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Undesired Lust (Reckless Beat, #3)
Author: Eden Summers
Series: Reckless Beat
Release Date: November 2014
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They used to be the perfect team.    

Two years ago, songstress Sidney Higgins ruined her life by sleeping with not one, but two of the famous Reckless Beat men, Mason Lynch and Sean Taiden. Their night of intimate celebration turned into a worldwide sensation when the video Mason vowed to keep private was uploaded to the internet, destroying her squeaky-clean reputation and turning the world against her. Now she’s broken and left without hope, trying to find the one thing that can get her back on her feet.

  A mistake neither one of them is willing to forgive.    

When the sex tape went viral and his best friends held him accountable, Mason bore the stigma of asshole with pride. Now, bitterness has destroyed him, driving away his muse and making him worthless in the industry he loves. There’s only one option left to reclaim his creativity, but that would mean collaborating with a woman who wants to castrate him with a plastic knife.   

A palpable chemistry even hate can’t diminish. 

Forced to work together, neither one of them is prepared for the undesired lust which immediately takes hold. The lies fade away, exposing the truth; however, it also awakens a threat from their past. The person responsible for tearing them apart is back to ensure they don’t rekindle a spark. With their safety in the balance, Sidney and Mason need to determine what they’re willing to risk to reclaim a relationship they wish they’d never lost.   

Chapter One

Two years ago. 

“And the Grammy for Best Rock Song goes to…” 

Sidney Higgins held her breath, her gaze glued to the presenter aglow in stage lights. Mason Lynch sat to her left, his hand holding hers in a reassuring grip. Tonight, he was more gorgeous than usual, in a tailored black suit and his blond, wavy hair loose against his jaw line. She didn’t need to glance his way to know his confident smile was aimed at her. She could feel it on her skin, the light tingle of awareness which always haunted her whenever he was close.

“Don’t sweat it. We’ve got this in the bag,” he murmured over the hush in the room. 

His arrogance never ceased to amaze her. It was natural to him. Effortless. Strangely, she found it endearing. His confidence rubbed off on her, increasing her sense of accomplishment, not only in her career, but life in general. 

Right now though, his sonic boom of awesomeness wasn’t penetrating her nerves, or her need to use the bathroom. This was her first Grammy nomination, and the butterflies alone were enough to make her double over. 

“… Mason Lynch and Sidney Higgins for ‘Tough Love’.”

Oh my god.

They did it. They won a fucking Grammy. 

“I don’t believe it.” The words tightened her throat, whispering from her lips as thunderous applause erupted around them. She turned her wide-eyed gaze to Mason and found him staring at her, grinning. No elation. No shock or disbelief. He simply stared at her as if the sun rose and set in her eyes. 

Someone clapped her shoulder, followed by another and another. She was too awe struck and numb to notice who. Her focus was glued to the gleaming, mocha-brown irises of the most talented man she’d ever known. He stood, continuing to hold her hand and her attention as he tugged her to her feet. 

“Let’s get you a Grammy, kitten.”

Ovaries—boom. That endearment did it to her every time. Her nipples hardened. And right now, in a skintight evening gown and thin lace bra, she couldn’t think of anything worse. Think of dirty dishes, laundry, clubbing baby seals. Hell, even the thought of the unsigned recording contract currently sitting on her dining room table wasn’t enough to drag her mind from lurid thoughts of Mason.

Clearing the gravel from her throat, she followed him into the aisle leading to the stage, and sneaked a glance over her shoulder at the hundreds of applauding people. Surreal. The man of her dreams at her side. A Grammy waiting to be awarded. The world at her feet. Tears stung her eyes, and her grin turned into a beaming smile. Everything fell into place. Life was perfect, and maybe this achievement would stop her father from worrying about her risky career choice. 

Mason tugged her into his arms and then squeezed her tight, placing a gentle kiss on her cheek. “Congratulations, Sid,” he whispered against her neck, sending a shiver of awareness down her spine. 

She hugged him, her pulse pounding in her ears. “We really did it.” 

“You doubted our unstoppable skills? The world doesn’t stand a chance against us.” He pulled back, gifting her with another delicate sweep of his lips, this time on her temple. “Now let’s go get our prize.”

He didn't want to f*** their relationship up. He just wanted to f*** her something crazy.

One night of slightly drunken celebration, passion, and fantasies with three friends led to a huge mistake and the repercussions ended their collaboration. The fall-out affected their friendships, careers, and took away Mason's songwriting muse.

Two years later, the only way to solve their lyrical and career problems seem to be to collaborate again. But that is challenging when there is no trust and years worth of anger, resentment, hatred and unwanted desire.

Sidney Higgins was his equal. She understood him. She knew what he wanted and what they had to do to achieve it. Problem was, he didn't just break that bridge, he'd pissed on it and set the carnage to flames. 

Mason Lynch and Sidney Higgins are stubborn, full of pride, and fueled by disappointment and rage. And bringing the third party, Sean back into the fray only stirs up more feelings. All of their relationships were affected by the past and secrets keep them on the outs. 

Mason is more than the cocky, angry, self centered jerk we thought we knew. He has deep feelings and is loyal But his pride, hurt, and jealousy got in his way. He can be abrasive and impulsive, but can also be sweet and protective. 

Nobody had ever broken and strengthened him at the same time before. She was his muse, his passion, his obsession. Together they were unstoppable. 

Sidney is confused and rightly so. There is a lot in the past that caused pain and resentment. She has been humiliated and lost everything. She is tenacious and feisty, but has kind of given up on herself. She needs to find her inner strength and empowerment. 

He'd always made her lose control--of her imagination, her heart rate, her professionalism. Now it was more sinister. Where once he'd empowered her, now he left her weak and fractured. 

There is a significant push and pull with longing, secrets, and games. Their sexual chemistry is strong ,but affected by fear, mistrust, guilt, betrayal, and hurt feelings. And there are other forces causing stress and anxiety with threats and danger lurking in the background.

When all of the secrets are exposed will it bring them closer together or further apart?

This installment mostly focused on Mason and Sean and the strain of their friendship on the band. But the other Reckless Beat members, Mitchell, Blake, Ryan, their manager, Leah, and also Alana and Gabi filtered in a bit. This wasn't as much about band dynamics as it was Mason and Sean coming to terms with their past and Mason finding his songwriting inspiration again. Their lives took a major turn for the worse two years ago and it was a long way back for Mason, Sean, and Sidney.

There is not only longing, lust, pain, and betrayal, but also danger and suspense. Trust is brought in question as new threats come into play. They have good chemistry and witty rapport, but also a lot of baggage.  Sometimes it all seems so  right, but they are also afraid of a false sense of security.

It was told in both points of view which was important because of the secrets and miscommunication. This was also about their personal growth, finding their strength, regaining trust, and sacrificing for those they care about. I really liked Mason and Sid together, and loved Sean too. I enjoy this series and group of characters. I would like to Sean find a girl....and Leah to find a happy ending. And hope Ryan can sort out his life and find happiness too. There are still more stories waiting to be told. 

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review. 
Make sure you catch up the entire series before Undesired Lust is released.

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Eden Summers
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Eden Summers is a true blue Aussie, living in regional New South Wales with her two energetic young boys and a quick witted husband.

In late 2010, Eden's romance obsession could no longer be sated by reading alone, so she decided to give voice to the sexy men and sassy women in her mind. Eden can't resist alpha dominance, dark features and sarcasm in her fictional heroes and loves a strong heroine who knows when to bite her tongue but also serves retribution with a feminine smile on her face.


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