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Blissful Surrender ( Bliss #3)
Author: BJ Harvey
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This is a story of Sean Miller, a dom that will have your panties diving for cover with an eyebrow quirk. That will have even the strongest woman dropping to their knees in submission with a piercing stare, and Samantha Richards, a female cop who’s tough, seemingly impenetrable shell is strong enough to resist everyone except the one man it was build up to protect her against. 

**Disclaimer – If you thought the first two Bliss books were hot, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Creative use of handcuffs, batons, a club scene you have to read to believe, and a tough as nails dominant who is blindsided by the one woman strong enough to threaten his resolve not to let his past dictate his future.**

Like the other books in the Bliss series, this book can be read as a stand alone. There are common characters in the books but it is not necessary to read the first two books in the series to read this one.
From my place in my small kitchen, I start hearing a weird vibrating type noise coming from my bedroom. I have a moment of sheer horror flash before my eyes then I remember that

a) I live alone.

b) I’m a thirty-two year old woman, so who the fuck cares that I have three vibrators, one vibrating egg, and a vibrating pair of underwear that Helen bought me on a dare. 

c) I didn’t use my sex toy collection last night because I fell asleep on the couch in the middle of Castle.

d) The noise is not going away by me sitting here considering all the different vibrating toys I have in my top right drawer.

Right …

I jump up and run into my bedroom just as the noise stops. What the fuck! Now I’ll never know. I scan my room for anything suspicious and come up empty. 

Then the noise starts again. I drop to my hands and knees, crawling around looking for the source of the ghost vibration, and giggling because now I’m thinking of what happens to sex toys after they die. 

Helen would have a field day with this conversation. 

I realize the sound is coming from my bed, so pulling back the comforter to an empty bed, I lift my pillows to find my phone vibrating like a kid at Christmas. I lunge for the phone and roll over onto my back at the same time, feeling pretty good about my ability to answer the call and do a side roll at the same time. 


Blissful Surrender Dream Cast

Sean – Stephen Amell
Sam – Kate Cassidy
Ryan – Robbie Amell
Tanner – Luke Mitchell
Helen - Rihanna
Rico - Reynaldo Gannechini

We met Sean in Temporary Bliss as he was one of three of Makenna's friends with benefits. He is the successful lawyer and club owner, dominant alpha and always in control. We met Sam in True Bliss. She is the tough as nails police officer who trained Zander and  is now his new partner and friend. Their lives have connections that neither of them realize. Ten years after she walked away from him, Sam and Sean Cross paths again.

Sammy left him unexpectedly a decade ago and  broke both of their hearts. They developed their careers and moved on as best they could, but were still each other's "one that got away".  When their lives surprisingly converge again, their connection and chemistry is immediately re-sparked. But there are secrets, issues, and fundamental differences between them that caused their separation then and will affect their present.

He's Sean f***ing Miller. Love of my life, regret of the century. The superstar of my fantasies.

Samantha Richards, the woman who once held all the power and refused to acknowledge it. The woman who walked out of my life and rejected me with no explanation. The woman who deserted me at a time when I needed her most.

I really loved Sean. He was all about control, but Sam could bring him to his knees. He knew he had to get her back, but was terrified to be hurt again. So it was fun seeing the always in control man practically walk on eggshells at times while pushing her at others, and to see the cracks in his armor. And Sam was supposed to be the Ice Queen. She was not supposed to be so affected and vulnerable, but Sean was the only man who could make her feel weak. And she had to deal with the fact that she made mistakes, she was confused, and she needed to figure out what she really needed to be happy.

Their past was perfect, then painful, then full of regret and loss. But can they figure out their issues and come together again for good this time or are they destined to be torn apart by the same problems? Will she allow her submissive side to be seen again and let Sean dominate her or is she too into control herself?

It's a dance between dominance, submission, intense chemistry, and unresolved feelings. They are both strong, control driven, and determined, but they make each other vulnerable. They each hold the power to to destroy the other one completely. It was interesting to see these two people that put on this facade of complete control, power, and intimidation in their careers and regular lives, but when faced with each other they have a desperate need, longing, and fears and insecurities. 

I enjoyed spending more time with Zander and Kate (True Bliss) and meeting her friends Helen and Rico. They provided comic relief, support, and ass kicking when needed. His younger brother Ryan was such a broken, troubled young man but I could not help liking him and feeling sorry for him. His whole situation added external drama and suspense to the story. And the interconnections between Makenna (Temporary Bliss) and her previous friends with benefits continue to have repercussions in the lives of those men she was involved with. We still have Dr. Noah's story to look forward to in Finding Bliss.

I was pleasantly surprised by Sean. We thought of him as such a strong, mysterious Dom, but underneath he was such a sweetheart and his having Sammy was as much about feelings and need than it was about controlling her. They had hot chemistry and smokin' scenes, but it was more about the passion and need than it was about toys and him taking utter control and dominance over her. Their roles came naturally to this couple in their giving and receiving pleasure and it did not feel like a forced Dom/Sub situation where it was all about the toys, role play, etc. So I felt that the sex scenes were more in tune with their actual feelings, personalities, and true caring for each other than just there for erotic content. But they were definitely there and part of the story.

So this was a sweet, second chance love story that also had humor, romance, danger, steam, and drama. It was told in both points of view allowing us to see their innermost thoughts, feelings, and fears. This couple was likable and felt real. Fans of this series, will like this one as well. All of the books have a bit of a different vibe. This one was not overly angsty or full of frustrating relationship drama. It felt like more of a real journey of two people to find their way back home, come to terms with what had come before, and figure out how to move on personally and together. And it was served with a side of steam and passion. 

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review. 


BJ Harvey is the Amazon Bestselling Author of The Bliss Romantic Comedy Series and The Lost Romantic Suspense Series. An avid music fan, you will always find her with headphones when writing, and the speakers blaring the rest of the time. She’s a wife, a mom to two beautiful children, and a full-time university student. BJ resides with her family in what she considers the best country in the world—New Zealand.

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