Cover Reveal: HOME TO FAITHFUL: Anna Bishop Barker

by - Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Home To Faithful
(The Faithful Trilogy #2)

Anna Bishop Barker

Release Date: July 31st 2018


Decorated Marine and former FBI agent Sam Beckett is going home.
Home to the place he couldn’t wait to leave.
Home to the town that nowhere else in the world could replace.
Home to the people that matter.
Home to the girl that he could never forget and to the battle he would face to win back the woman that she had become.
And home to a predator who waits to take the things that Sam cherishes.

Delilah Prescott had a perfect house.
She had spent a lot of time and effort and blood and tears to make it that way.
If she lived and ate and slept alone in that house, well, loneliness didn’t give you scars.
At least not like the ones that fists gave you.
And if she didn’t remember how to laugh or love, again, this was the price she was willing to pay.
But Sam was back.
And suddenly that price seemed too high, and her perfect little house seemed like a perfect little prison.

And while Sam and Delilah tear each other’s bodies up with passion while trying to fix each other’s hearts, the predator is watching.

Sometimes the fairy tales are true. The woods aren’t always safe

Journey To Faithful (The Faithful Trilogy #1)
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“I don’t have anything to give a good woman, Laura.”

Jake Beckett is a man frozen in the loss and grief of the past - a man who accepts that the existence that he has is the penance that he must pay.

“My faith died a long time ago, Jake.”

Laura Howard is a woman also mired in the past – a woman who has battled the monsters, but who fears that she may have lost the war.

Two strangers struggling to fight their way out of invisible chains, they must travel together toward safety, freedom and peace.

Faithful, Tennessee is the destination. For both of them, maybe, finally, a home, a sanctuary, a place where they each can find peace.

And in each other, maybe they can find passion, laughter, acceptance.


But the past always follows and evil can find the best concealed path.

Sometimes, the only way out is through.
Anna Bishop Barker

Anna Bishop Barker is a lifetime romantic who has always dreamed of writing. She lives in Florida with her family of kids, grandkids, dogs, lizards, and love.

Her hope and vision is to write the kinds of books that she loves to read—books with humor, some intrigue or danger, and chock-full of romance and hot sex, with possibly some tears, but always a happy ending. Just not for the bad guys.

Please follow Anna on Facebook and Instagram. Announcements for newsletter sign-ups, website information, and blog postings will be there first. Also, feel free to contact her via email, post on her author site, or message her.

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