Cover Reveal: Therapy: Kathryn Vance-Perez

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By Kathryn Vance-Perez

Cover Design by Okay Creations

Genre: New Adult 17+

Release Date: Late May 2013
Sometimes you have to get lost in order to be found…

Depression, bullying, and self-inflicted harm . . These are just a few of the things that Jessica Alexander struggles with daily. The torment she suffered in high school broke her. Wanting to escape and leave her demons behind, Jessica is forced to bury her secrets and abandon the only love she has ever known. Leaving Jace Collins nearly destroyed her. He was her savior and one true friend.

After six years of suffering in silence, Jessica is forced to face her past. When a series of unexpected events arise, will secrets be revealed and will lies become truth?

This is a story of friendship, heartache, self-discovery, redemption, and one girl’s journey through the trials and tribulations of mental illness.
This teaser is from the
prologue post on Kathryn's blog. You can check out the full prologue HERE.  Run, don't walk! I must encourage this, I just read it and it definitely has me chomping at the bit. I love emotional and angsty!

You only know the mask I wear
Who am I?
Do I even know?
Black…White…no Gray
I either love or I hate
When I want to hold on I claw instead
No sense of purpose
Eyes that are dead
Regret and rejection I swallow down
I just want someone to love me
Emotional pain creeps all around
When someone hurts me it’s hurts forever
Be. Me. For. A. Day.
Let me walk beside you
Let me look over
See the me you see
Then you can walk beside me
See the you that I see
I’ll keep filling the hole in my soul with I O U’s
While you keep filling it with I hate you’s

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