Hard to Love: Kendall Ryan

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Cade’s always taken risks…

Cade takes cares of his sick younger sister by doing what he does best--cage fighting and starring in adult movies, his newest harebrained moneymaking scheme designed to pay for his sister’s growing medical bills. But when his latest gig finds him admitted to the ER sporting an erection from hell, thanks to the little pill given to him by the director, he can’t get the pretty little nurse who treated him out of his head, even though he knows she’s so far out of his league it should be illegal. 

Alexa’s always played it safe…

Tired of being pigeonholed as the sweet, innocent one, hardworking nursing student Alexa has been looking for ways to break out of her Goody Two-shoes image. When her friend suggests the outlandish idea of losing her virginity to the sexy and sure-to-be-skilled porn star, Alexa is mortified. But then when Cade refuses her proposition, she finds herself pissed off and embarrassed. When she tracks him down to give him a piece of her mind, she isn’t prepared for what she finds. Watching him care for his little sister tugs at her heart, and suddenly it’s no longer just about losing her virginity, but about helping Cade. Because Lord help her, she might actually be falling for a porn star…
Kim's Rating:
4 out of 5 Stars

Kim's Review:

I did not find it HARD TO LOVE this book at all! 

I thought the premise was unique and quirky. Cade ends up in the ER with a very painful stiffie from being fed a couple of little blue pills by his Director at his porn movie shoot. Alexa is the lucky student nurse that gets to help him with his problem. I found myself embarassed for Cade and giggling right along from the the beginning. 

He was undeniably attractive, and that was even before I saw the python in his pants. 

I loved all of the sides of Cade. He is a hard working, blue collar, loving caregiver, and willing to do anything he has to in order to take care of his sister and their bills. Even if that means making a few porn movies. He is sweet, sexy, funny, and has a conscience.

Life wasn't all fucking sunshine and rainbows. Real life was hard. I was doing what needed to be done. Period."

Over the past few minutes he'd transformed from an ultra-sexy, bad-for-you porn star into a loving, caring human being.

Alexa is a good girl with a little naughty side and just cannot get Cade(or his online sexy movies) out of her mind. She is used to living the life of privilege. 

"Sometimes I forget how sheltered you are Alexa. I swear you act like you were raised by the Cleavers, with your day-of-the-week cotton underpants and everything."

With some encouragement from her wild friend, a lot of alcohol, and a milestone birthday she gets brave enough to entertain the idea of enlisting Cade's "services" to rid herself of that pesky V Card. And through a series of events they begin spending time together. I loved how vulnerable he was in that he felt he was not good enough for her. And how she was down to Earth enough not to really care. They come from two different social classes, but they were so good together and just what the other needed to balance each other out. 

"You're going to be the death of me, cupcake."

"I don't do roses and candles and country clubs. Dates with me wouldn't involve tennis"..."No cupcake, I'm more of a beer and hot wings, and sex in the cab of my truck kind of guy...But for you I could probably make an exception."

No, I mean Fuck. If you want to make love, you go see your country-club boy, if you want to be properly fucked, you come to me."..."But not until you're ready. Not until you ask me."

I adored his sweet little sister Lily. She was just a breath of fresh air and really was an integral part in their relationship as well. 

I watched them drive away. The little girl who owned my heart and the beautiful Alexa who was pulling it in an entirely new direction.

I have to admit that there was one part that made hurt Alexa and made her mad, and I was equally disappointed and mad at Cade myself. I wanted to shake him! But I still forgave him. There was some drama of course. But just enough to keep me interested and not enough to make me want to throw my kindle. I really loved them together. They had great chemistry and brought out the best in each other. 

It was a fun, fast, sweet read that I devoured in one sitting. I had a smile on my face when I was done.


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  2. Great review! I'm in the middle of reading this one and really enjoying it. Love Cade!!

  3. I bought this book yesterday, and I can't wait to read it. The opening scene is so hilarious, and I can only imagine the rest of the book being that good. Great review =)


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