The Sea of Tranquility: Katja Millay

THE SEA OF TRANQUILITY by Katja Millay will be available in stores on June 4th, 2013!

“A stunning debut. The Sea of Tranquility stole my heart, broke it, robbed me of breath, and made me ache. Read it and fall in love with Katja Millay’s raw, lyrical writing,”
-Ann Aguirre, USA Today bestselling author of Enclave & Outpost

“A heart-stopping, emotional journey from the first word to the last.
Hands down my favorite book of the year...and quite possibly all of infinity.”Colleen Hoover, New York Times bestselling author of Slammed and Point of Retreat and Hopeless

Fans of character-driven fiction will find much to admire in this deeply felt novel,”

THE SEA OF TRANQUILTY! Lauded as “unputdownable”, “breathtaking” and “absolutely unforgettable”, Katja Millay’s debut novel will be released in paperback on June 4th, 2013. A true tour de force of storytelling that stands on it’s own as an original work of fiction, THE SEA OF TRANQUILITY tells the story of two broken individuals who find salvation in one another.  With palpable heartaches, plausible tragedies, and an absolute roller-coaster of an emotional ride, Josh and Nastya’s story will stay with you long after you finish the last page.

…But you already knew that.
Fall in love with THE SEA OF TRANQUILITY all over again.
See our 6 star reviews of The Sea of Tranquility

You open up this book and you begin this twisted adventure of discovery. It draws you in, the characters get under your skin, you cannot turn pages fast enough to see what is coming next. You cannot help but become invested in Nastya and Josh.

It is a journey of discovery of themselves and each other. Pieces of their past are unraveled slowly and you see how it has shaped their present. You find yourself hoping that enough healing can occur so that this couple can save each other and themselves. It is emotional. It is heartbreaking. It is inspiring. It gives you hope.

This book is emotional and hard at times, but it is not depressing. Through the entire book there is sharp wit, sarcasm, and humor that makes you chuckle despite the heavy subject matter.
We cannot recommend this book enough!

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  1. I absolutely ADORED this book, and I have a major girl crush on Katja. I'm her professional stalker. <3


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