Release Blitz and Reviews: On Broken Wings: Chanel Cleeton

On Broken Wings (Wild Aces #3)
Chanel Cleeton
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Expected January 3, 1017

The author of Into the Blue and Fly with Me returns with the newest, hot and high-flying Wild Aces romance... 

A year after losing her husband, Joker, the squadron commander of the Wild Aces, Dani Peterson gets an offer from his best friend, Alex “Easy” Rogers, to help fix up her house. Dani accepts, and their friendship grows—along with an undeniable attraction.

Racked by guilt for loving his best friend’s widow, Easy’s caught between what he wants and can’t have. Until one night everything changes, and the woman who’s always held his heart ends up in his arms. Yet as Easy leaves for his next deployment, he and Dani are torn between their feelings and their loyalty to Joker’s memory.  

But when Dani discovers something that sends them both into a spin, the conflicted lovers must overcome the past to navigate a future together…

This review contains spoilers to book one in this series, Fly With Me...

Alex "Easy" Rogers has been in love with Dani throughout this series, And it was always unrequited since she was married to his commander, Joker. So Easy hid his feelings well from Dani and was her friend, but he couldn't hide it as well from their other friends.

But now, a year after the loss of Joker, their relationship has become erratic. Easy was there for her during some hard times, but then tried to keep his distance. But after reconnecting, they fall back into a friendship and begin spending more time together. They're both lonely, and still feel loss, guilt, and hurt. And Easy tries hard to keep his feelings from getting in the way of their friendship. But neither are prepared for Dani's new reactions. Dynamics subtly shift. They are both confused and not sure exactly where the other stands. The are some definite misunderstandings and hurt, but eventually they both take what they need and want. And that opens up a whole new set of unexpected complications.

I liked both of them and getting both of their points of view. I understood their individual struggles, needs and fears. Easy would do anything for her, but does that include giving up flying that he loves? Dani suffered the ultimate loss and in turn lost part of herself and the life she knew. Can she let her guard down and risk going through loss again?

Easy was so much more than he let some people see. He was known as a cocky, easy-going womanizer. But deep down he was a one-woman-man who wanted to love, protect, and be with the woman he thought he could never have. He was tender, affectionate, and just plain swoon worthy. I have loved him since the first book and he has broken my heart with his deep feelings and big heart. 

Dani was sweet, loving, and kind. She still suffered from loneliness, anger, grief, and the loss of her previous life and planned future. Her confusion was understandable and her fears of another loss and for how people would perceive her having a new relationship with a close friend were realistic.

But in order move on, Dani will have to find the courage to not be afraid to live and love, and hope for a future. And Easy will have to finally act on his feelings, and hope that he can break down her barriers and convince her to take a risk on him.

It is a tenuous journey of each of them coming to terms with their feelings and fears, and beginning to hope that maybe there could be something good in store for them. They were so adorable together and had such great chemistry.  I was rooting for them all along.

This was sweet, sexy, funny, and emotional. It had the potential to be a darker or more depressing story, but the grief and sadness were handled well and were balanced with humor, friendship, passion, and hope. The previous couples Noah and Jordan (Fly With Me) and Eric and Becca (Into The Blue) are back and provide humor, support, and understanding. I enjoyed catching up with their progression as well.

I have enjoyed this series and  Easy was my favorite hero. I just absolutely adored him. He totally was deserving of his own HEA. And Dani deserved some happiness as well. There were a few little surprises and some things that just made my heart full. This was easy to get sucked into and I did not want to put it down. I was totally invested in this coupling that has been a long time coming.

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.
Dani is filled with grief after the loss of her husband, the love of her life. She spent 10 years as a military wife and now she is stuck -- can’t sell the house, can’t find a job. She’s not sure what she wants to do next.

Easy loved Dani the moment he saw her, but as she was his friend’s wife has never acted on his feelings any way but platonically. Now that Dani is a widow, he treats her with kid gloves, trying to support and help where needed while continuing to maintain a distance.

Oh Easy. Such a good man. He was quickly one of my favorite men in the background of the previous books and though I ached for the heartbreak he felt everytime Dani and Joker were in the room with him, I loved that he loved her enough to know she was happy and not try to interfere. It also gave me little bits of humor because his affection for her was the worst kept secret in the squadron. Everyone around them, except Dani, knew of Easy’s feelings, though no one mentioned anything.

Dani had a lot to deal with as her life shifted from military wife to widow. She hadn’t expected her journey with Joker to be over so soon, and she has a lot of hurt to work through as a result. She also doesn’t have a lot in her life outside her husband, so his death has left her drifting in more ways than one. I loved watching her slowly build her strength up again and begin to stand on her feet, looking for her own goals for a change.

I absolutely loved this story. I was prepared for the emotional journey that both would have to take, but it was not as emotionally draining as I anticipated, which I appreciated. Knowing grief was going to be at the center of a lot of the tension, I was prepared for my overactive tear ducts to get a workout. There were only a few places though where emotions became overwhelming and really only one spot that had me reaching for tissues. 

This quickly moved to my favorite of the series. I loved seeing Jordan & Noah, Erik & Becca. Jordan’s influence is particularly key to the story, as she is good friends with both Easy and Dani. Easy was not the last single man in the unit, and I look forward to more from this strong group of men and women.
I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.
Fly With Me  (Wild Aces #1)
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Our 4.5 star reviews

U.S. Air Force fighter pilot Noah Miller—call sign Burn—loves nothing more than flying hard and fast. When he meets a gorgeous and sassy woman while partying in Las Vegas, he immediately locks on to her.

Jordan Callahan owns a thriving clothing boutique, but her love life is far less successful. Her luck changes when six feet, two inches of sexy swagger asks her to dance and turns her world upside down. 

One scorching weekend becomes an undeniable chemistry that they can’t leave in Vegas. But the long distance relationship and their different lives threaten to ground their romance. And when the dangers of Noah’s job become all too real, Jordan learns being with a fighter pilot means risking it all for a shot at love…

Into the Blue (Wild Aces #2)

Eric Jansen—call sign Thor—loves nothing more than pushing his F-16 to the limit. Returning home to South Carolina after a tragic loss, he hopes to fix the mistake he made long ago, when he chose the Air Force over his fiancée.

Becca Madison isn’t quick to welcome Thor back. She can’t forget how he shattered her heart. But Thor won’t give up once he’s set his sights on what he wants—and he wants Becca.

Thor shows Becca that he’s no longer the impulsive boy he used to be, and Becca finds herself irresistibly drawn to him. But will Thor be able to walk away from his dream of flying the F-16 for their love or does his heart belong to the sky?
Originally a Florida girl, CHANEL CLEETON moved to London where she received a bachelor’s degree from Richmond, The American International University in London and a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Chanel fell in love with London and planned to stay there forever, until fate intervened on a Caribbean cruise and a fighter pilot with smooth dance moves swept her off her feet. Now, a happily ever after later, Chanel is living her next adventure.
Law school made Chanel realize she’d rather spend her days writing sexy stories than in a courtroom, and she hasn’t looked back since. An avid reader and hopeless romantic, she’s happiest curled up with a book. She has a weakness for handbags, her three pups, and her husband. 

Chanel writes contemporary romances, women's fiction, and thrillers. She is published by Harlequin HQN, Penguin/InterMix, and Penguin/Berkley and is the author of the International School, Capital Confessions, Assassins, and Wild Aces series.


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