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Released September 21, 2015

MMA Romance
With spin-off characters from Just One Song and Just One Week.

Growing up, Grayson Legend and Kennedy Knowles were inseparable. 

They turned to each other when their families were nothing more than worthless guardians, and had promised each other to always stay friends.    

Then Kennedy did the unthinkable.  
She fell in love with her best friend.  
And after finally finding the courage to let him know—  
Grayson took off.    

After walking away from his best friend because he didn’t feel like he would ever be good enough to give Kennedy what she wanted or needed, Grayson Legend has become a household name in the MMA fighting world.  

When he runs into Kennedy at a fight in Vegas, he immediately determines to do one thing—never let her go again.    

She has a secret.  
They both have regrets.  
And when the truth comes to light—  
Everything between them could be ruined.

This is a friends to lovers story with separation, loss, secrets, heartbreak, betrayals and second chances.

Kennedy Knowles and Grayson Legend were teen best friends and each other's biggest support  until their relationship took a more serious turn when she was in college. It all fell apart in one night, with one admission, leading to one disappearance and two broken hearts.

Grayson had his own issues and secrets that contributed to his choices. And Kennedy made assumptions based on her limited knowledge of the situation. They both made mistakes  and Grayson was not aware of all of the consequences.

When they meet again six years later, there is an immediate spark and need, but also pain, anger, resentment, misunderstandings, and secrets. Even as their connection is reestablishing, their past threatens to come back and knock them down.

Grayson is now a successful MMA fighter. He's strong, intense, protective, but has never really been attached to a woman other than Kennedy. He has feelings of unworthiness that have always plagued him. She was the one girl who always believed in him even when he did not believe in himself.

Kennedy is smart, sweet, and determined. But he broke her and she never really got over the loss she suffered, Even when it looks like she might get another chance with the only man she has ever loved, her secrets could destroy them again. And she has her own insecurities, self worth issues, and demons.

This is story of two people from horrible circumstances who have made mistakes, but have always fit together. But their pasts and present have pain and challenges that are not easy to face. Their choices have had consequences and they have regrets. They have many emotions to wade through. They have to forgive themselves and each other. They have to learn that running is not the answer and sometimes you have to fight for what you need...and that you have to believe you deserve it. And sometimes you  have to sacrifice. And they have to decide if they can live with the choices they made and if they are forgivable.

It was told in both points of view which was important due to the secrets and intense feelings. I could feel their connection, passion, and volatile emotions. It was frustrating, passionate, sweet, heartbreaking, and heartwarming.  I loved them together. But I will admit there were times that I wanted to shake Grayson, but his reactions also went hand in hand to his intensity. There were times my heart was beaten and bruised, but at others I was smiling big.  But I was emotionally invested throughout and anxious to see how their story would progress.

I enjoyed the side characters especially his twin sidekicks Lynx and Landon. And her best friend Sarah (who we know from other books) was fun, supportive, and sassy. But Sarah obviously still has some issues from her own past mistakes.  I would love to see more with her and also with the dynamic, sexy twins. 

I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Kennedy had her heart broken six year ago by her best friend. But six years later she hasn’t been able to move on.
Grayson Legend, MMA fighter, hasn’t forgotten the best friend he left behind when he flew out of town.

When secrets come to light that each have been holding, their worlds will be rocked. I was not a fan of how ugly they were to each other. The back and forth, hot and cold was fine for a little while but grew cold quickly. I also had a hard time with the way she forgave some really ugly words with no thought.

For as much of a role as Grayson played in their six year separation, his reactions and whole hearted blame really rankled as well. Part of me wishes we could have seen more of this couple before Grayson ran off. I felt like I was told they were best friends but I wanted to see it before their bond was severed.

I really liked Lynx, Landon, and Sarah, and the dynamic between these three and the main characters. At times I wished these friends would have done more for their friends, but I also loved the way they supported and pushed.

Just One Regret is just as much a family drama as it is about the romance between Kennedy and Grayson. Both have troubled pasts and used their friendship to avoid the turmoil at home. Without giving too much away, there was one particular aspect of the story that tore me apart as I watched each deal with the effects of decisions made 6 years previously. I went back and forth about who I was more upset with, and who I felt more sympathetic of.

The ending was a little abrupt, but everything wrapped up nicely. I was a wreck at the end and could have used an additional chapter of falling action before the epilogue, but I can’t fault the way it did end. 

This was more emotional that I was prepared for, and those emotions definitely ran all over. I enjoyed the path these two had to travel, and would pick up Sarah’s story, or a story about the twins as soon as it is available.
I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Stacey Lynn

10631252_719754321503573_623846466648668135_oStacey Lynn is the #1 Erotic Bestseller of Don't Lie To Me. She lives in the midwest with her husband and four young children. She can usually be found lost inside her own head, trying to bring her characters to life. When she's engaged in the real world, she's spending time with her family, drinking large amounts of coffee, and eating Skittles by the handful.  

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