XOXpert ARC Review: Wildfire In His Arms by Johanna Lindsey

#1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey’s passionate new tale about a gunfighter running from his past who finds his future when he escorts a beautiful outlaw to her hanging. Featuring one of Lindsey’s most intriguing heroes: the dangerous and mysterious Degan Grant from One Heart to Win.

With his work in Montana completed now that the Callahan-Warren feud has ended in marriage rather than bloodshed, Degan Grant sets out for California because it is far away from the home he wants to forget—until the US Marshal who saved his life calls in a favor. All Degan has to do is apprehend three outlaws on the marshal’s list and turn them over to the law. Easy enough, he figures, for a man no one wants to tangle with.

But then a bold young woman crosses his path. Maxine grew up so pretty and attracted so much unwanted attention in her Texas hometown that events spiraled out of control. She will try anything to escape the handsome, enigmatic gunfighter who intends to turn her over to a corrupt sheriff who will hang her instead of putting her on trial.

Saddled with a sassy, spirited young woman who insists she is innocent, Degan must hunt down a vicious killer and keep an old enemy at bay. But forced into intimate proximity with his beguiling prisoner, he finds his desire sparking into a wildfire of passion, and he can no longer deny that it is time for them to risk confronting their pasts so he can have a chance at a future with her in his arms forever.
Wildfire In His Arms can be read as a standalone; however, Tiffany and Hunter appear in Degan's book as connecting characters. 

As a once huge fan of this genre and Ms. Lindsay, I figured what the heck and dove into Wildfire In His Arms as my monthly review for the XOXperts team. 

Degan is a gun for hire. His reputation leaves him well known for being the fastest gun of the West. Due to this, Degan isn’t the type to hang around town; however, as a favor to a longtime friend who at one time saved his life, he takes on a job that has him doing just that. Enter Max or Maxine as Degan comes to discover quickly. Max is one of the three outlaws Degan has set his eye on capturing. Wanted for murder and bank robbing, Maxine’s adamant she was set up and is innocent. The thing is Degan’s not concerned with whether or not she is guilty or not, our hero’s only concern is retrieving and delivering her to the people who will ultimately decide her fate. And getting the hell out of town. That is until our girl knocks him straight off his carefully built axis. All bets seem to be off as they fight to complete their own agendas while trying to also fight the chemistry brewing between them.

Degan and Max’s push and pull was the sole reason I pushed through to the end. I was enchanted with both characters that I needed to experience their end game. Gosh, I want to gush all over Degan, but it was our leading lady that rocked my socks. Maxine had a bit of a rebellious streak in her, which made me adore her character even more, especially when she went nose to nose with big, bad Degan! When you have two mega stubborn and charismatic characters pitted against each other prepare for the sparks to fly. Oh how those sparks flew high! Their chemistry was wicked. 

While it was nice being back with a once upon a time favorite author of mine, it was plain to me that Western/Historical is no longer my cup of tea. Although, it’s low angst made for a quick, fun read. I love that even though I haven’t read this author in what seems like forever, Ms. Lindsay provided a definite easy flow back into her writing. I never felt as though I had stepped away. Everything I originally loved about her was still present years later. In my opinion, whether you are a fan of the Regency Era or not, Johanna Lindsay never fails to suck you in with her intriguing and well-developed characters and plot lines. And, in this case, she did exactly that with Wildfire In His Arms. 

*Sigh* Who wouldn’t enjoy reading a book that contains a cunning, spitfire of a heroine and a sexy as hell, alpha cowboy? If you are a fan of Western or Historical romance, or even just a Johanna Lindsay fan, you will fall in love with Degan and Maxine. 

"I have received a complimentary copy of Wildfire In His Arms as a member of the XOXperts, XOXO After Dark’s official street team, in exchange for an honest review.”

Johanna Lindsey has been hailed as one of the most popular authors of romantic fiction, with more than sixty million copies of her novels sold. World renowned for her “mastery of historical romance” (Entertainment Weekly), she is the author of more than fifty national bestselling novels, many of which reached the #1 spot on the New York Times bestseller list. She lives in New Hampshire with her family.


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