Release Blitz: The Perfect Hero: Anna Bishop Barker

by - Thursday, April 29, 2021

The Perfect Hero
Anna Bishop Barker
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Release Date April 29, 2021

Themis, the Titan goddess of justice. The purveyor of divine law and order.

The men and women of The Themis Group have a singular cause - to bring justice and closure to those who have lost hope.

But while they are united in mission, they all have their reasons for being with a private investigation firm that straddles the converging lines of crime scene science, traditional investigation, and mainstream law enforcement. Some do it for the thrill. Some do it for the satisfaction. Some do it because they are compelled.

But each member of the team is looking for something they will never find in the work they have chosen.

The Perfect Hero – Book 1 of The Themis Series

Hired to follow a trail of blood, bodies, and madness, Logan Pressley and the Themis Group are looking for a killer. Not just a killer—The Slayer.

He is not looking for a woman. At 45 years old, he has had enough of humanity, and wants no part of the myth that people call love.

Starting a new life, Maggie Robertson is not looking for a hero. Hell, she’s not even looking for a watered-down version of one. Romance, she has found, is a wasted phenomenon for the young, and the days for being swept off her feet are long past.

Then there was that one-night stand. The night Logan and Maggie lost themselves in each other. In that single night, all the carefully laid rules were broken.

An unexpected and uncharacteristic one-night stand sets this whole story off. 

Maggie Robertson has no intention of picking someone up at a bar when out with a friend. Logan Pressley is only at the bar to celebrate with friends. Neither expected the fiery night they shared. And neither had a clue they would meet again so soon. 

Maggie is a mature woman starting out a new career. She is smart, hard working, and sweet. Logan co-owns the Themis group and lives to work. Both have trust issues and events in their pasts that have scarred them. They find themselves in a situation that could either be really good or go bad fast. Neither have reacted to someone like they do each other and it is hard to keep a safe distance when they work in close proximity and feel such a pull. She actually makes this intense and stoic man laugh and show his vulnerability.  And he makes her feel more for someone that should be off-limits.

Logan is a man that has always strived for perfection, but he might finally have the chance to realize he does not have to be perfect in order to be deserving of something good in his life. I found him to be a totally sexy and swoonworthy hero. And Maggie is bright, bold, and smart. They make a wonderful match, have smoking hot chemistry, and give good banter. I loved seeing their more vulnerable sides. 

The other guys on the Themis team are not so bad themselves. His equally focused and intense brother Phinn, the more easygoing Jasper, and grumpy Griff are all intriguing. I think the women are pretty bada__ themselves. I loved the plucky and outspoken Larabey who basically runs the place. It even mentions some old friends. It did not dawn on me who Maggie was at first, but fans of this author will remember a side story from the past in a previous book. 

This is a low angst, hot, and sweet love story with a killer adding drama and suspense. It will test them all and might just hit too close to home. I am hooked and ready for more in this series. 
This was a great blend of immediate chemistry, one-night stand, with office tension and the hunt for a serial killer all in one.

Maggie Robertson is preparing for the next chapter in her life. A new job in a new city leaves her little time for much else. She has a grown son, but now that he is ready to start his own adult life, she is looking for something else to take her attention. She is organized, focused, and doesn’t usually do the bar scene -- that’s more her friend Kelly’s space.

Logan Pressley is determined to find The Slayer sooner rather than later. He doesn’t let many people in, and his world revolves around the business he runs with his brother and their team. He has seen a lot between his time in the military and his time at Themis, but each new case gets his full attention and that has never wavered. He hadn’t planned to pick a woman up while celebrating and unwinding with his team, but the pull to Maggie was immediate.

It was only supposed to be one night, but it quickly became more. When he left his phone number and slipped out of her room, he expected to hear from her. What neither expected was for the next time their paths crossed to be at work -- at the company he owns and she is just getting her foot into.

I enjoyed watching as these two sorted out the miscommunications that happened after their perfect night together. Neither was looking for a relationship, and that they found what they did was special. There wasn’t a lot of relationship drama - these two are both too practical for that. But there was plenty of tension ramping up with scenes narrated from the eyes of someone not quite all together there.

I look forward to getting to know more of the Themis team in future books as well as unraveling the twistedness that seems to be building in the series arc.

Anna Bishop Barker
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I was born in Kentucky and raised in Florida, so I am a southerner through and through. Since I was old enough to pick up a book, I have been a voracious reader. I wrote the usual poetry and short stories in high school, and I kept the dream of writing in the back of my heart until opportunity and encouragement helped me to realize that dream.

I live in Tampa with my kids, grandkids, dogs, various other livestock, and way more books than is strictly healthy. 

Hot Romance. 


Humor & heart. 

Grown up stories for grown up people. This is what I write. There's food, music, dogs, the occasional geek reference, and quite possibly an inappropriate joke. There will likely be dead bodies as well. 

Three random facts about me:
1. I was bitten by a shark when I was 14.
2. I have read War and Peace. (When I get to the afterlife, I am demanding that week of my life back. Sorry, Tolstoy.)
3. It is my sincere belief that any situation can be improved by eating some cheese.

My live philosophy is this - guard your inner peace and read dirty kissing books.

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