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Mister O
Lauren Blakely

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Expected May 4, 2016

Just call me Mister Orgasm. No, really, I insist. Orgasms are my specialty. Delivering them, administering them, giving them in multiples. Then doing it again for an encore. I'm like the superhero of pleasure, and my mission is to dole out countless toe-curling, mind-blowing climaxes. 

But, hey, I'm not just a man with only one superpower. Step right up, and you'll also find a hot exterior, a razor-sharp wit, and a heart of gold. And I don't take a damn thing for granted. Back in the day, I was the quiet guy bent over his notebook drawing cartoons. Now I'm creator of the hottest animated TV show in the world --The Adventures of Mister Orgasm -- and I'm living the good life as the once-upon-a-time-geek-turned-stud. That means I always put the lady first, and her satisfaction is guaranteed.

Then I'm thrown for a loop when a certain woman asks me to teach her everything about how to win a man. Sounds like my kind of mission. The only problem? She's my best friend's sister, but she's far too tempting to resist--especially when I learn that sweet, sexy, witty Harper has a dirty mind too. What could possibly go wrong as I give her some no-strings-attached lessons in seduction?

No one will know, even if we send a few dirty sexts. Okay, a few hundred. Or if the zipper on her dress gets stuck. Not on that! Or if she gives me those sex eyes on the train in front of her whole family.

The trouble is the more nights I spend with her in bed, the more days I want to spend with her out of bed. And for the first time ever, I'm not only thinking about how to make a woman cry out in pleasure --I'm thinking about how to keep her in my arms for a long time to come.

Looks like the real Adventures of Mister Orgasm have only just begun.... 

**MISTER O is a standalone romantic comedy and it follows supporting characters first introduced in BIG ROCK*

So we got a little taste of Spencer's sister, Harper and best friend, Nick in Big Rock and I knew that they needed a story. And what a story it is! This is non stop fun, sarcasm, banter, sexual tension and chemistry. I was initially not sure Nick could stand up against the precedent set by Spencer, but I was wrong. 

Nick Hammer is a popular online cartoonist who also has his own animated late night naughty cartoon The Adventures of Mister Orgasm. He's unfiltered, hilarious, and a bit inappropriate. He sees the world in his own way and has such interesting humorous internal monologues coupled with infectious, sarcastic snappy retorts and smart comebacks especially with Harper and Spencer. In his own voice we see his unique sense of humor and dirty thoughts, and are also privy to his little freak outs. We also get to feel his longing, building emotions, vulnerability, and confusion. He is not the man whore you would expect, but he easily could be since women throw themselves at him in order to try to harness his super O power. He is confident and sure of his skills, but he has also been the quiet art nerd so understands what it is like to be awkward and a late bloomer. So he is appreciative of what he has achieved so far in his life and his career is the most important part of that.

Harper Holiday is his best friend's sister. She is supposed to be OFF LIMITS. She is quick witted, fun, a bit awkward, and mysterious. She is a magician and able to pull of a facade. One encounter has now put her on Nick's hot chick radar and it is killing him to want what he does not think he can have. 

The two of them cracked me up with their humor and verbal banter. It starts out pretty fast, furious, and fun. They both speak sarcasm as a second language. But there is a gradual shift towards more innuendo, dirty texts and talking, and forbidden fantasies. 

Before he knows it, he is wrangled into helping the girl he lusts after learn to date other men...a likely recipe for jealousy and disaster. But it also is an opportunity for opening up further, expressing desires, and just plain dirty ideas and talk.  Maybe it will be just the thing to get her out of his system and fantasies. And she wants to be more confident in her feminine wiles and learn to understand men. They are both pretty clueless about the other's true intentions and find themselves moving in directions neither expected, but it is hard to resist.  It just keeps snowballing due to their intense chemistry. 

These two are so hot together! They both like it naughty and dirty. They are combustible and completely compatible. They may be confused about what they are really doing, but they both feel a connection and bond that they are afraid to lose because of any of the reasons that make them a bad idea. And there are several things keeping them from pushing for more.

