Titan World: Cristin Harber, Anna Bishop Barker, Claudia Connor

Message From Cristin Harber:

I am excited to announce the Titan World stories! From military romance and romantic suspense to contemporary romance and paranormal, a few of my favorite authors have jumped head first into our heart-pounding world and penned their stories with Titan twists. You will see familiar characters from popular, bestselling series as they collide in fantastic collaborations! Plus I’m excited to introduce two debut authors who you may already know if you are familiar with all things Team Titan.

Please join me in welcoming the Titan World authors: Claudia Connor, Gennita Low, Jessie Lane, M. L. Buchman, Megan Mitcham, Sharon Kay,Karyn Lawrence, Amber Addison, Anna Bishop Barker - Author, and Author Tarina Deaton.

Am I writing a story too? You betcha! Déjà vu will be Doc Tuska’s story. He’s not a Titan team member, but he is a familiar and constant face in the series—perfect for Titan World!

Which Titan characters will be in the other author’s stories? The authors had free rein. Some took on Titan like missions while others wrote backstories to characters and expanded on their families. They took scenes from current Titan books and expanded in a new direction.

What is the reading order of the Titan World? There is NO READING order (Even if one of the retailers has randomly assigned a series number. Ahem, I’m looking at you, Amazon.).

When will the books release?!?! They will release at all retailers on January 24th! iBooks will release them early if you cannot wait! Get your hands on them on January 16th at iBooks.

Okay, now on to the good stuff! You can order your books here:

Going Under 
Anna Bishop Barker

From New York Times best-selling author Cristin Harber and Anna Bishop Barker comes an exciting collaboration…


Clinical researcher Rebecca Shaughnessy’s life has always been planned, ordered, controlled, logical. She isn’t a damsel and she doesn’t need a hero. 

Ex- Army Ranger Max Lawrence’s life is a study in balancing. War and compassion, aggression and tenderness. He isn’t looking to be anyone’s hero, even if he does appreciate the trusty steed and the mighty sword stories. 

But there is a monster from the past. A monster who simply takes. And this time it intends to take everything.  

In every good fairy tale there are dragons and monsters. The dragon in this tale may be their fiery attraction but the monster won’t remain in the past where it belongs. When the monster resurfaces, this damsel and her knight must brave the currents and fight to keep from going under. 
Rebecca Shaughnessy is an in-control, professional, and serious research scientist. She comes off as cold, unfriendly, and guarded. She lacks much of a social life and only her longtime best friend, Mia Winters, gets to see her unreserved side.

Max Lawrence is the new psychologist in her department and sparks surprising reactions in her...attraction, interest, anger, and frustration. Their banter is antagonistic, flirty, and full of sexual tension. He knows how to push her buttons to drive her crazy. And she has the ability to do the same to him. But the more glimpses of what she is hiding under her Ice Princess exterior continues to draw him in. He tries to peel back her layers to uncover the the funny, passionate, warm woman he can tell she is hiding. 

But there are reasons why she has been guarded and wary. Her past marked her, and now seems to be affecting her present. Max has been trying to chip away at her walls and now she has no choice but to lay her secrets bare and hope that he will help keep her safe.

I was sucked into this funny, suspenseful, and romantic read. It builds at a believable pace and is full of tension. The characters were well developed and their dynamics evolved throughout. The external factors added drama, even more tension, and suspense. It was told in multiple points of view letting us get the full story from various people. 

I got a bit giddy when some Titan friends made appearances and she even gave us a little peek into the future. This novella fit right into the Titan World, but can be read as a stand-alone. I am impressed that this is Anna Bishop Barker's debut. It felt like a fully developed story and not a short novella. It pulled me in and kept me flipping pages. I did not want to put it down. I loved her subtle use of water terminology throughout tying in a theme and the title beautifully. The story was layered with a gradual build up of finding out the secrets, the growing connection and feelings of the characters, the unraveling of the plot, and tying it in with the Titan world.

But I mostly adored the characters. Max was the perfect mix of deliciously hot alpha male with charisma, humor, and heart. He could be both a dirty talker and a such sweet talker. He was cocky, confidant, and persistent, but not an a**hole. He was protective, bossy, and determined to take care of his own. He just had that "it"factor and made me smile, laugh, shiver, and swoon. I absolutely fell for him.

