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Uncovering Love
Kacey Shea
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Expected July 30, 2015

Evelyn Harper lived the perfect life.
Until she was fired from her job.

After a ridiculous idea devised among friends comes to existence, Evelyn finds herself part owner in a private investigation firm specializing in matters of the heart. Throughout wild antics with her best friends Jonathan and Kate, Evelyn conducts relationship background checks for a wide variety of clients.

Soon it becomes clear that one case has moved beyond professional and Evelyn finds herself fighting an attraction she cannot resist.

Will Evelyn admit her feelings when she uncovers love in the most unexpected of places?


When Evelyn and her friend Jonathan find themselves unemployed at the same time, their other friend Kate comes up with a unique job opportunity. They can use their investigative/social stalking talents  to help interested parties investigate matters of the heart. 

In their first job, Evelyn takes on the task of investigating a hot, mysterious trainer Tate Reynolds as a potential relationship for a client. And she sees right away why the client is interested in him and she knows he is off limits. But when he show an interest in Evelyn, it becomes a bit dicey as she tries to keep it friends only.

Bring on the hijinks with relationship investigations, secrets, lies, and guilt. There are several different story lines going on at once as they try to help their clients.

Tate is totally sweet, sexy, and swoon worthy. He is a good, likable guy, but is also hot, mysterious, tatted, charismatic, and funny.  I loved his sincerity and how he took care of those he cared about. 

Evie is sweet, sassy, quirky, and has a good heart. But she is sucked in by temptation, living a lie, and straddling a fine line. She knows she should not want Tate for herself, but it is complicated with all of the deception and guilt. 

I liked their rapport and hot chemistry together. Their interactions were those of a new friendship and early dating couple and it was not a book that had to fill up the pages with lots of sex scenes to get the point across. It was obvious the attraction between them was honest and passionate. But it is only a matter of time until Evie's secret  is going to come out and she has no idea what the outcome will be with all of the people affected by her deception.

Her best friends Jonathan and Kate are a big part of the story as well. Jonathan is newly out of the Army, but has a long standing history with the girls. He has stayed close with Evelyn and feels comfortable around her. Kate is outspoken, spontaneous, and has quite an active romantic/sex life. There are some unresolved crushes, attraction, and feelings swirling under the surface of these friendships. Kate and Jonathan seem to have a love/hate relationship with angry sparring and strong reactions to each other. Evie kind of finds herself in the middle at times.

I also enjoyed the scenes with Tate's sister and sons Eli and Ezra as well as Evie's sister Melissa. All of the side characters added more depth, humor, and life to the story.

This was a cute, romantic, funny start to a new series by this debut author. It was told in both Evelyn and her friend Jonathan's points of view with the epilogue in Kate's point of view since her book is next in the series. I personally would have liked to get Tate's point of view as well to see more of why he was initially so private and know more about his internal feelings. I liked the characters' personalities and their banter.  The different clients give the opportunity for more drama and mysteries. It might have been a little predictable in some ways, but it was engaging and enjoyable, and fit the bill when I wanted a  light, sweet, heartwarming read with a great hero. 

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review. 
Unsure what to do when she is fired from her job, Evelyn Harper finds herself talked into using her sleuthing skills to investigate matters of the heart. Partnered up and pushed ahead by her best friends, Jon and Kate, Evie finds herself investigating a potential love interest for a rich socialite.

Watching this story unfold, it was clear the direction things were heading, but there were aspects that kind of muddied the relationship for me. I missed having the male POV come from Tate. Because we never saw his perspective except through dialogue, he felt a little two dimensional. I felt like I didn’t get to know him as well as some of the other characters, especially Jon, since he did narrate portions of the story.

I loved Kate’s outrageous, impulsive personality. She had a way of finding trouble for Evie whenever she tried to help out. I also loved Carly and her boys. Their sweetness, kindness, and everything they meant to Tate added a heartwarming touch to the story.

The clients Evie and Jon worked with ran the gamut from straight forward to bat-sh$! crazy. They added drama and excitement to the background of the story and really played up the hilarity (and occasionally seriousness) of the investigations they had been hired to perform.

There were times the story seemed to drag on, especially when the investigative focus switched away from Tate and towards some of the third party investigations. I had a hard time early on reconciling that Jon and Evie seemed to harbor secret feelings toward each other but then Evie shifts were attraction to another man fairly quickly.
But overall this was a funny, sweet read. There is enough of the side characters to continue interest for the second book, Uncovering Desire, coming later this year.
I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Kacey Shea is a mom of three, wife, and part-time bookkeeper who resides in sunny Arizona. She enjoys reading and writing romance novels as much as her son loves unicorns, which is a lot. 
When she's not writing you will find her playing taxi cab to her children while belting out her favorite tunes, meeting friends or family for food and to share some laughs, or sweating it out in the gym. Kacey finds that picking up heavy weights repeatedly is good for her mental health as much as it is for the physical.
She has an unhealthy obsession with firefighters. It could be the pants. It could be the fire. It's just hot. On occasion she has been known to include them, without their knowledge, in her selfies outside the grocery store.
Kacey one day aspires be a woman hand model in a sexy photo shoot. You know, the woman's hand raking across the muscular back or six pack stomach of the male fitness model. Yep, that hand.
Until that day comes she will continue writing sexy, flirty romance novels in hopes to bring others joy!
Kacey enjoys interacting with her fans so please feel free to stalk her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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