Nick is a totally adorable, charismatic, swoon worthy, hero! He is just the right amount of sexy nerd, bossy alpha, sweet man, and naughty boy. He's been the shy geek and now is the sex god, so he appreciates his new found skills with women. He is cocky and hysterical, but also earnest, loyal, and big-hearted. And Harper is just one cool chick. I loved her whimsical magician's personality, sassiness, and giving nature. She is a bit of an enigma too since we only know her fears and insecurities when she voices them.

They are both vulnerable and unsure, but in so deep. It is all a chaotic mess of questions and they are afraid of the answers, because they have a lot to lose if it all goes bad. It was only ever meant to be a temporary situation, but when things get convoluted it is hard to tell what is really going on. They are plagued with mixed signals, missed opportunities, misunderstanding, fears, and confusion. And yeah, they are keeping the whole thing a secret or at least trying to. Neither wants to get the wrath of big brother, Spencer, or any further pressure.

Spencer and Charlotte from Big Rock are back. There are a couple of other fun cameos that made me smile. We also get to spend time with Nick's brother, Wyatt, the playful, self-confident construction company owner. We meet some new relatives of Clay Nichols, and I see some more hot possible book boyfriends coming down in the line. 

This is a great addition to this series, but can be read as a stand-alone. It has that Lauren Blakely mix of humor, steam, verbal foreplay, romance, and emotion. The pacing starts out frantically funny then migrates towards flirty, then dirty, and becomes more heartfelt and emotional. I laughed and smiled so much! The sex scenes are intensely hot. And it really tugged on my heartstrings too. I felt all of the tension and was invested in their outcome and how they would navigate their issues. There is drama, some obstacles, and just the right amount of angst. This is a friends to forbidden lovers story revolving around hope, laughter, lust, love, and priorities.

Beta copy/ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review. 

Harper needs help dating. She can’t speak around guys she’s interested in. Enter Nick. Mister Orgasm. Serially monogamous, with a reputation for pleasure.

As their physical relationship ramps up under the guise of Harper’s dating lessons, Nick realizes that there is more here than his usual relationships, but can’t figure out how to deal with the end of their agreement. Because it has to come to an end. His best friend can’t know that Nick has touched Simon’s little sister.

This is a sizzling off-limits romance. As his best friend’s sister, Harper is off limits to Nick even though he fantasizes about her often. Harper’s plan to use Nick for dating lessons is the perfect opportunity for him to exercise his desires towards her without messing anything up with Spencer. If they can keep it a secret.

Narrated by Nick, his humor and wit shine through. I love his crass view of the world, echoed in his cartoon subject matter. This is not a narrator who was always the center of attention, though. This is a confidence built over years of honing his craft. From the quiet, artsy high school kid to the confident TV show creator, Nick is honest about who is is, what he does, and what he wants. I love the sarcasm and banter he shares with Harper, even before they add the physical aspect to their relationship. From the moment we see these two together I was cheering hard for them to figure it out.

I love Lauren’s New York. Between the cameos from other characters and series, and the ties that connect each standalone, this city feels alive and robust. Because she writes so many series in the same city, and crosses characters throughout them, the connections, friendships, and partnerships make all her books one giant network of characters.

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Ask me my three favorite things and the answers are so easy they roll off my tongue. Hitting a homerun for my softball league, drawing a killer cartoon panel, and, oh yeah, making a woman come so hard she sees stars.

Not gonna lie. That last one is my favorite, by about a mile. Giving a woman a sheet-grabbing, toe-curling, mind-blowing orgasm is pretty much the Best Thing Ever.

A woman’s climax is like summer break, Christmas morning, and a vacation in Fiji all rolled together in one fantastic package of window-shattering bliss.

Hell, if we could harness the beauty and energy from women coming, we could probably power cities, solve global warming, fix every problem known to man. The female orgasm is basically the manifestation of everything good in the world.

Especially when I deliver them, and I’ve given thousands upon thousands. I’m like a superhero of pleasure, a good-deed doer, the once-upon-a-geek-now-a-stud, and my mission is to dispense as many climaxes to my lovers as possible.