And Rebecca had dealt with some harsh events and realities that led to a life without a lot of affection and support. She was a survivor,..strong, resilient, intelligent, independent, and caring. She put on a cold facade, but was really just guarding her vulnerable heart. She didn't want her past to take control of her so tried to ignore it, until she couldn't. She just needed to feel safe to share. But she was not a victim who wanted to be taken care of. She was strong-willed, smart, sarcastic, and independent-minded. And together they were intense, passionate, and challenged each other making them a perfect match. I loved their dynamics, chemistry, and banter. The pop culture references were fun.

Their story was intriguing, enthralling, and full of tension, suspense, and danger. There were some difficult and emotional situations, but there were also humorous, passionate, and swoon worthy moments. I was completely invested in them and the outcome. I really enjoyed this one, and am looking forward to more from this author. 

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review. 
Rebecca keeps herself detached, calm, and collected at all times. As a child prodigy, attending college and graduate school early, she always felt out of place and even as an adult had not shed the mental shields she grew during those early years. She had a traumatic experience that further strengthened her detachment from those around her. Her best friend Mia Winter being the exception.

Max, a former Ranger, works with PTSD patients on a daily basis. Though he left the military and moved into a medical field, he has the alpha protective nature one expects to find in a Ranger. He is so swoony. He knows which buttons to push to encourage Rebecca to step out of her comfort zone but is also careful with her, particularly after learning of her past.

I loved the build up of the plot and the relationship. While the story is not a long one, the depth of feeling between the characters is well developed. Much of the action takes place over a relatively short period of time, but the relationship develops over a longer period of time, as these two have met at work and live next to each other as well.

For the length of this book, it reads more like a novel than a novella. It is a fast read, but packed with so much depth that it doesn’t feel like a typical novella. I love the Star Trek references and though I am not a fan of Trek, they are clear enough for the casual observer to catch their meaning. There was so much to love about Going Under. From the super creepy initial perspective to the action and suspense, I couldn’t put this book down. 

It is full of fun tie ins to the Titan world. Mia is Rebecca's best friend and former roommate so she and Colby appear regularly. When the suspense and danger ramp up, Max brings in Colby and Titan’s help, including Parker. Anna Bishop Barker is a longtime fan of Titan, and her dedication to the series is apparent in her take on these characters and the new characters she has created for us.

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.
Anna Bishop Barker 
Anna Bishop Barker is a lifetime romantic who has always dreamed of writing. She lives in Florida with her family of kids, grandkids, dogs, lizards, and love. 

Her hope and vision is to write the kinds of books that she loves to read—books with humor, some intrigue or danger, and chock-full of romance and hot sex, with possibly some tears, but always a happy ending. Just not for the bad guys.

Where I Belong
Claudia Connor 
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From New York Times best-selling author Cristin Harber and New York Times best-selling author Claudia Connor comes an exciting collaboration… 

An unexpected meeting at the beach and a young nephew who won't take no for an answer, has Mia Winters' brother, Owen, falling hard and fast. 

Charlotte feels something too, but violently losing her mother at a young age has her afraid to take a chance. 

With only five days, Owen will have to work fast if he has any hope of winning Charlotte's heart. 
This is a sweet and swoony vacation love story with two likable characters and a quirky cast of side characters.

Charlotte is a  reserved woman who follows the rules and is predictable. Her past has shaped her and she has her reasons for not being a big risk taker. Spontaneity makes her nervous and she takes a while to trust and to feel safe.

She is drawn into interactions with a vacationing extended family by a precocious young boy. Next thing she knows she is meeting his Uncle Owen. Owen is charming, funny, confident, and persistent. He wants to spend time with her and is willing to go at her pace. Although they know they have less than a week at the resort so the clock is ticking. They feel a connection and have a great rapport. They have chemistry and begin to build trust. But there is also fear of taking a risk and some obstacles in their way of pursuing anything more.

This is short, but heartfelt and engaging. I really liked the characters. I loved his fun family including his cousin, Colby Winters, and his wife Mia who will be recognized by Titan fans. It flowed will and was realistic and believable. Even with the short length there was enough to grasp onto regarding pasts and to become invested in their story. It was romantic, funny, and illustrated the importance of family and finding a home.

