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With the Harbour Falls Mystery solved, author Maddy Fitch hopes secrets and lies are behind her. But a cryptic letter from her former best friend would seem to indicate otherwise. Is the man Maddy fell in love with while solving the Harbour Falls Mystery, the gorgeous and rich Adam Ward, keeping a damning and potentially dangerous secret from her? Only the writer of the letter, Ami Hensley, knows for sure. But Maddy is hesitant to confront her, since the last time they saw one another Ami tried to kill her.
But if Maddy wants answers--ones that could potentially save Adam--then she must face her fears and visit her former friend. Unfortunately for Maddy, Ami is currently locked up in the creepiest place in Maine, an old Gothic structure that houses the criminally insane, known simply as Willow Point.

Will this new mystery tear Maddy and Adam apart?

Who else is in on Adam's secret?

And will Maddy find the answers before it's too late?

Another heart-stopping page turner from the author of Harbour Falls. Willow Point promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

"Did you really think Adam would allow you to just happen upon the biggest secret of his life?"

Secrets, lies, half-truths, suspense, love, drama, crazy, more secrets, blackmail, truth, questions, betrayal, answers and hot sexy neighbors...

"We were so messed up--keeping secrets from one another."

S.R. Grey, once again, captivated me from the very first page and ended  up stealing away hours of my time, sucking me right back into Adam and Maddy's addicting world of drama and suspense.  Willow Point is an engaging fun quick romantic suspense read, leaning more towards the mystery aspect, that will keep you guessing.

I want to touch on an issue I had with the first book, the relationship between our main characters. I struggled with Maddy and Adam as a couple in Harbour Falls, it just never felt real since everything about them was based on lies, secrets, and distrust. Due to this, I found it hard to invest in their instalove. I couldn't understand how loving someone was even remotely close to possible when he or she knew absolutely nothing about the other except for the deception portrayed as his or her life. However, not this time around, this time I adored them together. Both Maddy and Adam grew leaps and bounds as individuals and as a couple, showing major character growth throughout Willow Point. Maddy's character saw some quiet changes, while I felt Adam's were more significant. It is in Maddy's blood to follow a trail; if there are answers needing to be found she is all over it no matter the cost. Our heroine still felt the need to hide things from Adam, however, that didn't last too long before she realized that the betrayals were only tearing them apart and began working on strengthening them as a couple, revealing the truth and her mission to him.  Adam impressed me the most with his growth, though. Despite the fact that he is a very controlling alpha who will go to the extreme to keep his secrets well hidden, Adam opened up on so many different levels in this book giving us a look at the man beneath the facade. He shared so much more with Maddy, something in book one he would never have felt the need to do even as he professed his love. I enjoyed getting to know him on a deeper level. I also adored the fact that even though he saw through Maddy's BS he went against his nature to give her the space and trust she asked for. This development gave their relationship a maturity that didn't exist previously, allowing the reader to not only connect with them but to also become more invested in their outcome. I saw a difference in these two that felt more honest and believable. Adam and Maddy still have a few quirks here and there, but overall they have learned that love and partnership comes with trusting in each other (which is MAJOR for these two).

"The truth...How ironic, since that was what this was really about."

Finally, I got the answers I needed to all the secrets and questionable behavior that overflowed Harbour Falls! I needed this closure, as it drove me insane that absolutely nothing felt real, everyone and everything felt as though it were an illusion. So many damn secrets, way too many as a matter of fact, no where close to being enough truth, but then what else would you expect when you have as much at stake as these folks do. Their sanity and lives depend on the layers and layers of deceit they have created. One little slip and it all comes crumbling down around them.

I just love S.R. Grey and Willow Point gave me even more reasons to love her writing, (which was written with a much cleaner flow to sentences, editing, conversations, and character development). Thank you, Susie for not only giving me a fresh story with new twists and secrets, but for also answering all of the older ones; I don't know if I could have gone another book with everything left all over the place. So many loose ends are tied up in Willow Point, and there are no questions left unanswered, well except for the very last one that opens up book three for us. I am really looking forward to Wickingham Way, the final installment of this series.

Thank you, S.R. Grey for the opportunity to read and review an ARC of Willow Point in exchange for my honest opinion.

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