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My Kind of Wonderful (Cedar Ridge #2)
Jill Shalvis
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Expected December 22, 2015


Bailey Moore has an agenda: skiing in the Rockies, exploring castles in Europe, ballroom dancing in Argentina. Now that she has a second lease on life, she's determined not to miss a thing. What she doesn't realize is that item #1 comes with a six-foot-one ski god hot enough to melt a polar ice cap. She doesn't want to miss out on him either, but Hudson Kincaid isn't the type of guy to love and let go. And as gorgeous as Cedar Ridge is, she's not planning to stick around.

As head of ski patrol at his family's resort, Hud thinks he's seen it all. But never has he run into someone like Bailey. She might look delicate, but her attitude is all firecracker. And her infectious joy touches something deep within him that he's been missing far too long. Now he'll just have to convince Bailey to take a chance on her biggest adventure yet . . . something rare and all kinds of wonderful. 

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Hudson Kincaid's life is full...multiple time consuming and stressful occupations, family drama, obligations, and side activities take up all of his time. His life revolves around work and then he fits in his family as second. He has no time for attachments.

Bailey Moore has led a sheltered existence and is just starting to really live again after getting a new lease on life. She has grand plans and a bucket list of things she wants to try and do. She's tired of being tied down and is not looking to have to answer to another man.

They are two people unexpectedly brought together, and weren't looking for love. But found someone as equally stubborn, sarcastic, and as magnetic as the other. And they find it hard to resist the pull.

Hudson has been closed off and emotionally unavailable. He loves and fiercely protects his family and is loyal and dependable. But he often worries and takes care of everyone else, but not his own needs or happiness. He is plagued by guilt and loss, stress, fear, and has abandonment issues. He is a master of pushing people away before he can get hurt and his issues run deep. But most people just see him as the charming, sexy, intense ski patrolman and cop.

Bailey is tired of being overprotected, pitied and told what to do. She wants to live and challenge herself. She is sweet, sassy, funny and strong willed. She may be tiny and appear a bit frail, but she is also tough and tenacious. 

They challenge and push each other. He doesn't treat her as fragile And she does not let him push her away...much. They fall into a sexy, fun rhythm that excites them both. But neither think they can handle more. But can they or do they even want to?

These two are fun and feisty together, but also kind of clueless. Their histories, their difficulty with communication and opening up, their expiring time line, and their fears of the future complicate an already unstable situation. But I totally loved them together and was hoping for them to get their act together.

This brings back all of the quirky, funny sidekicks from the first book Second Chance Summer: Aiden and Lily, Gray and Penny, Kenna, and Mitch. They are a tight knit group and protect each other, but also love to torture one another. Their antics had me smiling.

This was sweet, sexy, humorous, and had just enough emotional issues and personal dramas to keep it interesting. But it still was an easy, heartwarming, engaging read with likable characters in the fun setting of a family owned ski resort. I am so intrigued by Hudson's twin Jacob after reading about him these last two books and am looking forward to his story Nobody But You. Wish I had it now!

ARC provided by Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Hudson Kincaid is a self admitted workaholic. His phone and radio are constantly alerting him to emergencies and needs of the ski resort and his family. As the head of ski patrol and a town cop, he is constantly available to those in need to the detriment of his own social life. He is also carrying around a load of guilt over the absence of his twin, Jacob.

Bailey Moore is living again. With a list she is determined to work her way through, painting a mural is the first she is tackling. She is sweet and determined, though she has only been on her own for a short time. She is determined to not let her past dictate what she can do. 
I love these two. Neither is clear about what they want and so the miscommunication leads to hurt feelings. But they are also not honest with themselves, and watching them discover what they are really feeling is fantastic. 

This is the second foray into the world of Cedar Ridge and the Kincaid family. As the family is close knit, Gray, Penny, Aiden, Lily, and Makenna do what they can to poke and prod at Hudson, especially as they begin to see something developing between their younger brother and the pretty muralist. I love this family -- from their history and patched together relationships to their closeness and loyalty, the Kincaid family (and it’s extensions) are a great team.

This was sweet, flirty, and fun, and as entertaining as it was easy. This series has established itself in these first two books as one that is great to turn to when I need a light, smooth read. There is drama enough to keep things moving, but the drama is relatable and perfectly fit to the characters involved.
ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review. 
Cedar Ridge Series

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Jill Shalvis

Jill Shalvis is a New York Times and USA Today bestseller. She has written more than four dozen romance novels and lives in Nevada with her family. 


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