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Hell for Leather (Black Knights Inc. #6)
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Release date May 6, 2014

Only the most urgent crisis could force Delilah Fairchild to abandon her beloved biker bar and ask the surly Bryan "Mac" McMillan for help. Her uncle—the man who raised her—has vanished into thin air, and Mac is the only person with the right connections to help her find him. What the ex-FBI agent has against her is a mystery...but when the bullets start to fly, Mac is her only chance of finding her uncle alive. 

Mac knows that beautiful women can't be trusted, but he has to put his natural wariness of Delilah aside in order to help her. With the clock ticking, Mac and Delilah find themselves holding on to each other in the wildest adventure of their lives.

Kim's reviews of Thrill Ride (Book 4) and Born Wild (book 5)

We saw Bryan "Mac" McMillan and bar owner, Delilah sparring in the last book Born Wild. Well, they have been circling each other for about four years. They have a mutual attraction, but Mac has been in complete denial and keeping her at arm's length much to Delilah's dismay. But now she needs him and the other BKI guys to help find her missing Uncle Theo.

And as with anything Black Knights Inc seems to get involved with, it becomes a big mess with multiple parties involved, suspense, danger, and intrigue. 

During it all, Mac and Delilah are in close proximity and finding it harder to deny their scorching chemistry. And Mac is having a harder time trying to remember why being with her would be such a bad idea. Yeah yeah, he has his reasons, but he is still tempted to break his own rules. 

I loved Mac. He was alpha, bossy, cocky, and sarcastic. But he was also scared sh**less and vulnerable. His past did such a number on him that he had trouble envisioning any sort of relationship that would not end up with him being hurt. He had many mood swings and facades used in his denial process. He was so stubborn and adamant that at times that I wanted to shake sense into him. But I loved their fiery interactions, sparring, and hot scenarios.

Delilah was a fireball. I love how she stood up for herself and kept up with the guys. She was independent, brave, smart, and determined. She was multi-faceted and was the owner of a biker bar, had her own wheels, and was also surprisingly a forensic accountant. Mac confused the heck out of her with his mood swings and behavior that caused emotional whiplash. But she did her best to keep up with him and ride it out. And when she had to, she was not afraid to take matters into her own hands. 

They were one of these couples that got a rise out of each other and had a love/hate thing going on, but you just knew that they belonged together if they would just open their eyes and let go. 

And another "anti-couple who should really be a couple" was a big part of this story...ex CIA agent Dagan Zoeller who we met in a previous book and current CIA agent Chelsea Duvall. They obviously have some history, unresolved feelings and enjoy fussing and fighting with each other. And the fact that the CIA adn BKI does not always play nice together does not help matters.

There are other life changing events for the other BKI members and and as with all of the books, the boys of BKI and their ladies band together when needed. 

This was another BKI story full of murder, mayhem, kidnapping and it was all mixed up with humor, sarcasm, and sexual tension. It was fast paced and told in multiple points of view including Mac, Delilah, Dagan, Chelsea, and the villain. The villians were quite bad ones and at times I had to stop and  think about their complicated sub plots. I would have liked to have a bit more towards the end of the story after things settled a bit, but I still enjoyed the ride. Overall it was action-packed, fun, suspenseful, sexy and romantic. I always enjoy the obstinate, funny alpha males in this series. I love seeing them with their significant others and seeing their softer sides. And the women usually are tough and sassy. Stand outs in this one were Ozzie, the handsome, flirty, hilarious tech guru. And Dagan and Chelsea were also scene stealers.  I am looking forward to more with them and with Ozzie.

Thanks to Julie Ann Walker and Sourcebooks Casablanca for providing me with an arc copy in exchange for an honest review. 
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