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Dealing with more death than anyone should ever have to, Mackayla Smith decides it's time to start over after losing her twin brother, the only family she had left. Leaving it all to fate, she set off on her own to move past her losses, including the only man she had ever loved, Logan Dale.

Being the lead singer of Burnt Ashes, Logan Dale was never looking for love, especially when he could have any woman he wanted. The problem was, the only girl he ever wanted was the girl he wouldn't let himself have. 

But now, what if that decision causes him to lose her forever.

Okay, everyone get your glasses. I wanna do a toast!” Chace says, a petite blonde sitting in his lap. Knowing what utter crap his toasts are, I groan. Without looking at me, Mac passes me a shot. I’m desperate to know if what she’s feeling is genuine, or if it’s just the alcohol speaking. 

“Okay, okay!” Chace bangs the side of his glass with a lighter, making a pathetic ting. “Ladies and assholes, if you wouldn’t mind lending me your rears!” He further expressed this by firmly squeezing the blonde’s butt, who couldn’t seem more thrilled. “Let us drink to all the kittens trapped up trees…” People laugh. 

“Fuck, here we go…,” I mumble, Mac nods in agreement, resting her head on my shoulder. Chace’s voice is growing quieter from the rhythmic beating of my heart. 

“To the alcoholics who don’t know what they’re missing…,” he continues, more laughter following. Sam and Trey are chatting amongst themselves, a couple girls climbing up to sit on their laps. 

“To the young…burning bright, but dy—” I kick my leg out at him, making him spill his drink on his lap. He narrows his eyes at me, then smiles sinisterly. 

“Of course, how could I forget?” He wipes his lips. “To the trials of Logan Dale and his legendary penis!” 

“Trials?” Clay asks Mac. She shrugs. 

Trey leans forward and answers, keeping his hands planted on one of Candy’s friend’s shoulders. “If you’ve seen some of the girls he’s woken up next to, trials is about right. Man’s got a penis that could make a goddess blush with delight. He once tackled a Hydra!” he says, winking at Mac. 

“All right, all right,” I say. Mac looks over her shoulder, then faces back forward. I think I can see a faint flush of colour in her cheeks. Chace sits down, frowning. 

I pick up my glass. “To family!” I say, downing another shot, without a Mac chaser this time. 

“To family!” everyone says.

K.E Taylor was born and raised in Dorset, where she currently lives with her family. K.E is a huge coffee lover, her favourite nectar of the Gods is a gingerbread latte with cream. K.E's favourite hang out is her local Starbucks or Costa Coffee, which she frequents weekly. When not writing K.E loves to spend every free second she has with her husband and their five children. Her début novel Life After You is book one in the 'Burnt Ashes' series, set to be published November 11th, 2014.

K E Taylor is giving away 2 copies of Life After You, all you have to do is head over to Facebook and like her page HERE and add it to read on Goodreads HERE and then leave a comment on this blog post and she will pick a winner and announce on her Facebook page this Sunday!

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