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CristinHarber_HartAttack_1400pxHart Attack (Titan #5)
Cristin Harber
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Released November 18, 2014

Outside of Titan Group, there are few people that Roman Hart would die for. He’s a soldier, a protector, and he’s haunted that one of the people he should’ve been able to protect didn’t let him. That was years ago, and now a hardened heart and a cocky attitude are his impenetrable shields, until one woman—one challenge—drives him to distraction. 

On the outside, Beth Tourne has it all. Luxury car, gorgeous condo, and a job partying with the rich and famous. It’s a plush CIA cover, but she wants more. Anything for an adrenaline rush that can override her guilty numbness and let her forget the tragedy she never saw coming. 

Their scars make them perfect operatives. Their mirrored pasts give them deep, wounded reasons to stay alone. But the more they ignore the tension, the more vulnerable they become. Survival means trust. In one another, behind closed doors, and on the job. The only way they’re making it out alive is if they find peace while waging a war.

She closed her eyes and still saw his chiseled face. “Don’t be sweet to me, Roman.”

“I’m not.”

With a deep breath, she opened her eyes and focused on his lips then his eyes, wishing that he would act like a belligerent ass, not this guy whose words held such gravity. “Then don’t do whatever that was.”

“What? Touch you?” His fingers found a curl of hair, and he rubbed the strands. “Why not when it’s so much fun?”

Ah, fun. That was the problem. She could barely breathe. Holding herself up much longer would require significant and obvious assistance. Everything he did turned her into a puddle of goo. And here he was having a great time. La dee flippin’ da.

“I think I should go.” She jumped off the couch without looking at him. Her legs decided to work at the last second, saving her from a moronic tumble as she tripped while trying get away. “I don’t want to be here.”


Roman Hart and his sister's best friend, Beth Tourne have their "game". They flirt, tease, and want, but don't touch. As soon as he gets close, Beth reinforces her walls.

Maybe he didn't know everything there was about the girl who made him wish he could let someone in.

He's in the Titan special ops group, and lives and breathes danger. She's in the CIA, but not in a very fulfilling role. They use her more as socialite party girl to infiltrate groups and gather information, but she wants to  be taken seriously and do what she was really trained for.

She's worried about his cocky demeanor and "one and done" pattern and has past demons that haunt her, so she thinks Roman is a bad idea. He rarely lets anyone in due to his own past issues and fear. Both have up barricades and walls, but each chips away at the others piece by piece. Neither of them think they can handle more due to their past history of guilt, loss, and fear, but at the same time have a hard time resisting the pull.

"So...I feel something inside when you look at me. And I hate it. Except...I don't"

A new job opportunity thrusts in the middle of complicated, dangerous situations that are not all that they appear. As they try to put together all the pieces of the puzzle and stay safe, they find themselves needing each other more and more. And when facing the idea of loss again, some things become more clear. 

Her life has been a facade perfectly orchestrated and controlled by her job and to keep her demons at bay. He keeps people out because he can't risk being hurt again. He is rough and raw, but he sees what is hiding under her perfectly put together exterior while she sees the caring, hurt man under the tough guy image. They get each other on a different level and slowly open up to reveal their demons that forced up their walls. Their insecurities and issues sometimes get in the way of their communication. They have misconceptions of the other's feelings, intentions, and needs. And they can both be quite stubborn. But they often are stuck between their pasts and really living. 

"Ever look at someone and realize everything you know about the future was wrong?"

"Funny sh*t. Beth Tourne has exactly one fear, and it's me."

But in typical Titan fashion, relationship drama is not the only drama around. Throw in some danger, intrigue, hidden agendas, power players, guns and bombs and it becomes a full on Titan experience. There's edge of your seat action along with tense and heartbreaking situations. 

I loved Roman and Beth together even when I wanted to shake sense into them. This has been a long time coming and I was totally invested in their story whether they were frustrating me, or  making me smile, laugh, or swoon. They have always had such witty rapport and sizzling chemistry and it was time to finally give them a chance to explore it. But as with any Titan story, things are never easy or uncomplicated.

I also enjoyed more with all of the couples from the series: Cash and Nicola, Jared and Sugar, Colby and Mia, Rocco and Cat, and the now lone single ranger, Parker. I just love this series and whole cast of characters. They have such fun camaraderie and would lay down their lives for each other. Titan is definitely a team full of alpha men and sassy tough women that keep them on their toes. I love catching glimpses of how their stories progress in each of the new books. I am really looking forward to Parker's story and with more of the Delta Team.

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Roman Hart has watched his Titan teams members fall one at a time. But not in the way he thought they would fall. No his Titan brothers keep falling in love -- the one thing he has hardened his heart against. 

After losing his sister 10 years before, he surrounded himself with reminders not to let anyone in, and beyond his teammates, he hasn’t let anyone into his life. But when his sister appears in his life once again, he finds those walls he had erected falling, and for more reasons than just Nicola. 

Beth Tourne turned tragedy into focus. First as a CIA handler, and now as an operative. She longs to prove she can handle the big jobs as she’s been trained and as she did before she stepped back to be Nic’s handler. She has kept men at arms length out of guilt for her part in the tragedy that left her a widow. But for some reason she keeps finding Roman in situations that have him closer than any man has been. 

Both Roman and Beth had major issues to work through before they could form a relationship, and the job kept getting in the way. Or made them open their eyes. Or both. 

The job Beth and Roman found themselves working also kept me guessing throughout the story. While I had part of the mystery solved fairly early, though it wasn’t really hidden, I found myself constantly wondering when the other shoe would drop and when the secrets would be revealed. 

I loved watching the other Titan members circle around the couple, seeing things that Roman and Beth refused to acknowledge, offering banter as only the people closest to them could. 

In the end, this whole book was perfect for Roman and Beth, and perfectly Titan. It had a great mix of action and suspense, while building the emotional tension between the two.

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Cristin Harber

Cristin Harber is a USA Today bestselling romantic suspense and military romance author. Fans voted her onto Amazon’s Top Picks for Debut Romance Authors in 2013, and her debut Titan series was #1 romantic suspense, #1 military romance, and a USA Today Top 100 bestseller. She lives outside Washington, DC with her family and English Bulldog. 

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