Double Danger Dee Davis

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Ignoring his instincts once cost Simon a vital op-and the life of his best friend, Ryan. Now as escalating, violent attacks hit A-Tac, another person he loves is in danger. Homeland Security agent Jillian Montgomery's investigation has suddenly brought her back into Simon's life, and unless they can learn to trust each other, their dangerous mission will fail.

After her husband Ryan's death, Jillian dedicates herself to saving others. She can't afford to be tempted by Simon, even though his every touch reignites the desire they once shared. But in the last desperate minutes before disaster strikes, their second chance at love might be the most lethal trap of all

Suspense. Intrigue. Action. Romance. 

Dee Davis has created a dynamic team of men and women in the American Tactical Intelligence Command (A-Tac) that are extremely loyal, work well together, and truly support each other. 

Simon: Ex SEAL, injured, now works for A-Tac. Haunted by his past where he blames himself for the death of his best friend Ryan and beats himself up over the fact that he was also in love with his wife, JJ. 

He was a soldier. Pure and simple. And just because he could not longer be a SEAL, he didn't have to settle for some piddly-ass desk job. A-Tac was as good as it got when it came to working counterterrorism. And he was lucky to have found a home there. 

JJ/Jillian: Homeland Security. Not only traumatized by her husband Ryan's death, but also secrets about her marriage and unresolved feelings for Simon. 

As a girl, she'd been witty and idealist. Beautiful inside and out,. But only a wisp of the woman she'd become. Strong, resilient a force to be reckoned with--the reality of the woman even more intoxication than the memory of the girl.

After years with no communication, first there is an eventful chance meeting, and then they are thrown together to investigate terrorist activities. 

Hell, of course it was weird, fucking crazy weird. Half of him wanted to fall prostrate at her feet, apologizing for all the pain he's caused, and the other half wanted to take her into his arms and kiss her until neither of them could feel anything but each other. But he wasn't about to admit either one.

There are chases, bombs, gunfire, and multiple life saving situations. During all of the suspense, Their past is slowly unraveled and their feelings reemerge. And they have to try to finally be honest with each other and come to terms with the demons from their past in order to have any chance of moving forward together. 

It was a suspenseful and intense ride with some romance along the way. I really liked Simon and JJ together and was pushing for them to work everything out. I have not read the other books in this A-Tac series, but I was still able to get involved,and there was enough history provided that I was not lost. I can see myself reading the other books in the series to learn more about the beginnings of the couples that were also in this book. And I would definitely read Avery's story in the next installment. The teaser already has my interest...

*Thanks to netgalley and Grand Central Publishing for allowing me the chance to read and review this book prior to publication on December 18, 2012.


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