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Real Dirty (Real Dirty Duet #1)
Meghan March
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Release Date May 9, 2017

Country music's bad boy, Boone Thrasher, takes center stage in USA Today bestselling author Meghan March's brand new stand alone Real Dirty Duet! 

I have everything a guy could want—a new single burning up the charts, more money than a simple country boy could spend, and a woman I’m planning to marry. 
Until she doesn’t show up for my proposal. 
The life I thought was so perfect, isn’t. 
The guy who thought he had everything, doesn’t. 
I’ve got my heart on lockdown, but life sends me straight into the path of a mouthy bartender who puts me in my place. 
Now the only place I want to put her is under me.
I thought I was done with love, but maybe I’m just getting started. 

Real Dirty is the first book of the Real Dirty Duet. Boone's story concludes in Real Sexy. 

This is my first Meghan March book and I was sucked right in by this engaging, delightful, and sexy read.

Boone Thrasher earned a reputation as the "bad boy country superstar", but had recently settled down and planned to get married. But his girlfriend had other plans. When his friend, Zane, takes him out to a little hole in the wall bar to drink away his sorrows and tension, he has no idea that it will change his life even more. 

Ripley Fischer runs the Fishbowl bar. She's been trying to keep it afloat, but has past issues and a lack of support going against her. She is strong, independent, stubborn, and prideful. She does not like the spotlight and has a rule against getting involved with celebrities. She has seen the negative fall-out from that, and wants no part of it. 

Boone is charismatic, bossy, blunt, and has a real dirty mouth.  Ripley and Boone immediately spark together. They push, challenge, and are attracted. They didn't expect for their lives to become entwined, but they find it happening. Boone just wants to help, but has a tendency to make matters worse. And they end up getting more and more involved while catching the eye of the paparazzi. 

They excite each other as much as they frustrate each other. And their chemistry is smoking hot and only fueled by their antagonistic and assertive behavior. She has trust issues and guards up, but he is determined to break down her walls. She begins to see the real man who is more than just an entitled celebrity down to the good, caring country boy underneath. But their lives are different. They are both strong-willed and stubborn. And there are people and circumstances working against them.

The side characters add humor and drama when needed. There are some interesting friends and some unlikable antagonists. 

This is a fun, fiery, steamy story of a country music star finding the woman of his dreams when he wasn't looking, and the resistant woman who hates all things celebrity. It is not overly angsty, but has great sparring, banter, chemistry and they both have interesting histories adding depth to their story. The couple is completely likable and so hot together. 

They could be each other's biggest risk. And their lives are about to get even more interesting and challenging. It is told in dual points of view which is important since they were both stubborn and opinionated.  This is a duet, so it ends in a  cliffhanger. But the good news is that part two, Real Sexy, comes out in two weeks.

I can't wait to see how the plot continues to to develop and to see Boone and Ripley progress. I love these two! This stands alone well for a newbie to Meghan March's writing and she has definitely earned a new fan.

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review. 
Boone Thrasher is the most recognizable face in country music. Media rebel, bad boy, superstar, he is at the top of his game. His plans to propose to his girlfriend are interrupted and rather than follow the advice of his manager, he does things his way.

Ripley Fisher has worked with everything she has (including most of her personal savings) to keep her father’s bar running in his absence. She is barely hanging on to the bar though, and hasn’t found a way to keep things afloat that her father approves of.

Ripley is fiery on her own: strong, stubborn, and fierce. Her rule about dating celebrities is born of her parents’ experiences and she refuses to do anything that might compare her to her mother. Her memories of her mother are loving but tinged with pain, and her mother is part of the reason she clings so tightly to the remains of the bar.

Boone doesn’t apologize to anyone. He acts first and fixes later. This trait keeps his staff on the edge of their toes, as it is difficult to predict what Boone will do. But it makes for great reading, as his choices often have consequences he doesn’t predict. But he acts with the best of intentions and is confident enough in his choices to back up his actions with whatever means necessary.

These two have fire between them. Though Ripley has rules about celebrities, their chemistry is too strong to fight for long. As Ripley’s walls come down, Boone does his best to make sure they stay down.

There are two possible villains to this story, and I can’t help but think we haven’t seen the last of either one. While one was rarely present in the action of the story, her actions don’t paint a positive picture of her. And the other, who is present in several scenes, is definitely a snake.

The end of REAL DIRTY has me wishing I had REAL SEXY right now to read the conclusion of Boone and Ripley’s story, because there are so many questions still! I am typically not a huge fan of cliffhangers, but I love the way Meghan March writes a cliff. The pacing of the story absolutely makes up for have to wait for the remainder of the story, and knowing there is only a short wait makes it much easier as well. Look for REAL SEXY two weeks after REAL DIRTY’s release!

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.
Real Sexy AMAZONReal Sexy (Real Dirty Duet #2)
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Release Date May 23, 2017
Country music star Boone Thrasher has never walked away from a fight, and he’s willing to put everything on the line to win the woman he can’t live without in the conclusion to the Real Dirty Duet by USA Today bestselling author Meghan March.

In Nashville, country stars are a dime a dozen. 
I swore I’d never get caught up with one, but Boone Thrasher made a liar out of me. 
I said I’d never put my heart on the line, but he didn’t ask before he stole it. 
Now we’re facing my worst fears, and we'll see if this country boy is tough enough to see it through.
Girls like me don’t get happily ever afters… but maybe he’ll prove that wrong too. 

Real Sexy is the conclusion of the Real Dirty Duet and should be read following Real Dirty

Meghan March has been known to wear camo face paint and tromp around in woods wearing mud-covered boots, all while sporting a perfect manicure. She's also impulsive, easily entertained, and absolutely unapologetic about the fact that she loves to read and write smut. Her past lives include slinging auto parts, selling lingerie, making custom jewelry, and practicing corporate law. Writing books about dirty talking alpha males and the strong, sassy women who bring them to their knees is by far the most fabulous job she's ever had. She loves hearing from her readers at meghanmarchbooks@gmail.com.


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