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For Prime-Werewolf Ember Stilwell, life has been far from normal. Decades ago, a vengeful Witch cursed her Pack, leaving the women of her line incapable of feeling love. When an organized group of immortal killers begin to stalk and capture wolves from her pack, she sets out on a path fraught with danger. Just when it seems the world as she knows it will be changed forever, she meets Collin, an Alpha Werewolf with a body built for sin. As her heart begins to heal, she comes to find that the demons of her past are not nearly as dangerous as the nightmares she will be forced to face in her future. Can finding her true love conquer all? Or will the ability to feel for the first time be overshadowed by losing everything else she holds dear?

Tammy & Kim's Rating:
3-3.5 out of 5 Stars

Tammy & Kim's Review:
Kim and I decided to review this book together because we had the same thoughts and views and did not want to be redundant in our thoughts.
One of the things we adored about this book was the plot line. At first sight, you find you are reading about wolves and pack alphas. Gena throws us a twist and our hero/heroine are hybrids. Part wolf, part vampire. Ember is cursed with this affliction. Prime wolves will only mate with their true heartmate.

I was immune to everyone's charms. There was a reason for that though. Until I found my heartmate, I would never feel love, lust or simple attraction to anyone. Now don't get me wrong I'm not virginal or anything. There isn't a magical chastity belt wrapped around me assuring that I be kept as pure as the driven snow. I have definitely had my share of lovers over the decades. I'm just lucky enough not to have that pesky urge of wanting a commitment. I was able to "love 'em and leave 'em" and that was just fine by me.

Ember was tough, feisty, and impulsive. Collin was strong, protective, and loving alpha. We really liked them as a couple. The two of them would have fought to the death for each other and became true-life mates. They were fun, sweet, and loyal to each other and their friends/pack. Collin and Ember had good chemistry and rapport.  And they shared something that is very rare and makes them even stronger as they enhance each other’s abilities. They truly were a perfect match. 

Regardless of its seeming futility, not once did I ever give up hope that I'd find him, and I never would.

We are HUGE suckers for wolves and their mating. We love the idea of life mates or heartmates as Gena calls it. The thought of finding your one perfect true love just calls to us. This is the only situation where we believe true instant love exists and can tolerate it in a book. There is just something about having someone who is perfectly made for you, your equal in every way. Love the thought of being able to mentally communicate with your true love. Feels special to us.

A man I've know for less than twelve hours stole my heart away and turned me into a softy.

"You're mine now. From this day and all that follow, no one will ever hurt you again."

The supporting characters were just as integral as the main ones. One of our favorite characters in the book was Harper, Ember's vampire best friend.  She is funny, sassy and adds comic relief to the story. Her loyalty also knows no bounds when it comes to Ember. What we found funny and interesting is that Harper hates all vamps. Ironic, don't ya think?

Nathan, their best friend, was another hunky wolf and a solid character. He was protective of the girls, cute, strong, and a completely loyal. Milo and Mojo round out the motley crew and were funny and quirky as well. We liked the sense of humor thrown in throughout the book.

Ember: "I could use a big bad wolf protecting my back."
Collin: "Consider your backside well-guarded."

There was plenty of action, twists, mythical creatures, and suspense. The world she created was interesting and the story had good bones. Sometimes with so much going on, it was a little hard to keep up. At times it seemed somewhat disjointed and we felt as though we were missing some important information. The flow of conversations could be a bit confusing at times.  We would have liked to see more character development as we really loved all the players in this story. Just a little more would have given us the chance to dig into them a little deeper and get more invested.  Overall, we still enjoyed this paranormal romance suspense novel. She created a magical world with interesting characters and a plot that keeps your attention. It was a quick, fun read and a good debut for Gena Lutz.

The author sets it up to lead into book 2 Roxanne Desired that we assume is about Nathan and Roxanne. According to Goodreads there will be atleast 4 in this Prime Wolf series. 
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