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The Way Back To Me
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Lexi Reynolds is facing a game changer. Three years ago, under the insistence of her husband, she walked away from a promising career as a special education specialist with her eyes set on becoming an administrator so that she could be a stay-at-home wife and mother. Now with the demise of her marriage along with her self-esteem and heart, Lexi must face the task of building a new life.Layla Karsten is not one to sit idly on the side lines. Seeing the crushed spirit of her sister, Lexi, she is bound and determined to push her sister back in life....even if it means tapping into Lexi's inner slut to do it.

Intended for ages 18 and over. Mature content and language

I am a stay-at-home mom for the second year in a row. My three young children keep me on my toes as well as our crazy dog and hamster. Thank goodness I have such a loving and supportive husband!!

Writing has been my secret goal that I put on my bucket list of things to do before I hit 40. As my loving sister pointed out to me last summer, I turn 40 in a few short months. There are definitely things that were on the bucket list that I had to just remove. For instance, I will never be a size 6 again. I removed it from my list by tearing it off and shredding it.

However, writing was one that I just couldn't bring myself to erase from the list. Knowing this about me, my sister pushed and prodded me to just start writing something...she strongly suggested something with adult content.

So caving to her pressure, I started to write The Way Back To Me. I gradually pulled her into the writing process as she had spent an enormous amount of time reading "mommy porn" and together we completed The Way Back To Me in November 2012. We have already started a sequel that should be ready to go by the end of February 2013.

I am also in the beginning process of another romance novel that I hope to complete by the summer of 2013.

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Book Excerpt:
I take one final look around his room for my clutch before admitting defeat. Stopping at the dresser, I take a quick peek at myself in the mirror. I look like I just got fucked hard. I don’t even think I can get my hair in a presentable fashion. I look around on his dresser for a brush or something, but instead I find my Target receipt. I hesitate for only a second before I decide to take it with me. I also decide it might be a good idea to wipe my number off of his phone. I don’t want to be a part of this fucked up relationship, nor do I want to wonder why he never called me again. This way I can walk away with no strings attached plus my one night stand wiped off of Layla’s bucket list.
Kim's Rating:
3.5 out of 5 Stars

Kim's Review:

A sassy, snarky book about a woman rediscovering and reinventing herself. 

Lexi is a divorced mother of three just going through the motions of life. She goes to visit her sister Layla and is coerced into a beauty boot camp of sorts. Her sister makes her exercise, have a make over, and read a very popular erotic book trilogy series. 

"I thought the books were good. Very sexual. I like how over the course of the second book, you can see the female lead changing from timid to more confident. It was pretty inspiring, yet I have a hard time believing they had sex that often."

Lexi and Layla are typical sisters with a love hate relationship at times and play off each other well. Layla wants her newly single sister Lexi to go on a series of sexcapades so she can live vicariously through her. 

"First I need you to have a one night stand where you leave him before he is ready for you to leave. Second, I want you to have sex in an elevator, coat room, or bathroom. You know somewhere like a public place. Lastly, I want you to f*ck a public servant. I prefer a fireman, but will settle for a cop."

Lexi finds new confidence, a new outlook, and new opportunities for career and sex. Much to her surprise, she ends up juggling 3 different men. She definitely starts to explore new things and the book has some hot sexy scenes. The men were interesting and hot, but then they would say things or act ways that would turn me off. I had a hard time choosing one of them that I really hoped she would end up with because at one point, they all disappointed me. But I suppose I can live with the one that ended up the front-runner.  

This book was funny, Lexi became feisty, and Layla was hilarious, especially some of the scenes where she tries to lure her husband into BDSM.  I liked the fact that Lexi was able to figure out how to stand up for herself and go for things she wanted. I enjoyed many parts of this book, but near the end I found myself frustrated somewhat. I think the men disappointing me was a major factor in that. But I guess this was really supposed to be more about Lexi's journey anyway. It is a book about a woman being empowered and finding new ways to make herself happy while remembering what is really important. 

"I'm different. I feel like I'm finally who I'm supposed to be."

But Lexi's journey is still not completely over and a sequel is planned. 
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