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Waking Up In Vegas
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What’s your name, Beautiful? 

Never mind. It doesn’t matter, and I won’t remember it, anyway.
I’m Tack Morgan, and I’m Las Vegas Magazine’s Sexiest Man. I’m the host of the most listened-to morning drive-time show on Vegas’s FM dial. 
I’m also in therapy for sexual harassment.
My therapist is the one making me write this. The doc says it’ll help me put things into perspective.
To be clear, I don’t have sexual harassment issues. I have sexual frustration issues.
And it’s totally not my fault.
That responsibility rests squarely with the person I’m being accused of harassing. I see her each and every weekday morning at the ungodly hour of 6 a.m.
Funny. I used to think that was the best time of the whole day. I lived for starting my mornings so early, not seeing my bed until many, many hours later.
Unless it was for recreation.
At the risk of sounding cocky, I recreated a lot.
Sex is my sport of choice. Or at least it was, until Jen waltzed through the station door and announced she was my new morning-show co-host.
I swear, she’s developed some sort of pheromone-canceling ESP that follows me around everywhere and cockblocks me at every turn. I haven’t gotten laid in… too long.
Honestly, I haven’t been keeping track. 
Actually, yes, I have. 
It’s been two months. 
Coincidentally, that’s exactly how long Jensen McKenzie has been my co-host.
I don’t think my balls can get any bluer.

This is not part of a series but characters from Dream Me Off My Feet and Stage Pass do make an appearance

*A man ruled by his little head with impulse control issues

*The one woman he can't control himself around and the only one he can stand to be around for more than a night

*A situation full of complications and kind of forbidden that affects both of their careers

*Confined in close quarters way too many hours a day

=One big confusing mess for Tack Morgan

Tack is the rude, crude, socially unacceptable manwhore who lacks a filter and he is talking right to his audience (us...the readers). He is a sexy, popular morning DJ with a reputation for leaving a string of broken hearts and one night stands.

His new co-host, Jensen Mackenzie is perky, sexy, smart, and personable. And her sexy voice alone causes him to be on full alert and everything about her keeps him that way.

Tack is left reeling trying to figure out how one woman can screw with his head, body and change his life so fast. Soon he even finds himself in sexual harassment counseling (not that he would ever do anything like that. wink) and part of his anatomy is in a constant state of pain. 

I loved Tack and Jen's flirty, feisty interactions. I enjoyed seeing the "Love 'em then Leave 'em" guy get totally confused, distracted and become a "pansy ass" with feelings as he discovered more of his vulnerable and softer side.  It was fun seeing the manwhore fall. 

But Jensen really kept him on his toes. She took him on and all of his issues. She just kind of slipped into his life and sent him spinning. She also made him work for it and she was just as stubborn as he was. But then she hit him with news that would ruin everything. 

Can a man really change when he meets his match? Will he be able to win the girl or will he finally find himself the one left behind?

This was fast paced, sweet, funny, and sexually charged.  It was all in Tack's unfiltered point of view and he spoke directly to the readers. He was honest, opinionated, inappropriate at times, and hilarious. I enjoyed the humor and quirkiness, and Tack had me smiling and laughing so much throughout it. This was also a journey of self awareness for this guy, as well as him being hit over the head with lust, longing, friendship, and love. I could not help but like him and feel sorry for him. I really liked Jensen too even though she frustrated me at times by some of her decisions. My heart was totally on  Tack's side  and I was sweating out how it was all going to end up. 

This is a stand alone but a few characters from her other books Dream Me Off My Feet and StagePass do make an appearance.

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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This is not an easy bit to write. Mostly because I don't find myself a interesting subject. I've known me too long to be fascinated. But you haven't, so here goes:

I fell in love with music early. 
According to my mother, I knew all the words to The Archie's 'Sugar Sugar' when I was two.If that gives you a clue to my age, so be it. I won't 'fess up, as my brain thinks it's twenty-six, and I don't want it to catch on that it's not.

Reading followed shortly after that... my brother is two years older than I am (almost to the day) and I would sit next to him when he read. He let me because it was the only time I wasn't hitting him. I did it because I loved words (it's the fire-sign in me) and he would trace under the words with his finger as he read out loud. As he sounded out words, I did the same in my head, and after a few months, the wondrous world of all those funky symbols finally made sense. I took off with it, and never stopped. 

('Aw, honey honey... you are my candy girl, and you've got me wanting you...') Sorry. Once the iPod in my head gets to playing, it doesn't shut off. And I mentioned a song, so it decided I needed to hear it. On repeat. 

Fast-forward to now: 
I live with my husband and grown son in a suburb of Albuquerque. How my son can be all grown up is beyond me. After all, I'm still twenty-six, right? A beautiful Golden Retriever own us, and thinks we live to give her turkey and throw balls endlessly. 


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