Release Review: It's Getting Scot In Here: Suzanne Enoch

by - Tuesday, February 26, 2019

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It's Getting Scot In Here
Suzanne Enoch
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Release Day February 26, 2019
St. Martin's Press

The first in a wickedly seductive new Scottish historical romance series from New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Enoch!

Marry or lose their estate; that’s the devil’s bargain he and his brothers must follow. But wild Highlander Niall MacTaggert’s stubborn oldest brother wants nothing to do with marrying the sophisticated, pinky-out Lady Amelia-Rose his mother has chosen for him, even to save their land. Niall’s only goal is to soften up the London socialite, and show his brother the warm beauty behind the shiny, polished front. But what Niall doesn’t expect to find is the woman of his dreams... 
This was a fun start to a new series featuring three Highlander brothers that are forced to find English brides due to a bargain between their Highland father and British mother who are estranged. Coll, Aden, and Niall Mac Taggert have just found out about this deal that could cost them their Scottish Estate, so they travel to London to meet with their mother and see their sister that they have not seen in over seventeen years.

These men have no use for the dandy English ways and do not want to have to deal with finding a bride or marrying her. The oldest son, Coll has been promised to Lady Amelia-Rose Baxter since her family only really cares about her having a title. But Amelia-Rose is smart, sassy, and outspoken so it often gets her into trouble. And her betrothed does not respond positively to it either. 

Youngest brother, Niall is the fixer and peacemaker. He is determined to keep Amelia-Rose and her family happy until he can get control of his brother so as not to endanger their estate. But Niall never planned to actually like the sharp tongued woman with a sense of humor. And the more time he spends with her, the more he realizes he wants her for himself.

But there is the matter of his bull headed brother, her title seeking parents, his scheming mother, and other suitors waiting in the wings. Can a brash, young Highlander somehow convince the English Rose to take a chance on him and his way of life? And if so, what will be the fall out in polite society? Is happiness or status more important?

This the first book I have read by this author. At times I got a bit bogged down with the Scottish brogue language, but I actually really liked the characters. It has a starcrossed lovers, opposites attract theme with them coming from different worlds and expecting different futures. But they had such chemistry and honestly appreciated and accepted the other person in a way they never expected. There were plenty of trials, tribulations, expectations. and dodging scandals. It shows the both the value and challenges regarding acceptance, family ties, attraction, self fulfillment, and compromise. 

I loved Niall's charm, protectiveness, and possessiveness. He knew what he wanted even when he was not sure what he was going to do about it or how to fix it. But he was determined to woo and win her.  Amelia-Rose was caught between trying to be herself and what was expected of her, but Niall did not need her to change her personality.  I also enjoyed their mother, Francesca, who despite her heavy demands really just wanted to have relationships with all of her children. His brothers especially Coll came off as more broody and boorish, but I am looking forward to seeing who they might end up with. I have a theory about a possible woman for one of them. 

I received this book for free from netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
Suzanne Enoch
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A lifelong lover of books, Suzanne Enoch has been writing them since she learned to read. She is the author of two well-received traditional Regencies, 24 and counting England-set Historical Romances, four contemporary Romantic Suspense novels, and a growing number of Scottish Highlands Historical Romances including the October 2016 release of HERO IN THE HIGHLANDS

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