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Evie Jamieson, a former wild child, is not only a headstrong, smart-mouthed trouble magnet, she is also a lead singer with a plan. That plan involves relocating her band, including her two best friends guitarist Henry and band manager Mac, to Sydney to kick off their dreams of hitting the big time.

Jared Valentine is the older brother of Evie's best friend Mac and also the man determined to make Evie his. They strike up a long distance friendship which suits Evie because she's determined to avoid the distraction of love, not only because it doesn't fit in with her plan but because twice in the past it has left her for dead. Moving to Sydney however, has put her directly in Jared's path and he has decided it's the perfect opportunity to make his play.

Unfortunately Jared, co-owner in a business that 'consults' in dangerous hostage and kidnapping situations, makes an enemy who's determined to enact revenge. When this enemy puts Evie in his sights, Jared not only has a fight on his hands to make her his own, but also to keep her alive.

Is accepting the love he's so desperate to give worth the risk to both her heart...and her life?

Give Me Love Book Trailer:

Have you see the trailer for Give Me Love yet? If not then check it out because it is freaking hot. AND so that you have no excuse I have even included in my post. :) Easy peasy right; just click play, sit back and watch.

Get to know Kate: 

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Whats the worst/most embarrassing CD/Album you've ever owned and do you still have it? Oh dear, really? Sigh. New Kids on The Block.

If you could only ever sleep with one celebrity, who would you choose? Chris Hemsworth. Hands down. My iPad is even named after him. When my husband wants to borrow my iPad he has to say ‘Can I please borrow Chris Hemsworth?’ and then I will reluctantly hand it over. Then he is subjected to the photos I have of Chris plastered as wallpaper on it.

What's the naughtiest or most embarrassing thing you've ever done? I’m not naughty at all. I’m a very good girl. Embarrassing is another story. There are many things I could mention but I won’t. They usually involve being drunk.

If you had to wear the underwear of someone famous, who would you chose? OMG that is just gross. I would rather flap around in the breeze than wear someone elses underwear, ever.

How do you come up with the inspiration for your characters and their quirks/personalities? I think there is a little piece of me in all of them, it was just a matter of keeping particular quirks for characters consistent so I didn’t confuse readers with out of character actions. Not as easy as it looks considering the multiple characters I somehow ended up with.

Where did you get the idea for the Give Me series? The idea slowly evolved over time. It wasn’t just one thing so I can’t really pinpoint anything specific but I did want to write about a bunch of hot guys and girls who you know they can’t help but fall in love with.

Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination? Nothing from the major plotline fortunately, but some of the smaller stuff yes. Daily life and interaction. Like putting false eyelashes on? I can’t do it. I just can’t. The shopping. All the wine, it keeps me sane. I think a lot of it (minus the action and rock band lifestyle) is a very Australian way of life – the humour (we’re renowned for taking the piss out of our friends and family – I believe it’s something most Australians are born with), the constant barbecues, going to the beach. We’re very easy going people who like a good laugh and a good night out. I wanted that to show through in the book because I’m a very proud Aussie.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Not really. Oh okay. I’m young. I stopped aging at 30 but if I told you the secret to doing that I’d have to kill you. I have a husband and 2 kids. I live in Brisbane, Australia but I’ve also lived in Sydney and along the North Coast. The first books I ever got into reading were called Dolly Fiction (based on Dolly magazine) and in the end the boy and girl would kiss and that was just the ultimate, also there was Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. That was my ‘real’ start into reading and buying my own books. I’m trying to bring my kids up to love books. We get a library book of the week, this week my daughter chose ‘My Dad Thinks He’s Funny’. I love reading it loudly so my husband can hear because it’s all very fitting.

What do you do when you are not writing? Hmmm… I take care of everything that’s falling apart while I shut out the world. Piles of laundry, cleaning out things in the fridge that look like they arrived from space, all that fun stuff. Sometimes I take my kids to the movies. We’re going to see Epic this weekend. Nothing beats Disney on the big screen (except Chris Hemsworth).

Do you have a day job as well? Yes, my cake business – Vanilla Lily Cake Design.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why? In Give Me Love? Definitely the part where Evie goes rogue + the car chase. I love writing the action scenes. They just flow so naturally for me. I don’t know why. It’s certainly not my day to day life.