How have I managed to achieve this amazing feat? Simple. I’m both a student and a master of the art of giving Os. I consider myself an expert because — in the interest of full disclosure here — I’m completely, 100% obsessed with a woman’s enjoyment between the sheets. Getting her off is the name of the game, and if you can’t get that job done, you should get the hell out of the bedroom.

But, hey, I’m also humble enough to admit I’m still a learner.

Since there is always something new to discover with a woman.

Does she want it soft, hard, fast, light, rough? Does she like it with teeth, toys, my cock, my tongue, my fingers? Would she want a little something extra, like a feather, a vibrator, or some sort of fantastic combination of all of the above? Every woman is different and every path to her pleasure is its own erotic journey with so many fantastic stops to make along the way.

I take mental notes, study her cues, and always get out and do the field work.

I suppose that makes me the Magellan of the female orgasm. A true explorer, venturing forth, fearless and ready at any moment, to map the terrain of her pleasure until she cries out in rapture.

Fine, some might say I have an addiction.

But really, is it a bad thing that I love to make the woman I’m with feel good? If that makes me a guy with a one-track mind, then I’m guilty as fucking charged. I’ll freely admit that when I meet a woman I’m into, I’m picturing in seconds what she looks like coming, how she sounds, how I want to send her soaring.

The trouble is, there’s one woman I just can’t go there with, even though lately my brain desperately wants to figure out how to drive her wild. It’s been an epic battle, and I’ve had to keep her in a special drawer, locked, sealed and key thrown away because she is the definition of hands off.

Which sucks royally because she’s about to make things even harder with the words that come out of her mouth.

This is not part of a series but is a stand alone with characters first introduced in Big Rock

Big Rock
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It's not just the motion of the ocean, ladies. It's definitely the SIZE of the boat too.

And I've got both firing on all cylinders. In fact, I have ALL the right assets. Looks, brains, my own money, and a big cock.

You might think I'm an asshole. I sound like one, don’t I? I'm hot as sin, rich as heaven, smart as hell and hung like a horse.

Guess what? You haven't heard my story before. Sure, I might be a playboy, like the NY gossip rags call me. But I’m the playboy who’s actually a great guy. Which makes me one of a kind.

The only trouble is, my dad needs me to cool it for a bit. With conservative investors in town wanting to buy his flagship Fifth Avenue jewelry store, he needs me not only to zip it up, but to look the part of the committed guy. Fine. I can do this for Dad. After all, I’ve got him to thank for the family jewels. So I ask my best friend and business partner to be my fiancĂ©e for the next week. Charlotte’s up for it. She has her own reasons for saying yes to wearing this big rock.

And pretty soon all this playing pretend in public leads to no pretending whatsoever in the bedroom, because she just can’t fake the kind of toe-curling, window-shattering orgasmic cries she makes as I take her to new heights between the sheets.

But I can’t seem to fake that I might be feeling something real for her.

What the fuck have I gotten myself into with this…big rock?
Author pic - Lauren BlakelyLauren Blakely

About Lauren Blakely:
 Lauren Blakely writes sexy contemporary romance novels with heat, heart, and humor, and she has had eight books on the New York Times Bestseller list and fourteen on the USA Today Bestseller list. Like the heroine in her novel, FAR TOO TEMPTING, she thinks life should be filled with family, laughter, and the kind of love that love songs promise. Lauren lives in California with her husband, children, and dogs. She loves hearing from readers! Her bestselling series include Sinful Nights, Seductive Nights, No Regrets, Caught Up in Love, and Fighting Fire. She recently released SWEET SINFUL NIGHTS, the first novel in her new sexy romance series Sinful Nights that became an instant New York Times Bestseller. Her new adult forbidden romance, 21 Stolen Kisses, hit e-readers in May and landed on the USA Today Bestseller list. In September, she'll release SINFUL DESIRE, her next title in the bestselling SINFUL NIGHTS series. She also writes for young adults under the name Daisy Whitney. To receive an email when Lauren releases a new book, text BLAKELY + your email address to 678-249-3375 (please use the actual + sign).  
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