Release Blitz: Fatal Threat: Marie Force

by Marie Force
The Fatal Series #11
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“Fans of Scandal and House of Cards will love the Fatal Series.” —New York Times bestselling author Cindy Gerard
Don't miss the next chapter in the New York Times bestselling series from Marie Force! Read the electrifying romantic suspense novel that everyone is talking about!
It's just another day at the office for Washington Metro Police lieutenant Sam Holland when a body surfaces off the shores of the Anacostia River. But before Sam can sink her teeth into the new case, Secret Service agents seize her from the crime scene.
A threat has been made against her family, but nobody will tell her anything—including the whereabouts of her husband, Vice President Nick Cappuano. This isn't the first time the couple's lives have been at risk, but when a bombshell from Sam's past returns to haunt her, she can't help but wonder if there's a connection.

With a ruthless killer out for vengeance, and Nick struggling to maintain his reputation after secrets from his own past are revealed, Sam works to tie the threat to a murder that can't possibly be a coincidence. And she has to get it done before her husband's career is irrevocably damaged…

Returning to Nick and Sam’s DC is always a rush. There are no easy days for these two. Nick is out of the country and Sam is on the hunt for a missing person and a murderer. But a credible threat against Second Family sends thing spiraling as the entire Holland/Cappuano extended families are put into protective custody. As Sam fights to work her cases from custody, Nick faces increasing pressure from the media while continuing to search for the source of the threat.

Sam and Nick bump heads as usual, but always at the core of their arguments is concern for the other. These two are a steady couple, despite the turmoil Nick’s new position has thrown the family into and the new challenges they face with the addition of Secret Service details to their lives. I love the way these two face challenges both together and separately.

I love the way this series focuses on Sam and Nick’s relationship while also giving attention to others around them. Most of the established relationships are addressed and updated, with particular attention paid to Avery and Shelby as they await the arrival of their baby.

This is the 11th in the series, which could be a daunting number to new readers. I have read most of the series, but it has been some time since I read the 10th book. I can say that new readers should be able to follow the events of this story, as well as the connections between the characters with no problems. The only places new readers might feel the establishment of the series is that going back to read previous books, certain plot points will be spoiled (within the relationships, not necessarily the procedural part of the plot).

The fast paced twists and turns of Sam’s investigation and the search for the threat kept me guessing as to the outcome of the events. I love how Sam’s investigations are always important to her, even if the victim is known to her and not someone she particularly likes.

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.
“Thank you, Brant,” Sam said to the agent in charge of Nick’s Secret Service detail.

“You’re welcome.” Brant paused before he added, “I know we’ve had this conversation before, Mrs. Cappuano, but I really recommend that you have a detail until we’re certain we’ve contained this threat.”

“I appreciate the recommendation, but I’ll be providing my own security through my team here. I’ll be accompanied by other armed officers everywhere I go. There’s no need to be redundant.”

“Redundant,” Nick muttered with a grunt that would’ve been laughter if the subject matter hadn’t been so grave. “Brant is suggesting added precaution, not redundancy.”

“It’s not necessary,” Sam said, digging in. The last fucking thing she needed was to be escorted around by federal agents. She may as well hang up her badge if that was going to be her reality.

“On that we disagree, my love,” Nick said. “But I’m not going to waste everyone’s time fighting a losing battle. Brant, we appreciate your thoroughness and ask you to keep us posted on the situation.”

“Will do, sir. I’ll wait for you outside.”

When they were alone, Sam looked up at Nick. “I know what you’re going to say, and—”

Nick kissed her hard. “I’ll see you at home later. Let me know if anything pops in the investigation.”

“That’s it? That’s all you’re going to say?”

“That’s it.”


“What does that mean?”

“You surprise me.”

He threw his head back and laughed. “Then my day is officially made. I’ve managed to surprise my shrewd, sexy wife.”

“I thought you were going to do the whole alpha-dog lift-your-leg thing and demand I have a detail.”

“Sorry to disappoint you on the leg lifting, babe, but we have a deal. Would I like you to have a detail? Abso-fucking-lutely. Do I understand why you won’t allow it? Yeah, I get it. Doesn’t mean I like it, but I get it.” He kissed her forehead and then her lips. “Now, we’ve both got stuff to do, so let’s get to it so we can get to the best part of the day.”

“Which is?”

His lips were a heartbeat away from hers when he said, “The part where you crawl into bed with me and rub your naked self all over me.”


Marie Force
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Marie Force is the New York Times bestselling author of 60 contemporary romances, including the Gansett Island Series and the Fatal Series from Harlequin Books. In addition, she is the author of the Butler, Vermont Series, the Green Mountain Series and the erotic romance Quantum Series, written under the name of M.S. Force. All together, her books have sold 6 million copies worldwide!

Her goals in life are simple—to finish raising two happy, healthy, productive young adults, to keep writing books for as long as she possibly can and to never be on a flight that makes the news.

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