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review. 
Where I Belong is a sweet story with a vacation twist. If only this was summer and I was sitting at the beach reading it!

Charlotte is vacationing solo. Her father was supposed to join her on vacation but was called away at the last minute for work. Relaxing isn’t her norm, and though she doesn’t have work to keep her busy, she is doing her best to stay busy. One particular attempt to relax by the pool with her book is interrupted by a curious boy who wants to play. His enthusiasm has her quickly pulled into the boy's family vacation, particularly when the boy’s single uncle meets the pretty blonde.

Kyle takes his time with family seriously. When he can get away from his construction business, he loves returning to the same beach his family has vacationed at since he was a boy. When his nephew Kyle includes a new friend for the afternoon, Kyle is attracted to and interested in the quiet girl in a way he hasn’t been for a long time.

This is one of the Titan world novellas, and so favorite Titan characters play a role. Kyle is Colby Winter’s cousin and Colby, Mia and their family are also on vacation. This is very much a Claudia Connor story, with the only reference to Titan activities being offhanded remarks about Colby and Mia’s work. For such a short story, there is a great deal of depth to both the characters and the story. At times, their backstories felt just as fleshed out as I would expect from a novel. 

This is a sweet, swoony beach type read as Kyle and Charlotte have a vacation romance that changes their outlook. They know there is a time limit on their relationship, but both can’t help wonder what would happen if they lived closer to each other. I had fun reading this quick story and it kept a smile on my face the entire time. 
I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.
Claudia Connor

New York Times bestselling author Claudia Connor attended Auburn University, where she received her undergraduate and masters degrees in early childhood education, and completed her studies in Sawbridgeworth, England. Always a lover of happy endings, she enjoys movies, reading, and spending her days putting on paper the stories in her head. She lives near Memphis, Tennessee, with her husband and three daughters.

Deja Vu
Cristin Harber
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A Standalone Romantic Suspense Novella from the NYT Bestselling author of the Titan Series... 

A Sexy Doctor and a CIA Spy with Amnesia 

“Amnesia Allie” should’ve been one of Dr. James Tuska’s normal patients: another CIA asset who they wanted well-cared for and then sent on her merry way. Everyday work at his niche medical practice was never that interesting… until she claimed the impossible. “He’s my fiancé.” 

James had never met Allie, yet he couldn’t say no even if he was part of the Agency cover up. Now the Agency wants her dead. 

Between the lies and the hiding, the woman who turned the CIA upside down with three words brought him to his knees. 

And then Allie disappeared… Nothing would ever be the same. 

"Amnesia Allie" wakes up in a hospital with no memory, but plenty of anxiety. People are telling her who she was and what her life was like, but none of it seems familiar or true.

The only anchor she can seem to find and the only person she trusts is her doctor, James Tuska. He runs a boutique medical practice catering to government agencies and special requests. But something about Allie and this case is not something he can easily forget. He might be part of the team not giving her the full truth, but he also becomes protective over her and they forge and unexpected connection.

But Allie is not content to sit around and accept what she is being told. And she knows she will have to take off on her own to search out the truth of her former life. She is inquisitive, tenacious, smart, and has good instincts. James really did not plan to get involved, but he can't seem to stay away. Soon he is in the middle of chaos with her and his loyalties are conflicted.  It's suspense, action, passion, and love on the run while looking for answers. And it is unclear who they can trust.

Some of the Titan team are involved to assist when needed. I love getting  to spend more time with them. The mystery is slowly unraveled throughout.  I will admit that at times the story felt a bit convoluted (some being understandable to her memory loss and confusion), but sometimes I had to reread certain parts. Due to its novella length, it was fast-paced and insta-lovey. But he characters were likable enough and it was a quick, suspenseful, action-packed read with a budding romance in the center of it. And the epilogue made me smile.

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review. 
Deja Vu is packed with fast paced action from the start. 

Allie wakes up in the hospital with no memory of who she is or how she got there. The story provided by the friend at her side, Beth Hart, is that she was in a car accident. But even from the beginning, Allie questions much of what she is told, as things just don’t feel right.

Dr. James Tuska knows little about his newest patient, but what he does know he can’t share with her. Three words tie them together instantly, as Allie claims he is her fiance. But words shouldn’t mean much, until they pull both Dr. Tuska and Allie into a web of mystery tied to the CIA. 

