Release Blitz and ARC Review: PLAY: Kylie Scott

Play (Stage Dive #2)
Kylie Scott
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Released early on March 25, 2014

Kylie Scott returns with the highly anticipated follow-up to international bestseller LICK.

Mal Ericson, drummer for the world famous rock band Stage Dive, needs to clean up his image fast—at least for a little while. Having a good girl on his arm should do the job just fine. Mal doesn’t plan on this temporary fix becoming permanent, but he didn’t count on finding the one right girl.

Anne Rollins never thought she’d ever meet the rock god who plastered her teenage bedroom walls—especially not under these circumstances. Anne has money problems. Big ones. But being paid to play the pretend girlfriend to a wild life-of-the-party drummer couldn’t end well. No matter how hot he is. Or could it?

What was it about bad boys? Someone needed to invent a cure. 

We met Mal, the drummer for Stage Dive in Lick. He was fun, cocky, and totally not ready to settle down like his friend, David did with Ev.

Anne was having a really bad day. Her next door neighbors Lauren(Ev's friend) and Nate(Ev's brother) decided to bring her along to a party with Stage Dive to cheer her up. And she meets crazy, over the top Mal. Before she knows it he has literally infiltered her life, home and eventually part of her heart. He was manic, crazed, overbearing, but also sexy, charming, determined, and sweet too.

She needed something from him. He needed something from her. Before she knows it they are playing at a "fake" relationship. Or is it?

"Life's too short for all this over-sharing. You're here. I'm here. We can help each other out and have a good time while we're at it. That's all that matters...Life's a song, Anne. Let's play."

Mal had me gasping, smiling, and laughing out loud. The things he pulled and the stuff that came out of his mouth was hilarious. At first, I was not sure about him. It was hard to tell whether he was being serious and truthful or just making stuff up. He was so wild, crazy, and unfiltered. But he was so endearing, that I totally fell for him.  I was laughing at him at times and wanting to hug him at others. He had an innocence and vulnerability at times, while also being naughty and flirty. And underneath that outside layer of pure fun and attitude, was a heart of a man suffering with painful truths that he was dealing with alone.

"You come across as this happy go lucky type dude most of the time, but you're in fact a man of many layers. You're kind of complicated."
Anne was a good straight woman for him. She was sweet, caring, and had a history of being a door mat. She had been crushing on her boss for years. She had a complicated  past and current life situation. Even though she had a celebrity crush on Mal when younger, she managed to get over it quickly and treat him like the multifaceted boy-man he really was. There was a lot of sexual tension. Their relationship started out one way, but kept morphing so they both had to try to keep up. And I enjoyed the ride.

"You're turning out to be quite a mind f*** for me, pumpkin."

They were a good influence on each other and balanced each other out. He needed grounding. She needed to live a little and stand up for herself. And they both needed support, companionship, and understanding. Their banter had me giggling at times and fanning myself at others. But throw in some secrets, hidden agendas, past issues, jealousy, emotions, and outside influences and you have some complications. There were times I wanted to shake both of them, and other times that my heart just sighed.

"It's fate, Anne. Written in the stars. Leave it the f***  alone."
"You're crazy."

Kylie Scott just has a way of drawing you into this Stage Dive world with  her interesting, lovable characters and unique story lines. This was fast paced, quirky, and entertaining. It was also sweet, sexy, humorous, and had some emotional depth.  The characters had back stories and relationships that added to the complexity of the story. I loved seeing more with David and Ev and the rest of the band Jimmy and Ben. We also caught up with Lauren and Nate. I enjoyed the camaraderie, love, and taunting behavior between the guys and the girls.  I am looking forward to more with Jimmy and Lena in Lead and Ben's story(I think I know who he will end up with). I can't enough of this group of characters and their crazy antics.

Thanks to Kylie Scott and St. Martin's Press for providing with a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Lick (Stage Dive#1)
Waking up in Vegas was never meant to be like this.
Evelyn Thomas’s plans for celebrating her twenty-first birthday in Las Vegas were big. Huge. But she sure as hell never meant to wake up on the bathroom floor with a hangover to rival the black plague, a very attractive half-naked tattooed man, and a diamond on her finger large enough to scare King Kong. Now if she could just remember how it all happened.
One thing is for certain, being married to rock and roll’s favourite son is sure to be a wild ride

Lead (Stage Dive #3)
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Expected July 29, 2014
The lead singer of Stage Dive, Jimmy is used to getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants it whether it's booze or women. However, when a PR disaster serves as a wake-up call about his life and lands him in rehab, he finds himself stuck with a new assistant hired by the record company to keep him out of trouble. He doesn't need or want a babysitter. Especially one that looks like Lena. 

Lena's not willing to take any shit from the sexy rocker she's been hired to assist and is determined to keep their relationship completely professional, despite the sizzling chemistry that sparks between them every time they're in the same room. But when Jimmy pushes her too far and Lena leaves, he realizes that he may just have lost the best thing to ever happen to him.  Readers won't want to miss the third book in this New Adult series about ordinary young women who fall in love with rock stars.

Kylie Scott Website/Facebook/Twitter

Kylie is a long time fan of love stories, rock n roll and B-grade horror films. She demands a happy ending and if blood and carnage occur along the way then all the better. Based in Queensland, Australia with her two children and one delightful husband, she reads, writes and never dithers around on the internet.


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