Release Launch: Legal Affairs-Reparation: Sawyer Bennett

Legal Affairs-Reparation (part 5)
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Matt Connover is like a new person. Caring, romantic and thoughtful. No worries though… he’s still sexy as hell.

He has changed in every way that I have ever dreamed of, and he did it because he wants me. It’s like a fairy tale of sorts.

Except… like with every fairy tale, there is a villain. One who threatens to disrupt the harmony we have created together.

Is what we have strong enough to survive? I truly believe that perhaps I can find love within these Legal Affairs. I’m just not sure Matt believes it.


When last we left Matt and Mac, he was willing to go out of his comfort zone for Mac and give real dating a try. It is so sweet, sexy, and swoony to see Matt go all romantic in "date mode". He woos, he talks, he changes their patterns, and finally treats Mac like she deserves. When these two are good, they are good. I love their flirty interactions, their smoking hot chemistry, their witty rapport, and the fact that they really do share such common interests. I enjoyed seeing them explore this aspect more.

But Matt's past still haunts him and it is what made him close himself off in the first place. When it rears it's ugly head again, will it bring them closer together or rebuild his walls?

I just can't get enough of Matt and Mac. I really love this serial and I am eagerly awaiting the conclusion (Part 6) Affirmation on March 21. 

Thanks to Sawyer Bennett for providing me with an arc in exchange for an honest review. 

Legal Affairs is back again, we’ve almost reached the end of the serial but not quite. The relationship between Mac and Matt continues to develop and change, especially as they try dating for real this time. 

I feel like the high point and low point of the emotional aspect of the entire collection occurred within this volume. I went from happily grinning like a fool to upset and tense in a few short virtual page turns, but I guess that is to be expected as the serial reaches it’s last installment. We have one left. I predict Mac and Matt are in for a heck of a ride in the last installment and I’m waiting with baited breathe.

One thing I’ve noticed as each volume has come out is that I’m more patient the further into the story we’ve gotten. After I read the first part, I didn’t want to wait the two weeks it would take to get the next piece of the story. Now? I finished Reparation and, while I was excited to know the next would be the last, I wasn’t out of my mind frustrated that I couldn’t finish thier story immediately.

Thanks to Sawyer Bennett for providing me with an arc in exchange for an honest review.

Legal Affairs-Objection (part 1)
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One year ago, I graduated from law school and embarked on a career as a purveyor of high priced legal shenanigans.

Six months ago, my boyfriend dumped me when I thought he might be proposing.

Two weeks ago, I got drunk and joined a secret sex club.

Two days ago, I had a torrid one-night stand with a stranger.

Today? Well, today I’m contemplating having an affair with my boss. 

Matt Connover is all kinds of forbidden temptation wrapped up in a deliciously wicked package, and he’s made it clear… he’s only interested in sex.

My name is McKayla Dawson but everyone calls me Mac. I work at the powerhouse firm of Connover & Crown, LLP, where the law has never felt so hot.

But between you and me, I’m afraid my heart won’t survive these Legal Affairs.

Legal Affairs-Stipulation (part 2)
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Kim and Rachel's Reviews

I crossed a line with my boss and there’s no taking it back.

Not that I’d want to.

You see… Matt Connover? Well, he’s something else. Strong, magnetic, sexy as hell… but yeah, he’s still my boss.

What am I doing? Why is he so irresistible to me? Maybe it’s because I finally saw a different side to him. I saw, for a brief moment, that Matt is vulnerable, possibly damaged. Is it wrong that it makes him even sexier in my opinion?

I’m in deep and I don’t see any way out.

I don’t want to find a way out.

I want to find a way for both of us to stay involved in these Legal Affairs.~ McKayla “Mac” Dawson

Legal Affairs-Violation (part 3)
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Kim and Rachel's Reviews

My life is in a tail-spin and I’m about ready to crash.

I’ve cut Matt Connover out of my life… well, at least out of my bedroom… but I still have to deal with him at work. I have Lorraine intent on raining hell and destruction down upon me, which at least provides a nice diversion from my miserable feelings over Matt.

About the only good thing that has happened to me lately?

Cal Carson asked me out… and I accepted.

Matt’s not going to like that. Not one little bit.

But that’s not my problem now, is it?

Legal Affairs-Mitigation (part 4)
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I’ve seen a new side to Matt Connover. He’s proven to me that there is something inside him other than icy control and masculine force.

I’ve seen care… tenderness… even protectiveness.

I’ve seen vulnerability.

But Matt Connover’s issues run deep. I know Cal hurt him deeply, and he keeps himself protected because of that. I also sense there is something more to his pain that even I cannot comprehend.

Matt is struggling between what he knows and what he wants.

I’m struggling with boundaries and how to protect my own fragile heart.

This time I’m drawing a line in the sand and Matt can either step over to join me, or these Legal Affairs are finished forever.
Legal Affairs is a serial romance with a whole lot of hot and a little bit of funny. It has six volumes that will be released every two weeks, the first one, entitled Objection, on January 10, 2014. Each title is between 12,000-15,000 words with the last one close to 20,000 words.

Legal Affairs – Objection – released January 10, 2014 (free)
Legal Affairs – Stipulation – released January 24, 2014 (99 cents)
Legal Affairs – Violation – released February 6, 2014
Legal Affairs – Mitigation – released February 21, 2014
Legal Affairs – Reparation – released March 6, 2014
Legal Affairs – Affirmation – releasing March 21, 2014

Legal Affairs: Objection is FREE for a limited time. Each installment thereafter will be priced at .99 cents.

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USA Today Best-Selling author, Sawyer Bennett, is a snarky southern woman and reformed trial lawyer who decided to finally start putting on paper all of the stories that were floating in her head. She is married to a mobster (well, a market researcher) and they have two big, furry dogs who hog the bed. Sawyer would like to report she doesn't have many weaknesses but can be bribed with a nominal amount of milk chocolate.


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