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Unforgettable Love (Journey of Love #3)
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Released 7/13/15

Aaron "Dodge" Walker has been given the case that will prove his worth and secure his place within the family law firm. A place he's worked hard to avoid.

Sierra Jackson wants to put her past behind her and start living life. To do that, she needs a lawyer that can help make her divorce a reality.

The moment Sierra meets her new lawyer, sparks fly. Will it be the Dodge she already knows or the Aaron he feels he has to be that proves unforgettable?

“We go to trial in three weeks; let’s make sure all our ducks are in a row.”
The moment I said it, I knew she would respond in a smart-ass way. “Awe, you do like duckies. Wonder what you would think if you knew I had a pair of ducky panties on right now?” Wiggling her eyebrows up and down, my mouth dropped opened.
My fantasy was going to come true right before my eyes. I’d take her right here on the table. Swallowing hard, I said, “Prove it.”
Sierra’s face turned bright red. “W-what?”
Standing up, I walked over to her. “What’s the matter, short stack? You all talk?”
“You wish. I’m just afraid you’ll pass out.”
“Then show me.”
“Ahh … yeah … so anyone can just walk in and see me showing you my …”
Reaching over, I locked the door and sat down in a chair and motioned for the show to begin.
“Seriously, this is how you want to play this? I thought I was your client,” Sierra said as her eyes danced with excitement and my dick jumped at the thought of seeing her in her panties.
Nodding my head, I said, “Yep. Let’s pretend you’re just Sierra, the smart-ass, and I’m Dodge, the bartender. Hundred bucks you’re lying.”
Throwing her head back and laughing, Sierra placed her hand on her stomach to calm herself down.
“You’re staling, Mrs. Jackson.”
Biting down on her damn lip, Sierra tossed her purse down onto the table and hooked her thumbs under the elastic of her scrubs. My heart began pounding against my chest as I felt the sweat beginning to build on my forehead.
Turning around, she looked over her shoulder as she slowly slipped down her scrubs to reveal the string of her thong.
I’ve died and gone to heaven. Hands to yourself, Dodge. Hands to yourself. The moment that perfectly fine ass was revealed, I sucked in a breath. Turning around, she stood before me in a goddamn yellow thong that had rubber fucking ducks on it. Dropping my head back, I let out a moan as I reached down and adjusted my betraying dick.
Bringing my head forward, I stopped breathing when I came face to face with Sierra. She had her hands on the arms of my chair and was smiling a smile so amazing, I let out another moan.
“I hope you enjoyed the show, Dodge. It will be your only show. Unless you are willing to up the ante.”
Opening my mouth, I tried to speak but couldn’t. I was lost in her blue eyes.
Sierra has two problem: a husband she wants to make her Ex and an attraction to Aaron "Dodge" Walker--ex bartender, her friend's ex-lover, and apparently now her new Divorce attorney.

Dodge and Sierra have strong reactions from the moment they met...usually involving fussing, fighting, and insults. But they also both share an attraction they try to fight for various reasons and are afraid to admit.

The Dodge Walker we met in previous books was more of a rebel and sort of lost. He ran away from responsibility, changed his image, and worked as a bartender instead of using his law degree. And he spent his time with a string of women until Ryn made him realize that it was better when there were some feelings involved. But he lost Ryn to Tristan, but also met Sierra because of them. Aaron is the real man that Dodge was meant to be.  He is just finding himself again and his rightful place in family, new career, and new outlook on life. He is trying to be a better man. He still has rough edges, sharp wit, and is bossy and unfiltered, but he is also protective, caring, focused,  and determined.

Sierra is sassy, sarcastic, stubborn, but also vulnerable and scared. She is broken and has lost herself too. Her soon-to-be-ex loves mind games and dragging out the divorce. She did not realize how much she needed someone like Aaron in her corner until he infiltrated her life.

There is push and pull, misconceptions, jealousy, and a forbidden element. They have chemistry and a spark, and are compatible once they settle down the fight or flight responses. But they also have to deal with various issues surrounding their pasts.  I actually really liked them together. Now that Aaron and Sierra are not in the way of Tristan and Ryn, I can see them in a new light. At first they brought out the worst in each other, but once they channeled it, they brought out the best.  I liked seeing the growth in Aaron as he began figuring out who he wanted to be and what he wanted. I admired how he wanted to give Sierra the safety, real love, and passion that she longed for. But they both have fears and insecurities that have to be dealt with in order to move forward.