These two share an instant spark that gives Allie a safe place during her recovery and has James questioning how much he should share despite orders. The chemistry between them is high and though they don’t speak of the feelings growing between them, the connection gives them both something to hold onto. 

Wondering just what Allie knew and who she really was had me turning the pages as fast as I could. But there were times where this felt a little disjointed and had me wishing it was a full novel rather than a novella in order to flesh out certain aspects of the plot. 

As a Titan world novella, this connects our favorite Titan characters with a greater glimpse at Dr. James Tuska, who has long been the doctor of choice for Titan injuries. As he is usually a side character who only interacts with Titan for a few minor scenes, it was nice to see him take center stage, to see him use the skills that tie him so closely to the men and women of Titan.

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Cristin Harber is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author. She writes sexy, steamy romantic suspense and military romance. Readers voted her onto Amazon's Top Picks for Debut Romance Authors in 2013, and her debut Titan series was both a #1 romantic suspense and #1 military romance bestseller.

You can become a Titan Agent for exclusive scenes, details, and more! Visit the official Titan website hereText TITAN to 66866 to sign up for exclusive emails!

Synopsis for other Titan World Novellas not reviewed in this post

About NEVER MINE by Megan Mitcham

From New York Times best-selling author Cristin Harber and USA Today best-selling author Megan Mitcham comes an exciting collaboration…

Jillian Cooper never wanted Callum, until a dream morphs him from her best friend's husband to a singular nocturnal fantasy. Revolted by her own mind and loyal to a fault, she refuses to give the dream life. Still, it manages to make her awkward around her only family; Amery, Callum, and their two stunning daughters. As an orphan and an Explosive Ordinance Tech with the Navy, things have a way of crashing down around her. The world crumbling call came in the form of a single car, single fatality accident. Amery died.

While she spins in dizzying circles, the girls she's loved since they were in their momma's belly cling to her. When Callum's strong arms fortify them and keep them all from falling apart, Jillian's inner struggle reaches a breaking point. She does the only thing she can to honor her friend's memory...run to the other side of the world to contract for Titan Group, an elite private securities force in need of an EOD.

Callum Bradfield adapts and overcomes. Even after the tragic death of his wife, his core values as a Navy SEAL march him forward...to safer waters. His gig as mission transport for Base Branch—the special operations force for the UN—isn’t as adrenaline laden, but he refuses to make his girls orphans.

Things are beginning to regroup when Jillian bales on his girls—and him—without a word. To ensure she's safe, he hacks her personal information and follows the crumbs into Titan's database. Crossing that line gets them both under a microscope in the middle of a desert, searching for the proof they need to show their innocence, while he tries to convince Jillian he's more than just her dream.

About EDGE OF TEMPTATION by Gennita Low

From New York Times best-selling author Cristin Harber and New York Times, USA Today best-selling author Gennita Low comes an exciting collaboration…

Walker, Titan's newest recruit, has been sent to rescue Nadine Kincaid, DARPA's scientist working on a special state-of-the-art exoskeleton for COS Command's Super Soldier Spy Project. Instead, the tied-up Nadine turned out to be Nadia, Nadine's twin sister, who has been protecting her sister all along. Now the two of them have to work together to keep the newest exoskeleton blueprints out of the enemy's hands.

About TWISTED DESIRE by Sharon Kay

From New York Times best-selling author Cristin Harber and award winning author Sharon Kay comes an exciting collaboration...

Rhys MacLeod is a warrior first and a hacker second. Preserving the balance of power among supernatural beings is his prime directive, as well as keeping it far from human eyes. The discovery of a man killed by magical force on a Chicago street lands him on an op he didn't expect. He's good, but solving this crime requires a call to the best of the best.

Parker Black of Titan Group never met a network he couldn't infiltrate. Along with Titan team member Locke Oliver and Megan, a scientist who witnessed the murder, they uncover a maze of encrypted files and unethical DNA manipulation.

Rhys is duty bound to keep all supernatural details hidden from his human friends, so identifying the killer becomes more complicated when clues indicate the perp isn't human. And when the murderer shows up at their location, every second counts before its true nature is revealed.


From New York Times best-selling author Cristin Harber and best-selling author Jessie Lane comes an exciting collaboration…

What happens when Titan and Ex Ops work together?

