Release Blitz: Bad Boy: J.C. Reed and Jackie Steele

BAD BOY (An Indecent Proposal #3)
J.C. Reed and Jackie Steele
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Expected February 23, 2016

I should have seen it coming. Sexy? Handsome? Trouble? Check, check, and check.
Is he messing up my life? Hell yes. All the signs are there: he is a bad boy.

Even his name is a lie. Too bad I married him. I can’t wait to get divorced.

Does this make me sound crazy?
I know I should avoid him, run as fast as I can. However, when a harmless misunderstanding lands me in a foreign prison cell, my dear, lying husband is the only one who can get me out. Crap. I shouldn’t accept.

But how to say no to trouble when said trouble is the one who makes me fantasize all the dirty things he could do to me?

Laurie Hanson married for convenience and consummated it, made a deal,  fell for him, and then figured out he might have a hidden agenda. So she took off on a little recovery trip.

But her trip just adds more drama and complications to her already disastrous life. And Chase is not going away so easily. He is the Mystery Guy, Bad Boy, Mr. F****** Liar, and Mr. Tall, Handsome, and Mysterious that she is trying to avoid. But at the same time she not only finds herself in need of help, but also really needs to confront him and get answers. He's got his reasons and his agenda. But what are they? Are they as nefarious as she seems to think?

This is a whirlwind adventure for Laurie as she tries to come to terms with what is really going on in her life since she made a deal with the devil, and to also face her past as she finally gets the answers she has been seeking. Not everything is how it seems and she has a lot to process.

These two have serious issues between them with the biggest one being lack of trust. But Chase can be very persistent. He's sexy, confident, pushy, and charismatic. And he makes good arguments. She has always been more shy, insecure, stubborn and introverted. So not only does she have to deal with feeling duped, but her own fears make it easier for her to believe he is nothing but insincere.

Chase may be a bit of a bad boy, a rule-breaker, and certainly was not completely honest, but I came to like him. He was magnetic and charming and at times I truly could see his vulnerability and wanted to believe him. But he will have his work cut out for him in trying to convince Laurie to give him another chance, trust him again, and be able to follow through with his plans.

There were definite mysteries, secrets, and lies throughout this series and this installment gives us all of the answers while bringing some twists and surprises. There was a lot going on in the background due to the  current situations they found themselves in and to tie up all of the loose ends. I really enjoyed this crazy ride with Laurie, Chase and their side kicks. I liked  trying to put it all together and seeing the true story unravel. It had humor, drama, passion, emotion, hidden motives, and mystery all layered into an interesting and unique story with flawed, but likable characters.

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review. 
An Indecent Proposal: The Interview 
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It was supposed to be easy. 
Hire a professional actor to play my fake fiancé. 

But when he steps in front of my door to pick me up for The Interview, my heart stops. Chase Wright is perfect. And hot. I mean like, burn up your dress hot. However, Chase isn't professional at all. I hate what he does to me with his sinfully sexy blue eyes. I hate that he wants me in his bed. 

One month…that’s all I need him for. All I have to do is stay out of his bed. 

But the rules slowly begin to change. My fake fiancé suddenly becomes my fake husband. When Chase offers me an indecent proposal, it's too late to fire him. 

It's too late to decline. 

Authors note: 

Includes free prequel novella THAT GUY

An Indecent Proposal 2: The Agreement 
(Indecent Proposal #2)

Predictable. Boring. Safe.

That’s what life is supposed to be like. As the rightful heir to Waterfront Shore, I would gladly refuse my inheritance. I don’t want the money. I sure don’t want to have anything to do with its dark past. Except for the letters of my deceased mother, I would be willing to cut losses and move on and give up my rich lifestyle. But my stepfather expects me to marry. And then there is my new fiancé.

My hot, fake fiancé.

Tall, handsome, mysterious.

That’s how Chase Wright is.

Unfortunately, he is not mine.

Unfortunately, too, the day I hired him, I signed an agreement.

When an innocent plan lands us engaged, none of us are prepared for the consequences. No one warned us that we could fall in love. Maybe The Agreement wasn’t such a good idea.

I should stay away from him and forget about our one night together.

Except he doesn’t want to….
Author J.C. REED



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