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Destiny…it’s really an interesting thought isn’t it…destiny.

Loralei Harper’s destiny was determined before her birth. It was very simple. She was expected to graduate from high school, marry Declan Sharp, and have two kids. She would stay at home with them, while her husband worked on the family farm. But the funny thing about destiny is…it can change in the blink of an eye. Now Loralei has to figure out what to do when everything changes.

Declan Sharp, a sweet country boy, grew up with Loralei. Their parents couldn’t have planned their relationship any better. Loralei was the love of his life and their future was bright, but sometimes life gets in the way of your plans.

Jaxon Daniels, a pierced, tattooed, badass with a gentle soul, just wanted to get out of the city and relax in the country for a little while. The last thing he was looking for was right in front of him. With skeletons in his closet, will he be able to hold on to the woman he loves, when the past comes out to play?

Cade Walker, a cocky cowboy, never gave love a second thought. Sex? Now that was a different story. After a drunken night, all of that changes when he feels something for Loralei...with his heart. This good ole boy learns that alls fair in love and war.

What happens when all of these lives cross paths? Whose destiny will change and who will get their happily ever after?

Everything kinda brought us together. Destiny...maybe?

Loralei Harper and Declan Sharp were meant to be together from birth. He is the boy next door, her best friend, and her first true love. Her life was all mapped out...but sometimes things change.

Loralei  is a strong willed, smart, responsible woman who runs her family's ranch, her household, and her life.  She is feisty, funny, and just living life day by day. 

Enter a tattooed, pierced, muscle bound, lost, sweet man named Jaxon  who is running from his past and not sure where he is heading. He is completely out of his element on the ranch, but helping his Uncle provided  a welcome get away from his life. He was certainly not expecting to meet someone like Loralei and is not sure what to do about it. He knows he should stay away, but can he?

When he heard me riding up, he turned toward me. My lady parts did a little dance...This man was gorgeous, really beautiful. 

I knew I was rude. I came off as a total ass. But that was the way it had to be. A hot ass country woman was the last thing I needed right now. 

He was making me feel something. Something that I hadn't even thought about in years. I didn't know what I was going to do, but I knew that I needed to stay away...

And if one bad boy is not enough, we meet Cade Walker. A tall, cocky,  funny, good looking cowboy with a surprising soft side. He was looking for sex and was certainly not looking for love, but Loralei is hard to resist.

This woman was gonna be trouble. I could already feel it in my...heart. Seriously? What the f*ck was happenin' to me? I don't have feelings for women, I f*ck women. That's it. No sappy love stories here. What the hell was makin' me want to know more about her?

Now I really cannot go into much detail without spilling the beans of the story. And I do not want to spoil anything for anyone because half of the fun was turning the pages frantically trying to see what was going to happen next. Just know that there is competition, passion, love, sex, miscommunication, jealousy, anger, fear, anxiety, heart break, secrets, lies, omissions, guilt, fighting, running, hiding, taunting, begging, hoping and multiple life changing events. Whew!

I stayed up til midnight trying to finish it. I alternately wanted to shake, slap, and throw my kindle at the characters, but I opted to complain to the author herself who was accessible on my Facebook PMs as I was reading (I had only PMed with her briefly during planning for her cover reveal, but she happened to message back to see how I was liking the book and I just had to get some things off my chest!) And she was so sweet, yet she was having fun torturing me deep into the night when I should have been peacefully sleeping. But I had to keep reading to  find out what was going to happen since there were so many unresolved issues!

I had my favorite man. I never strayed from my favorite. But I cannot say who it is because I do not want to sway opinions. I know some people are going to prefer "Bachelor Number two". And I can say that despite all the trials and tribulations, I was thankfully smiling at the end of it. Lisa is probably glad too since I was kind of threatening her in PM if she broke my heart. lol

It was an entertaining and sweet story of finding love when you least expect it, knowing when to hold on and when to let go. About finding out where your heart belongs and not being afraid to face the future.

"For you baby, my answer is always yes."

He kissed me, a long, sweet, loving kiss that told me that everything was going to be okay. We were meant to be. And that is how my destiny was changed forever.

And I did like "Mr. Runner-Up" too and I will love him in his own story. I just did not want him getting in the way of MY couple. And a little birdie told me that there will be a book two and he will have his chance at happiness.

The story is told in alternating POV of the main characters.  I think that is so important since we get to see into all of their heads.  I really liked all of the characters in this book from the main ones to the supporting ones. They were funny, supportive, loving, and loyal.

I think that this was a great debut for Lisa M. Harley and I look forward to the next in the series and more from her in the future.

*This ARC was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review

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My name is Lisa M. Harley and I am the author of Destined to Change. I grew up in a really small town in Missouri. I moved to the big city right after I graduated. I work full-time and I am mom to a beautiful little girl. 

Trivia about me: I collect frogs (not real ones), I am obsessed with office supplies (especially pens), and I am slightly addicted to Facebook and Voxer. Please message me on either one…I would love to hear from ya’ll!

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