Terror has gripped the NYPD. A rogue snipper took out, not only the NYPD’s SWAT snippers and police chief, but several others. Now they must turn to the only person they can trust: Jared Weston and the Titan Group.

There’s only one problem. The Titan Operatives are currently tied up with their own missions. Unwilling to leave the NYPD hanging, Jared Weston cashes in a favor from Commander Jaxon Wall. Only, Jared doesn’t want to send Jaxon’s Ex Ops Team for the job; he wants to send in someone Jaxon has kept secret: his goddaughter, Billie Jean Beasely, one of the best snipers working for the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, if only her male counterparts would let her prove it. The NYC mission could finally give her that chance.

Thing is, Jaxon Wall isn’t willing to send his goddaughter in alone. He wants to send one of his own men to help her. Chase Anderson.

Will Chase turn out to be yet another man who thinks Billie is less of a shot just because she’s a woman? Or will Billie finally meet a man who realizes she loves her bullets as much as bluebonnets?

About TARGET OF MINE by M.L. Buchman

From New York Times best-selling author Cristin Harber and Award winning author M.L. Buchman comes an exciting collaboration…

The Night Stalkers 5E (5th Battalion, E Company) flies again, going where no one else dares to venture.

NAME: Nikita Hayward
MISSION: To prove her worth

NAME: Drake Roman
TEAM: Night Stalkers 5E
MISSION: To enjoy the ride

Nikita Hayward earned her place on DEVGRU and she proves it every day. Being female? Not a factor. Fighting alongside the very best? Absolutely where she belongs.

Drake Roman flies with the most elite helicopter company, the 5E, because they fly out to the limit. And when the time comes to fly past it? His helo and his minigun lead the way.

When the two of them join on a mission into the unknown, then they discover who lies precisely at the center of that Target of Mine!

About FLIGHTPATH by Amber Addison

From New York Times best-selling author Cristin Harber and Amber Addison comes an exciting collaboration…

Being married young isn't a thing of the past in Louisiana. And for Madelyn and Seth, it's a way of life. Except, no one prepared them for the road ahead.

Moving to new places more times than either of them could count with new battles to fight at every stop, their road to happiness is bumpy.

Between Air Force Pararescue school, deployments, a baby, and the strain that military life can put on a family, they’ve discovered life has to fall apart in order to fall back together again.

When a terrorist attack puts Maddie's life in grave danger, their lives definitely fall apart, and Seth knows saving her might be the only thing that saves them.

About RESCUED HEART by Tarina Deaton

From New York Times best-selling author Cristin Harber and Tarina Deaton comes an exciting collaboration…

“Please, Jordan. It’s Emme.”

The last thing Major Jordan Grant expected was to be pulled off his unit’s deployment for a civilian mission. But when Titan calls, you answer — especially when the mission is to rescue the younger sister of your childhood best friend.

Moments away from death, NGO nurse Emme France could only pray for a miracle. The last person she expected to see in the smoke and dust was Jordan Grant, her teenage crush and litmus test of all the men she’d dated ever since.

Lying low at Titan’s exotic Abu Dhabi headquarters while the media furor around her rescue settles, Emme and Jordan explore a mutual attraction that is no longer young and innocent. Days in the desert paradise ignite desire and blur reality…until they return home, where Jordan rejoins his deployed unit and Emme is left alone to reevaluate her life and priorities.

Their passion was forged in the fires of combat. Will the home fires be enough to keep the burn alive?

About DOWNTIME by Karyn Lawrence

From New York Times best-selling author Cristin Harber and USA Today best-selling author Nikki Sloane writing as Karyn Lawrence comes an exciting collaboration…

It’s a romantic getaway for the newlyweds. Or is it?

Parker Black’s brilliant computer skills keep Titan Group running, but now he’s getting some much needed downtime. He’s taking a break from the war room to spend it in the bedroom with his brand-new wife Lexi, and whisks her off to a historic resort nestled in the hills of West Virginia.

Only, there’s a secret buried beneath the hotel. What’s hiding in the converted bunker threatens a lot more than just his romantic weekend, and he’s going to need Lexi’s help to crack inside. Cut off from his own security team and facing a ticking clock, Parker’s about to realize there’s no such thing as downtime when you work for Titan.


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