale  until March 22!

Love good books? Conflict, angst, emotion and love?
For the first time ever, one of the most beloved series of 2012-2013 is on sale at a never seen before price! Sale started early March 12 and ends March 22!

The Thompson Sisters
Six sisters who grew up in very unusual circumstances. 
Two screwy parents. A lot of crazy lives. 

Here’s what some people have had to say about the Thompson Sisters.

Charles Sheehan-Miles has fast become one of my favourite authors.
- Kelly, Book Blogger, Have Book Will Read

The writing is something special. I read so many books that most of the time I am not invested, just entertained. However, this author knows how to draw the reader into the story and I never feel like I am an outsider looking in. I always feel like I am a part of the story. The detail that this author uses is superb. The characters are some of the best I have read. Their emotions, dialogue, and personalities just leap off the pages. As a reader I just feel a connection to each of them. I can’t praise this author enough. Charles Sheehan-Miles truly has my attention. He has become one of the authors that will get my praise and recommendations.
- Jennifer, Book Blogger, A Tale of Many Reviews

See our reviews for the series:

A Song for Julia(Thompson Sisters #1)Kim's 5 star Review
Falling Stars (#1.5): Kim's 4.5 star review
Just Remember to Breathe(#2): Kim's 4 star Review
The Last Hour(#3): Kim's 5 star Review
Girl of Lies(Rachel's Peril #1): Kim & Rachel's 4.5 star reviews

A highly loved series, with multiple books about an entire family spanning many years? You’d expect to pay a lot, right?

Wrong. For one week only, you can get the entire series for only $3.96. 

Just in case you missed it, I want to underscore that. For this week only, you can buy dozens of hours of immersive reading for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

The normal price of this entire series as ebooks would be:
$3.99 (A Song for Julia) + $1.99 (Falling Stars) + $3.99 (Just Remember to Breathe) + $3.99 (The Last Hour) + $3.99 (Girl of Lies).
That’s $17.95. 

In other words, buy this week, and SAVE 80 PERCENT!
The best part is, THE FIRST BOOK IS FREE.

Amazon: ASFJ | Falling Stars | JRTB | TLH | Girl of Lies
iBooks: ASFJ  | Falling Stars | JRTB | TLH | Girl of Lies
Nook: ASFJ | Falling Stars | JRTB | TLH | Girl of Lies
Google Play: ASFJ | Falling Stars | JRTB | TLH | Girl of Lies

Not only that, but right here on this page, you can be entered to win a Kindle Fire HD!

Don’t wait! The sale ends soon!

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