Are there certain characters you would like to go back to, or is there a theme or idea you’d love to work with? I really like the idea of writing an entire book from a male perspective. My next book in the Give Me series (untitled) will be Casey’s story and it’s my hope to write the entire book from his POV. It’s going to be a challenge and will annoy the hell out of my husband when I ask him a million questions about would a guy say this or do that?

What made you choose this setting and story line? Do you mean for Give Me Love? If so, I love music and I’m a crap singer. Worse than the sound of cat being strangled but I love to sing (I have to confine it to the car when I’m alone), so I’ve always wanted to about someone who could. Also I wanted to write about a big family of friends so I can evolve characters and eventually write about as many of them as I wish to.

If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?
I’m a mother so I already have the superpower of eyes in the back of my head. I’m more of Harry Potter than a superhero kinda person, so I would say I’d like magic wand. It would be infused with the vine that makes my favourite wine as well as the hair of Chris Hemsworth.

What books grace your book shelves/ereader? The last two books I’ve bought are Lost in Distraction by BJ Harvey and The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay. I haven’t finished either, but only because of time constraints. I really like a book that has a bit of humour, characters I can fall in love with, some angst, romance, action and drama. There are a lot of angsty books out there right now which are very popular so when I find something that has a bit of everything I love, I tend to read it maybe 2 or 50 times.

If you could collab with any author who would it be? Oh dear. Don’t ask me this dammit. I’d take a mix of JD Nixon, BJ Harvey and Gemma Burgess.

When naming your characters, do you give any thought to the actual meaning? I don’t give so much thought to the meaning but the way the name flows and fits to the person. Does it suit their personality and does it roll off the tongue easy – you don’t want to tripping over someones name through the entire book your reading and in the case of books like mine with so many characters, difficult names would make the book unreadable. The only name that I have so far given thought to the meaning of is Casey’s love interest in my next book.

Which of your characters resemble you the most? I think all of them have a small piece of me.

Which character was the easiest to write and who was the hardest? Mac is the easiest. Maybe because she resembles me the most? I think it was the characters who have the smallest parts because you tend not to know them as well as the main characters and that makes it harder to write about interaction with them.

Was there a character who surprised you? Definitely Casey. He kinda took over the ending of Give Me Love and I honestly didn’t see that coming. People were surprised when he wasn’t my next book in the series, but I wanted to build him up a bit more so you will be seeing more of him in Give Me Strength before he gets his own story.

Do you have any vices while writing (like music, snacks, drinks)? I’m the Queen of Procrastination – didn’t you know that? Sometimes it can take me an hour to write a page, sometimes it can take me half a day, sometimes it can take me an hour to write a chapter. Whatever the case, I’m getting sucked into social media, dealing with kids fights, finding good music to listen to, eating chocolate and hanging out for when the kids go to bed so I can knuckle down and really write, but then get caught up watching television. Like last night, turns out Fast Five was on. It wasn’t a great movie, but it has Paul Walker in it so you tend to forgive the shit and just enjoy watching him instead. 

Can you share a little of your current work with us? I’ve just finished the second book in the Give Me series – titled Give Me Strength. It’s the story of Travis Valentine (Jared’s older brother) and Quinn Salisbury, the newly hired assistant to the band, Jamieson. I also have another book in the works but its wildly different to my Give Me series. It’s about an Australian SAS soldier (Ryan) and a Climate Change Research Assistant (Finlay). It’s written in third person POV and also involves action around the Afghanistan war. I’m working on it between other books because the research alone has taken longer than it has so far to write. It’s a slow work in progress that it is my baby, but it still needs a lot of work so I have no release date set yet – although my editor is crazy in love with what I have so far so that can only be a good thing!
Wanna sneak peek at Give Me Strength? I have had the pleasure of beta reading Travis and Quinn...let me just say these two stole my heart and ran away with it! Give Me Strength is a story of heartache, self discovery, redemption, and learning to love. I promise you will absolutely adore Travis & Quinn and well Casey too of course! Kate has provided us with a few morsels to hold us over! Don't worry, Travis will be in your hands soon enough. A little birdie told me the wait isn't too much longer!


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