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ENDLESS NIGHTS (Vegas Nights Series #2) 
Karen Erickson
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Release Date April 28, 2015

The sex is crazy good. Is it crazier to want something more?

Andrea and her two best friends have shed their nurses scrubs for a long-awaited weekend in Las Vegas, and nothing—flight delays, lost luggage, or the slightly weird guy with the sketchy invite to an exclusive bash—is going to stop their fun.

Within minutes of arriving at the opulent party, she’s deep in conversation with gorgeous, funny Luke Nelson, wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks. For some crazy reason, he can’t seem to keep his eyes—or hands—off her.

Luke isn’t looking for a hookup, he just wants to relax…until he gets one look at the classy brunette in the barely-there dress. One minute they’re talking, the next they’re all over each other in a dark corner. It’s like he’s an addict and she’s the fix he’s been searching for all his life.

One night of hot sex isn’t nearly enough. But after a weekend spent never more than a few inches apart, the time is quickly approaching when they’ll have to make a long-distance relationship work—or break it off.

In the free prequel novella  WICKED WEEKEND we met Reagan, Natalie and Andrea...three nurses ready to have a  good time on their weekend vacation in Vegas. Reagan the sarcastic, realistic one. Natalie the sweet sprite who always sacrifices for others. Andrea the tall, gorgeous perfectionist. They met the mysterious James who became their fashion Fairy Godfather, glamorized them,  and got them into an exclusive party for the famous actor he works for.

In Reckless Nights we got Reagan and actor Declan's story. In this installment we follow Andrea and Luke Nelson. He  is a running back for the Seattle Seahawks. He is sexy, charismatic, and completely enthralled by the willowy, beautiful Andrea. She is normally the shy, reserved, good girl. But Luke brings out her inner vixen.

Soon they are getting hot and heavy and then spend one steamy weekend together that leaves a big impression on both of them. But she lives in LA and he is in Seattle. She is a busy nurse and leads a normal, simple life. He is famous and in the public eye. They may be compatible in the bedroom, but could they manage to make their lives work together and try for something more?

I loved Luke. He was alpha and passionate, but thoughtful and vulnerable too. He was not arrogant or cocky about his fame. He was a man with real feelings and longed for a connection that that was hard to find in his privileged world where people often wanted a piece of him.
Andrea did not see herself as anything special. She had doubts as to why he would want her which made her insecure.  But she was caring, sweet, and likable.

They had issues with communication and were afraid to share their feelings for fear of moving too fast or rejection. But really their whole connection moved at lightning speed. They had serious attraction and chemistry. But they lived in different worlds.

Her friends Reagan and Natalie were also back in their best friend capacity. I am looking forward to seeing what all happened with Natalie and Noah Wilde during the weekend in Wild Nights. I would also like to see an epilogue for all of the characters since the endings of these novellas seem a little bit rushed to me. But this was another short, sweet, and sexy read with likable characters.

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

This was another fast, sexy story from Karen Erickson about the Vegas weekend for three girlfriends that turned into whirlwind romances with three famous men.

Andrea put aside her nursing focus for the weekend with her best friends, but had no intention of hooking up with anyone, let alone someone like Luke Nelson. She isn’t used to casual hook-ups, let alone making out with a stranger in public, but she pushes aside her misgivings to explore the interest she feels for Luke.

Luke, wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks, finds Andrea refreshing. She doesn’t know who he is without prompting, and isn’t looking for anything but fun from him. He enjoys her humor, her attitude, and quickly realizes he wants more than just one weekend from her.

This Vegas hook-up quickly turned into something more as their vacation nights together ran out. But trying to start a long distance relationship is trickier than either imagine when an ex rears her head to drive a wedge between them.

While fueled by an instant attraction, the chemistry between these two quickly grows into more than just a physical interest.

This follows the previous two parts of this series perfectly. While each of the men and women are so different, they ultimately face similar challenges as they navigate distance, commitments, and fitting a new person into their lives.

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Karen's Favorite Quotes from Endless Nights

I always have a thing for funny, sexy quotes. Maybe some people don’t think funny and sexy can mix, but I think they can. And hey sometimes, I’ll admit it, I can crack myself up. Maybe I’m cracking up no one else but that’s okay. At least I’m entertained right?

Anyway, I have a few favorite quotes from my latest release ENDLESS NIGHTS, second in my VEGAS NIGHTS series. I hope you enjoy them too!

Quote #1:

She exhaled slowly, tucking a stray hair behind her ear and trying to play it cool.
“Did you just smell me?”

Ha, I love this quote because Luke’s stunned that he just caught Andrea smelling him after they first met. He’s stunned but he’s also intrigued. He likes this girl. A lot. He’s thinking she likes him a lot too…

Quote #2:

Or how about, What exactly are you packing in them jeans? Because...holy hell, it’s big.

