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From Romance Writers of America® comes a never-before-published collection of tales that showcases the breadth and complexity of the world's most popular genre of fiction!

New York Times bestselling authors Cindy Gerard and Allison Brennan bring the thrills in their tales of romantic suspense.

New York Times bestselling authors Sabrina Jeffries and Courtney Milan take you on a trip back in time with lush stories of historical romance.

New York Times bestselling authors Vicki Lewis Thompson and Joan Johnston show the wonder of contemporary romance, while New York Times bestselling authors Monica Murphy and Laura Kaye's New Adult romances delve into the evolving Millennial perspective.

And editor and #1 New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day's tale of angels and sizzling desire takes readers to the edge with paranormal romance.

From the first love of Young Adult romance to tales of second chances, LGBT romance to the realms of the supernatural, contemporary to historical, suspense to inspirational, the genre of romance has a story for every reader and this blockbuster inaugural collection from Romance Writers of America showcases it all!

Plus tales from:

Lila Bell
T. L. Costa
Diane Kelly
Amber Lin
Katy Regnery
Erica Ridley
Regina Scott
Harper St. George
Lex Valentine

For release worldwide on February 9, 2015

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Lila Bell 

Under a Wicked Moon


I am a major foodie, but some of my attempted recipes have been disasters due to misreading measurements or trying to substitute an ingredient. When I saw that Romance Writers of America was doing a collection of stories that all involve some kind of “wrong number,” I knew it would be fun to write a hot romance set in the same paranormal world as my “Wicked Creatures” e-book series. My starting point was a sorceress who gets a recipe wrong.
Stacia Byrne, my heroine, has only had a few years to adjust to her powers when she learns that her bloodline is part of a deadly feud. Because of evil committed by her ancestors, the governing Tribunal sends an assassin to make sure Stacia doesn’t grown into a threat. The supernatural assassin is a former adolescent crush, a guy who briefly shared one of Stacia’s many foster homes before mysteriously disappearing. Her best chance at eluding the shapeshifting killer is a potion that calls for five dragon scales. But she can only get four.
Despite the fantastical circumstances of the story, "Under a Wicked Moon" is very human and relatable at its core. It’s about forgiveness and second chances, about accepting who we are and those we love.

“WHAT IN HELL IS goin’ on here?” a twangy voice demanded. 

That’s what I’d like to know. Stacia was so dazed by the turn of events that she felt like she was having an out-of-body experience. She saw the motel manager standing next to the ruined door with a shotgun. On some level, she registered that Liam had shoved her behind him … protectively? 

Liam snarled. From her position, she couldn’t see his expres­sion, but all of the blood drained from the manager’s face. 

“Wh-what’s wrong with your eyes?” he demanded. 

Charging forward in a blur, Liam bent the muzzle of the rifle before the man had the chance to squeeze the trigger. “Leave, mortal.” 

The manager didn’t have to be told twice. Dropping his hold on the now-defective gun, he hauled ass. 

Stacia swallowed, trying to radiate confidence. “He’ll be back once he’s called the cops.” Or the Marines. 

“Then we will not be here.” Liam tugged her back into the main room. 

“We?” So the plan was no longer to kill her and be done with it? 

“We will not be separated, Stacia. Not ever again.” 

Considering that he was half shifter and she was half sorceress, their life-spans might go well into the hundreds of years. Never was a serious proposition. 

“I d-don’t understand. Aren’t you going to … ?” She couldn’t speak the words. So she made the universally recognized Psycho stabbing motion. 

His eyes flashed crimson. “Kill my mate?” He sounded out­raged. His fingers clenched around hers, and she wondered if he knew he was hurting her. “Never.” 

His mate? 

Poor, deluded wolf-boy. She’d really screwed up that spell. She’d been shooting for compassion, not passion. Five scales equals “chival­rously protective,” but four is “crazily possessive.” Good to know. 

On the plus side, he no longer wanted to dagger her to death.

“Liam? Ow. My hand.”

He immediately relaxed his hold but didn’t let go, keeping his wild-eyed gaze on her as if afraid she’d vanish. 

“I’m not your mate.” There was a time when it would have been her fondest wish. “What you’re feeling … I cast a spell.”

“No kidding.” He scowled. “Stabbed me in the godsdamned calf.”

“Right!” At his dark glare, she tried to sound more contrite. “I mean, yes. Desperate circumstances and all. It confused you. When you get far enough away from me, you’ll probably start to feel more yourself.”

“No. And it’s not up for discussion.”

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Lila Bell is the author of hot paranormal romances A Wicked Hunger, Wicked Vengeance, and Wicked Persuasion. Lila is also a pen name for award-winning, five-time RITA® finalist Tanya Michaels, who writes sexy contemporary romance for Harlequin Blaze (Good With His Hands, 04/15) but leaves shape-shifters, incubi, and mystical assassins to her alter ego. You can follow Lila on Twitter @WriterLilaBell.

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