This was fairly low angst in comparison to the other books but they did have a few demons and struggles to fight. A lot of the drama was extrinsic versus being relationship based. It was funny, feisty, sexy, sweet, and romantic. It brings back the whole group: Lark and Azurdee, and Tristan and Ryn. It is really kind of odd that they all ended up as friends, but they have moved past their issues and previous couplings. I enjoyed the family dynamics with each of them as well with parents and Aaron's spunky sister Em. I loved seeing his relationship with the other girls in his life including his girl dog.  Fans of the series will enjoy it all coming together and getting resolution and progress with all of the couples.

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review. 
Trying to prove himself to his father, Aaron “Dodge” Walker has returned to the family law practice to take on a tricky divorce case. He is shocked when he learns his client is the sexy woman he met through mutual friends. While he has a reputation as a player, something about Sierra has him rethinking his former ways.

Sierra Jackson just wants to be through with her divorce, and hopes the new attorney assigned to her case will fair better than her last.

I liked her strength and determination to stick to what was right and fair with her divorce rather than caving to Robert’s outrageous demands and demeaning attacks. She was not a fragile victim, even when circumstances may have caused her to break.

Aaron had a lot to figure out about himself. Having spent the earlier books in the series known as Dodge, his sudden reappearance as Aaron, with the added responsibility and personality shift that came with his career change, made him feel like a completely new character. He was still always up for fun, but had a serious streak that hadn’t been seen before.

Early on it was clear that they were both fighting attraction while attempting to keep their professional relationship intact and focused. They are both witty, fiery, and the quips and comments only serve to increase the attraction and sexual frustration building between them. These two had great banter that had me chuckling and turning the page.

While I had a hard time getting through the drama of Tristan and Ryn, I had less trouble with Aaron and Sierra’s conflicts. Because there was the addition of the divorce proceedings, dealing with her soon-to-be-ex, and all the associated events, I didn’t feel like these two were avoiding a relationship just for drama’s sake. Aaron and Sierra both knew they wanted to be with the other and it was only their lawyer/client relationship that held them back from more. They didn’t fight just for the sake of hurting the other or avoiding an issue. Pieces of the plot and conversations that would have otherwise irked me rolled off and I was able to read this with little distraction.

This is the final book in the Journey of Love series. It felt like a good ending to the saga without drawing it out too far. There was a shift in this book away from the family traditions and running away from love, and a move towards knowing what is wanted and working towards making it a possibility.

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.
Unconditional Love (Journey of Love #1)
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Lark Williams leads a fast-paced life, always on the edge of danger. Running from his past and fighting to keep his present life a secret, he keeps his heart out of reach from love. The walls he built around himself come crumbling down when he meets Azurdee Emerson.

Azurdee lives a peaceful life in the small town of Wimberley, Texas. Her tame world quickly becomes heated as she begins to fall in love with Lark. He’s everything she has vowed to stay away from—dark and mysterious, and not to mention, sexy as hell and full of secrets.

Just as Lark and Azurdee give in to their feelings of love, Lark’s present life threatens the safety of the one person he would sacrifice his own happiness for. When Lark finds history repeating itself, he makes a decision that will forever change both of their lives, leaving one heartbroken and lost and the other fighting to survive.

Undeniable Love (Journey of Love #2)
Tristan Williams thought the path of his life was on the right journey. He had a successful career, good looks, and a carefree lifestyle. One conversation changed Tristan’s way of thinking forever as his father presented him with a bottle, representing his journey and forcing unwanted thoughts of a lasting relationship to the surface. Running from the fear of commitment, he pushed away the only woman he ever had feelings for and turned to the one girl he knew he didn’t love.

Ryn Webster was finally putting her past behind her. Moving to Texas and concentrating on the success of her own company, she had her life almost where she wanted it. One thing was missing though…love. She thought she had found love with Tristan until he casted her aside.

After being hurt by Tristan, Ryn does whatever she can to push him from her heart, even if it means being with a man she doesn’t love.

Regardless of the path one thinks they are on, the journey of life can cause unexpected turns, altering the planned course. Will Tristan and Ryn’s bottle be tossed about, lost in the rocky waves of life? Or will calm seas prevail to help Tristan and Ryn finally find their journey of love…together?

Kelly Elliott is married to a wonderful Texas cowboy who has a knack for making her laugh almost daily and supports her crazy ideas and dreams for some unknown reason...he claims it's because he loves her!
She’s also a mom to an amazing daughter who is constantly asking for something to eat while her fingers move like mad on her cell phone sending out what is sure to be another very important text message.
In her spare time she loves to sit in her small corner overlooking the Texas hill country and write.
One of her favorite things to do is go for hikes around her property with Gus....her chocolate lab and the other man in her life, and Rose, her golden retriever. When Kelly is not outside helping the hubby haul brush, move rocks or whatever fun chore he has in store for her that day, you’ll find her inside reading, writing or watching HGTV.

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