Blindsided Karlene Blakemore-Mowle

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His mission: infiltrate the woman in possession of the information—retrieve said information – don’t look back.
Her mission—survive the sudden invasion that is Jason Nash—remain in control of her senses and don’t fall in love with the bad boy!

Jason Nash had the life any testosterone fueled male would envy. He had a job he loved, freedom to do whatever he liked and the income to buy whatever new plaything took his interest. The last thing he needed was a woman who came with a ready-made family to mess up his plans.

Briella Matheson learned from her mistakes. She found out the hard way that bad boys were bad news. What she needed was someone reliable, safe and well, boring. Boring was good. 

Unfortunately, what she got was Jason Nash and he was anything, but boring…he was trouble!
Kim's Rating:
3 out of 5 Stars

Kim's Review:
I saw this book recommended on another author's page that I really like so I bought it. But she is a new author to me. 

I love Black Ops type stories. This is a new series about a black Ops Sentinel Security team, so the premise sounded good to me. A single mom is targeted when her ex gives her some classified info. The Sentinel Security Team is supposed to be retrieving this info for another party. They have to find out if Brie has it and then end up protecting her and her daughter. They send Jason in to scope out the situation initially and get close to Brie. And they begin to like each other despite their better judgment. She called him "Mr. Unsuitable" and "Mr. tall, hot and annoying" but he kind of squirmed into her life. He knew right away she was intelligent, beautiful, and down to earth. But none of the guys in his group do relationships, so he was wary. 

I liked the characters Jason and Brie. They had a good rapport. I also liked the other Sentinel Security Team members Mac, Gracie, Nick and Casper. Since this is book 1 of the series, I assume the other guys including very angry Mac will get their own stories. 

Some of the terminology was definitely Australian. The plot was well devised. The characters were sweet and fun. There was only one brief hot scene with Brie and Jason and the rest of the scene was left to your imagination. But really the story did not have much depth. It was one of those "I think I fell for you at first sight" books. I think the bones were good, but it was just written a little too generically and did not delve deep enough into the emotions of the characters or their chemistry. And I think some of the solutions to the ops problems were resolved pretty easily too. So the series has potential, but I think it could be more detailed and more exciting. 

Here is a little info from the author about Sentinel Securites and book 2. 


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