Here’s some more funny sexy for you. Andrea doesn’t say this out loud—she thinks it. Just after she and Luke kiss hot and heavy and she feels what he’s packing in them jeans.

Quote #3:

“Keep your hands on the glass,” he commanded when she started to drop them, and she went still, pressing her palms against the giant window.

Oh, Luke tells Andrea this the first time they’re together and it’s sort of hot. Okay, it’s really hot because he’s bossy and telling her what to do and she loves it. Nothing wrong with a man who’s a little bossy, right?

Quote #4:

He laughed. “Right, I keep notes of all the ways I can bring a woman to orgasm.” He shook his head. “I don’t think so.”

“If you do, I want a copy, because those notes, I’m pretty sure they’re worth something.”

I don’t think I need to explain why I chose this quote as a favorite. I’ve also decided I’m a pervert because pretty much every quote I’m picking has to do with sex. Oh well. I’m owning the pervert moniker with pride.

Quote #5:

“I’d like to wear you out some more, but I’m afraid you’ll get mad that I kept you in bed the entire time you’re here.”

Andrea goes to visit Luke and of course, they spend a lot of time together alone. In Luke’s bed. Naked. But she’s never been to Seattle before and he’s feeling bad that he’s not giving her the tour so…yeah. Forget tours when you can get a sexy football player naked, right?
“So you’re really a nurse?” Luke asked, breaking through her all-over-the-place thoughts.
“Um, yes.” She turned to face him. “I am.”
He smiled, revealing dazzling white teeth. “Do you like it?”
“Definitely. It’s hard work, but very rewarding.” She winced. How much more like a commercial could she sound?
“What do you do?”

His smile faded. “Uh, I play football.”

Wait a minute. “You do?”

“Yeah.” He nodded. “For the Seahawks. I’m a running back.”

“Oh.” Oh. The Seahawks. Like, professional football. Holy. Shit. “That’s Seattle, right?”
“Uh-huh. Though I’m a California native,” he said. That smile was back, softer this time. He looked really pleased with himself. She wondered why.

She wondered if it had anything to do with her.

Of course not. He’s a professional football player who you didn’t even recognize and he probably has scads of women falling at his feet at any given moment.
Where are all those women right now? Why weren’t they vying for his attention? Because he’s gorgeous. And he seems sweet. Oh, and he smells so good. She took a step toward him, inhaling as discreetly as possible, her eyelids wavering when his intoxicating scent hit her.
Wow. Citrus? Yes. Mixed with spice and something else. Something she couldn’t quite put her finger on. But he smelled rich and clean and so freaking delicious. She exhaled slowly, tucking a stray hair behind her ear and trying to play it cool.
“Did you just smell me?”

Whoops. Yeah. Guess she wasn’t so cool after all. 
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What happens in Vegas…could be a fantasy come true.

Between nursing school and starting their careers, Reagan, Andrea, and Natalie have had no time for dating. After saving up for a special vacation, they’re on their way to Vegas for a long-awaited weekend of fun, sun, gambling and partying.

When their luggage goes missing, an impromptu shopping trip leads them to James, who makes them an unusual offer—to be part of the female scenery at his boss’s upcoming party. Not just any scenery, but women who are pretty in a real way, not the nipped, tucked and dyed Hollywood version.

Accept a “private party” invitation from a complete stranger? These ladies weren’t born yesterday. Yet before “no thanks” crosses their lips, Reagan discovers who James’s boss really is: Declan Carter, an actor she’s crushed on for, well, forever. Now she’s determined to be the eye candy who catches Declan’s eye. No matter what it takes…

RECKLESS NIGHTS (Vegas Nights Series #1)

Sometimes dream crushes do come true.

Reagan can’t believe her luck—and not in a good way. One minute she’s hanging out with her friends at an exclusive party in Las Vegas. The next, she’s attracted the attention of a famous actor. Not just any actor. Declan Carter, the man on which she used to—okay, might still—have a fangirl crush. Whose blue eyes leave her embarrassingly tongue tied.

All Declan wants is to meet a nice, normal woman who won’t use him as a stepping stone to fame. Something about Reagan tells him she could be that rare woman, and he follows his instinct to invite her back to his suite—where they proceed to have wild monkey sex. All. Night. Long. 

What was supposed to be one night of no-regrets sex stretches out into a blissful weekend of two people who can’t get enough of each other. But when the glamour of Sin City wears off, they’re standing on the edge of a once-in-a-lifetime chance to turn a weekend fling into something lasting. Will they take the jump?

(Vegas Nights Series #3) 
July 21, 2015
Karen Erickson 
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USA Today bestselling author Karen Erickson writes what she loves to read – sexy contemporary romance. Published since 2006, she’s a native Californian who lives in the foothills below Yosemite with her husband and three children.

She's also known as NYT and USA Today bestselling author Monica Murphy.

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